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Some Facts That You Really Need To Know About Yoga And The Top 10 Yoga Mats Online With Price

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Our mind boggles when we try to grasp how our body, mind and the thing that we call the ‘I’ are made of and is always interacting with the 5 elements called Prithvi or Earth, Jal or Water, Agni or Fire, Vayu or Air, and Aakash or Empty Space.

Yoga makes you happy and healthy in life. It connects you to your inner peace and helps you to manage your life in a better way. It makes you flexible physically and mentally if you are willing to sit on a yoga mat for a few minutes. 

But, what is Yoga in reality?

Yoga means union. Ofcourse, yoga brings health and happiness in your life, but the real purpose of yoga is not that. You do yoga to feel, think and realise the connection between you and nature. By the word nature, the author means the world that you sense through your five senses. Yoga helps you to sense and understand the reality the way it is. It helps you to feel the connection between the universe, “your” body ;”your” mind and the person you call ‘I’. 

By the way, this writer is sharing all this ‘gyaan’ as I have been a yoga enthusiast myself. Yoga changed my attitude towards life. I am practicing light hatha yoga and meditation everyday for the last 5 years and have realised that yoga really works, at least for me. I enjoy sitting still on a yoga mat, closing his eyes and watching his thoughts. Yoga taught me to appreciate the creator and us, its creation.

Do we really need a yoga mat for self-realization?

People in various parts of the world, including India, the country where yoga originated, confuse Yoga with Hatha Yoga, a form of yoga that requires various kinds of body movement and bodily postures. In reality, yoga is all about living sensibly and focussing on self-realization, and for that you may not need to practice hatha yoga at all. If you can calm your mind and discover who you really are, you are a true yogi – a self realised master. You don’t really need a yoga mat for self-realization. Though a yoga mat enables you to practise yoga wherever you like. On the beach. On the mountain top. In your bedroom.

But, you cannot deny the positive effect of hatha yoga on your body, mind, and life. It makes your body, brain, emotions and thoughts harmonious with nature and the people around you. Hatha yogis generally do not experience physical and mental stress. They seem to handle stress better than average. Their bodies fit are flexible. Their minds are focussed, tamed and disciplined. They have excellent control over their emotions. 

Is yoga an art or a science?

The answer is, both. It is a science because it works. It is an art because it requires practice, intuition and sensitivity. Doing asanas and dhyaana regularly ensures that your body and mind are fit enough to let you remain in the meditative state for hours.

How Yoga works

Yoga helps you control the energy in the body, through pranayama. Prana means also ‘breath. Yoga teaches you how to still the mind and attain higher states of awareness. Trust the author, being meditative is the best way to be.

Did you know that there is a Queen of Yoga?

Sarvangasana – The Queen of Yoga

And to make you life easier, we searched for best yoga mats online. Here is a list of top 10 Yoga Mat with their prices in India:

Strauss Yogasana Blue 6 mm Yoga Mat

The Strauss Yoga Mat looks great and is padded enough for doing yoga comfortably. You won’t skid. You won’t lose your balance. You won’t put unnecessary pressure on your joints. The mat is made of durable material. You can easily roll it up and carry it wherever you want. The yoga mat cost is not so high.

Price: INR 625 /- Flipkart

Aerolite Sun Salutation 24 X 72 Blue 6.5 mm Yoga Mat

This is a premium quality striped yoga mat. Key Features: Odor and Smell Free: Lying, sitting, or standing on this Yoga Mat helps you avoid the stress of working out on a hard ground. The mat is water resistant, durable and can be rolled up easily.

Price: INR 989 /- Flipkart

Aerolite Double Colour 36 X 78 Multicolor 6.5 mm Yoga Mat

This odor-free yoga mat has been designed to make you feel comfortable while lying, sitting, or standing on it. The water resistant foam-filling and closed-foam technology give you the right balance and cushioning. The mat prevents skidding or losing balance while performing yoga.

Price: INR 955 /- Flipkart

Adrenex by Flipkart 6mm Anti Skid, Yoga, Gym & Exercise Mat with Strap

Adrenex is the sports-fitness brand by Flipkart. This mats were previously sold under the Flipkart Smartbuy Adrenex label. This mat is good enough to make every yoga session comfortable and injury free. The mat is made of high quality EVA foam.

Price: INR 599 /- Flipkart

Stag Yoga Mantra ASANA Yellow 4 mm Yoga Mat

Yoga is all about body postures, breathing techniques and sitting still. For a yogi, sitting, lying and standing on a comfortable surface is important. This Stag Yoga Mantra Exercise and Gym Mat helps you do yoga without putting too much stress on joints.

Price: INR 720 /- Flipkart

AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap, Black

This yoga mat looks great and made of high quality material that gives you good grip and balance with performing various asanas. The soft, yet firm mat allows you to practise meditation for hours and is easy to roll up, store and carry.

Price: INR 999 /- Amazon

Strauss Yoga Mat, 6mm (Green)

173cm x 61cm x 6mm thick anti-skid yoga mat is durable, portable and comfortable to use. It provides padding and support necessary for performing yoga. It is easy to roll up and is washable. The non-slip bottom helps you to perform yoga without losing balance.

Price: INR 623 /- Amazon

Strauss Yoga Mat

173cm x 61cm x 6mm anti-skid yoga mat can be rolled up, packed and carried easily. The mat has a non-slip bottom that lets you do yoga peacefully without the fear of losing balance. This mat is washable and is made of textured patterned foam material.

Price: INR 499/- Amazon

Strauss Yoga Mat (Yogasana)

173cm x 61cm x 6mm thick anti-skid yoga mat looks great and is very soft to sit and lie on. The mat has detailed pictures of asanas printed on it. This makes is easier for beginners to practise yoga. The yoga mat can be rolled up easily and is easy to wash and maintain. Buy this yoga mat online.

Price: INR /- Amazon

OxOFit All Purpose Yoga Mat for Men & Women Anti-Tear Sustainable TPE Material|for Yoga, Meditation, Pilates & Floor Exercises|6ft x 2ft x 6mm Thick Mat

This awesome 6X2 yoga mat ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. The extra thick 6mm premium mat protects joints, knees and elbows along with providing extra cushion for head, back, spine and hips on hard or hardwood floors. This is the best yoga mat your money can buy.

Price: INR /- Amazon

Yoga Mat Cleaning Tips – How to clean yoga mat at home

  1. If you practise yoga daily, you must wash your mat at least once a month.
  2. If you spread you mat on the playground, it will collect mud for sure. Consider washing the mud thoroughly with mild soap and plenty of water.
  3. Do not rough wash the mat. Wash it gently.
  4. If materials from the mat is falling apart, it’s time to buy a new yoga mat online.
  5. Never put your yoga mat into the washing machine as it will make the mat unusable.

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