• November 29, 2017
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How To Save Money With Cashback Offers – 2019

This is 2018. And as usual, we will be using credit & debit cards to shop and pay bills because they help us to go cashless and makes shopping from home or on the go a reality.  And what’s more, you can save money too if you use them wisely.

Yes, it is true that you can really save money by spending money using a credit or debit card. Let’s see how.

Cash back credit card

Many banks offer cash back credit cards to their customers and encourage them to buy things using the card. Whenever you make a purchase a certain percentage of the money spent is credited to your account. You can get the money adjusted by buying more stuff later or get the money credited directly to your bank account.

Terms and conditions may differ from one bank to another. Some credit cards may allow you to save only when you spend a certain amount of money and they might have a cap on the amount of cash back that you can have every month. Other credit cards allow you to shop and save as much as you want and offers you a fixed percentage of cash back on what you spend a certain month.

What should you be aware of?

The idea of saving money while spending may sound juicy but you must know that most banks give you these offers as long as you pay back on time. If you miss out on your payments, these offers may be revoked by your bank permanently. So, it will be wise to:

  • Buy only from participating stores if you want cash back.
  • Spend as much as you can afford to pay back within due date.
  • Clear your dues on time.
  • Read the terms & conditions carefully while applying for a credit card.

Remember, that using a credit card can be really useful only if you know how to avoid temptation. You must spend wisely, because, if you don’t you may call for financial disaster. Therefore, use your credit card only when you really need to.