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Best 3 Star air conditioners in India

3 Star air conditioner

Air conditioners work by transferring the heat from inside your room, outside. It then blows cool air back into your room. It cools the air by blowing it over a set of cool pipes, called an evaporator coil. It uses the same technology that keeps the inside of your fridge cool.

Best Air Conditioner Under 30000

Air Conditioner Under 30000

India has countless truly sweltering days a year, and on those days a decent air conditioner can keep your home blissfully cool. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of the popular split ACs that are ruling the market.

Best 5 Star AC in India

Best 5 Star AC in India

You must have noticed those star rating stickers when buying air conditioners, geysers and refrigerators. You also might have noticed that not all appliances have the same number of stars on the sticker. This is because each appliance is rated between one and five stars, with five stars given to highly efficient and one star given to the least efficient ones. Therefore, the more the number of stars your appliance has, the better it is when it comes to saving electricity. With a 5 star AC, you can save a lot of money on electricity bills.

Best Air Conditioners Under 35000

Best Air Conditioners Under 35000

Air conditioning isn’t just for hot weather. An ideal air conditioning system is the ideal climate control solution – great for cooling in summer and heating in winter. It creates ideal weather inside your house or office almost instantly and maintains a comfortable temperature and humidity all year round.

Best Air Conditioners Under 40000

Best Air Conditioners Under 40000

Hot and stuffy Indian summer is not something that we like to experience; it is a reality that we need to go through every year. But an air conditioning machine uses a simple process that improves the comfort level inside a room.

Best Window ACs In India

Copy of Purple Smartphone Modern Elegance Technology Gaming Facebook Shops Cover 7 Best Window ACs In India

Summer is knocking at the door and we can already feel the wrath of the midday sun. It’s time to bring home an AC to beat the heat, or else, be prepared to get soaked in sweat. Not many people can afford a central air conditioner in their home.

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