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How to find time to read 2020

13 How to find time to read 2020
Scientific studies suggest that reading boosts your memory, triggers your imagination, and enhances your critical thinking skills. Our writing and communication skills get polished. And indeed, spending time with books can be more relaxing than you think. Everyone accepts that reading is a healthy yet enjoyable hobby that enriches us as a human being. But, …

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Classic Board Games

14 Classic Board Games
There is no such thing as “age appropriate” when it comes to play because play is not a luxury, it is a necessity! But where can we play and what can we play with when going outside may bring home COVID-19 and all the public places like parks and playgrounds are closed? Kids running around …

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Top Cricket Helmets Online

16 Top Cricket Helmets Online
In India cricket is not just a game it is a religion. People of India are so much passionate about the game that they want to see the Indian Cricket team win each and every match of every tournament. If the Indian cricket team loses a single match then everyone starts criticizing the players. Not …

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The Best Soft Toys Ever

17 The Best Soft Toys Ever
Why we love soft toys? My 2 year old son’s best playmate Gogo is a brown teddy bear. Since he started grabbing things and communicating with the outside world, he has been hugging, tossing and talking to this furry, brown bag of wool and cotton almost every day. How much my son irritates his teddy, …

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The Best Camera Phones

18 The Best Camera Phones
Perfect your photos with the best camera phones around. Before presenting the list of top 10 camera phones, let us tell you what we looked for prepare the list of the best camera phones online in 2019. Smartphones are more popular than digital cameras because their in-built cameras are good enough for ameteur photography and …

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Save The Planet. Ride A Cycle.

25 Save The Planet. Ride A Cycle.
Trek, race, or commute, a cycle is always the healthiest, pocket-friendly ride ever. When you ride a cycle, you save money, you save time, and you save the planet. These two wheeled, muscle-powered, and sometimes battery powered machines look sporty and dependable. They are perfect for kids, youngsters and senior citizens. We Indians ride cycles …

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Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Thoughtful Children

21 Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Thoughtful Children
Children in India simply can’t wait for Diwali to come because the festival of light is all about wearing new clothes, attending social events, offering puja, cooking and eating tasty foods, burning crackers and having fun from whatever you do. Gifting someone during the Diwali is something we love to do. And gifting children makes …

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