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Meru Cabs provides excellent service to its users using state-of-the-art technologies, years of experience and a dedicated customer care team. The company is dedicated make you feel special every time you take a Meru Cab ride. The best about Meru is that just like you have multiple payment options, you have multiple booking options too. They call it “Click, Tap, Call or Hail.”

Yes, you can book a cab not only by using Meru’s website and their smartphone app but also by calling their call centre or by hailing a cab on road. You can book Radio Taxis, Sedans, Hatchbacks and SUVs. You can book for One-way, Round Trips, Local, rental and Outstation rides. Meru offers point-to-point service they don’t charge for unbilled kilometres. Every ride becomes a pleasant experience for you because all the cars are modern, air-conditioned and run on clean green fuel.

All the Meru chauffeurs are well trained to make you feel special and they are well versed with the city routes too. Facebook lovers also have some good news from Meru. Yes, you can now book a cab using the Facebook Messenger on your phone. You can book a cab using Google Maps too. The fare is always fair. Meru’s ExactoMeter Policy lets you know the exact fare at the time of booking and therefore you don’t end up paying anything extra while paying. Unlike other similar cab booking services, Meru never implements surge pricing during peak hours.

You are charged at a fixed rate every day. And suddenly if you change your mind and want to cancel a booking, you are not slapped with any cancellation fee. Meru also sends an email receipt to you for every ride with complete fare break-ups. The receipt also includes tolls and parking charges, if any. You can pay using your PayTM, MobiKwik, Jio, Freecharge and Citrus account or you can pay with cash.

Meru knows very well that Safety Comes First. Therefore they conduct stringent driver verifications and routine quality checks to ensure that you are safe while riding a Meru cab. They have a GPS tracking system, ICE technology and Trip Tracker service. When you need help you can always contact Meru using their App, Call Center and Web.
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Merucabs Coupons

What is Meru?

Meru represents Reliability, Safety and Transparency. It is the only cab service in India that allows passengers to Click, Tap, Call or Hail to ride a cab. This world class cab booking service was launched in 2007 in association with True North(formerly known as India Value Fund Advisors. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company pioneered the personal road transportation business in India and its excellent management team paved the way to success by working hard and gaining trust of millions of passengers since its launch. The company has only one goal which is offering a Reliable, Safe and Transparent transport solutions for million more Indians through innovation and dedication.

The company offers 5 different types of transportation solutions across 24 cities in India and already has 12 million satisfied customers who rides more than 20,000 Meru cabs powered by sophisticated technology and steered by top rated drivers. All the drivers are trained to deliver best-in-class rides to you and your loved once.

Meru has created a network of cabs using advanced mobile-internet technologies and always has some kind of transportation solutions that compliments you every travel need. Innovative services like GPS GPRS based dispatch system, ExactoMeter, automated speed alarms in cabs, trip tracker service and ICE alert in mobile app ensure transparency in rides, minimize risk of road accidents and gives passengers, especially women, the assurance of safety. Optimal usage of high-tech gadgets, data science, algorithms, consumer centric processed, user friendly apps and a decade long experience in the business made Meru a trusted name in personal transportation business. The moment you book a Meru cab, you know you are in safe hands.

Click, Tap, Call or Hail – Nothing can stop you from enjoying a Meru ride. You can always book a Meru cab by –

  1. visiting its website from your PC,
  2. downloading and opening the Meru App on your Android smartphone or iPhone,
  3. calling the Meru Call Centre at 4422-4422(prefix the STD code of your city) or
  4. hailing a cab on road. You can book a cab via Facebook Messenger or Google Map as well. Choice is yours.

The company has something for everyone. It operates Radio Taxis, Sedans, Hatchbacks or SUVs for One-way and Round Trips, Local, Rental and Outstation rides. You get point-to-point service. Fare is fair. Meru Exactometer has no room for hidden charges and no changes in the cost. Meru lets you know you exact fare at the time of booking. Unlike other online cab booking services in India, Meru has no surge pricing policy and therefore, even during the peak hours, you pay at a fixed rate. You are not charged for unbilled kilometers. You ride modern, air-conditioned cabs that burn only clean green fuel. Your cab is driven by a well trained chauffeur who is very familiar with the city routes. When the ride ends, you can pay with cash or pay using digital wallets like PayTM, MobiKwik, Jio, Freecharge and Citrus. You get an email receipt from Meru. The receipt comes with complete fare break-ups and toll-parking charges(if any). And believe it or not, Meru doesn’t charge you any cancellation fee.What more you can ask for?

Meru Ride is a Safe Ride

At Meru, safety comes first. All the drivers are well trained on how to deal with passengers and make them feel safe. They have to go through stringent background verifications and routine quality checks to ensure highest standards of service. All the cars are well maintained to ensure smooth performance and road safety. These cars are tracked 24X7 using GPS tracking system and ICE technology. The Trip Tracker service helps the passengers ensure their own safety. In case of emergency, you can reach Meru’s Dedicated Feedback Cell via App, Call Center and Web. the company runs a 24X7 customer care center ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

How Meru Works?

Book a cab. Track your cab. Arrive safely. Get an e-bill. Leave Feedback. It is so easy to get from point A to point B on a Meru cab. After you click, tap, call or hail a Meru cab, watch your cab moving towards your destination on a map in real time if you have downloaded the Meru app on your smartphone. When the cab arrives, hop in and relax. When the ride ends pay the bill and an e-bill will be sent to your email ID. don’t forget to leave a feedback because that helps Meru in maintaining and stepping up the service level.

Since its launch in April 2007, Meru has earned the trust of millions of passengers by providing exceptional service and safety. You can anytime get from your location to destination in a Meru cab by booking a cab via Meru’s mobile app, website or dedicated call center. In 2013, Meru launched a fleet named MeruGenie, a hatchback cab service, which has gained popularity in 12 cities in India. In January 2015, Meru Eve service was launched to give women a greater sense of safety and security. The interesting fact about this cab facility is that these cabs can only be booked by women and are chauffeured by women. Again in 2017, Meru launched Meru Enable in Mumbai in association with Ezy Mov as India’s first wheelchair accessible taxi service, a unique service for people who really  need it. You can enjoy Meru’s international standard cab services in 24 cities across India. The company has been recognized by ‘The Limca Books of Records’ as the largest taxi operator in the country. As on 2018, the company has successfully conducted more that 40 million trips in India and every ride is a reliable, safe and transparent ride for passengers. For two consecutive years, 2013 & 2014, the company has been recognized as India’s Most Favorite Cab Service by TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice. The company has also won several awards like IT User Award 2008, 2009 & 2010 and Times Travel Award 2011. In 2015, Economic Time’s awarded Meru for being one of the Most Promising Brands in India.

Meru launched MeruGenie, a hatchback cab service in December 2013, which is now present across 12 cities in India. In January 2015, Meru launched Meru Eve, a cab service exclusively for and by women, to bring to the lady passengers a safe and reliable way to travel. Last month, Meru Enable was launched in Mumbai in association with Ezy Mov as India’s first wheelchair accessible taxi service, a unique service for people with special needs. Meru offers its world-class cab service across 24 cities in India under consumer proposition of Reliability, Safety & Transparency. Recognized by ‘The Limca Book of Records’ as the largest fleet taxi operator in the country, Meru has completed more than 40 million trips across India. Meru has been voted as India’s Most Favourite Cab Service by TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice for 2 consecutive years 2013 & 2014; and has won various other esteemed awards like, Times Travel Award 2011, IT User Award 2008, 2009 & 2010. Recently Meru also received the prestigious Economic Times Most Promising Brands award for 2015.

How to book a Meru cab

Booking a cab via or the Meru App is easy. Here is a step by step guide on how to book a cab using the Meru App on your iOS, Windows, Blackberry or Android Smartphone.

  1. Open App Store or Google Play.
  2. Search for the Meru App.
  3. Download and install the App.
  4. Open the App and register to create your account.
  5. Enter Pick Location or let the app auto-detect your location using your phone’s GPS. You can also Choose Location On Map.
  6. Enter Drop Location. You can tap on the map to adjust drop location.
  7. Select one from services like Radio Taxi, Sedan, Hatchback, SUV and Outstation. Services available varies depending on the city and location.
  8. You get to to see the exact fare you need to pay in Exactometer.
  9. Hit the ‘Confirm Booking’ or ‘Book Now’ button and Meru will send you car model, color and registration number of the cab along with the name, photo, phone number and user rating of the cab driver.
  10. You can track the location and movement of the cab on the map and plan your journey to the pick up point accordingly.
  11. You can also call the driver by tapping on the Call Driver button.
  12. When the cab arrives, match the licence plate, the driver and the car model & color before you get inside the cab.
  13. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Safety First

To passengers, Meru is a dependable mobile-internet based cab booking service and to Meru drivers it is only a referral service. But unlike ordinary taxi services or car rental services available in various cities, riding a Meru cab is safer because the safety of its drivers and passengers is a top priority for Meru. Meru works 24X7 to make your journey a safe journey. The moment you tap on the ‘Confirm Booking’ button, Meru’s safety team takes over and makes sure that you are safe during the entire trip. The company’s dedicated customer care team is well trained to help you in case of an emergency. The easy-to-use Meru App has an ‘Emergency Button’ that alerts Meru if a customer presses it. The Meru Team works 24X7. You can also alert your emergency contacts or contact police using the emergency button on your app.

Safety Tips for Riders

  • Make sure to enter correct drop location while booking the ride.
  • Before you hop in, match your driver and car details on the Meru app.
  • Check if the child lock is disabled in the car.
  • Go for the back seat to ensure personal space between you and the driver.
  • Make sure that the driver is following the turn-by-turn guidance from the driver app. If the driver is taking a different route, alert the Safety Center by pressing the Emergency button or alert you emergency contacts or contact the police.
  • If possible inform relatives about your trip plan and share your ride details.
  • Never forget to add Emergency Contacts on the OLA App.
  • Don’t hesitate to press the Emergency Button if you sense danger.
  • If possible keep the OLA App open and keep tracking the route the car is taking to make sure that the car is going where it is supposed to go.
  • If you sense any unusual behavior from the driver, don’t hesitate to contact the Safety Response Team by pressing the Emergency Button or contact your trusted ones or the police immediately.
  • Share your ride details with people you trust.
  • Never forget to add Emergency Contacts on the OLA App.
  • Relax but remain alert and don’t fall asleep while you are on the cab.
  • Avoid small talks or sharing your personal details with the driver.
  • Ensure that you are not sharing your personal information unknowingly with the driver while you are talking over your phone.
  • Tell the driver not to take a different route for short cut and insist him to follow the navigation guidance from his Meru App.
  • Don’t let the driver make unexpected stops.
  • Don’t let the driver go somewhere leaving you or talk suspiciously over the phone.
  • Avoid falling asleep in the cab.
  • Avoid arguing with the driver. If necessary contact Meru Support.

On the Meru App, after you press the Confirm Booking button, useful details like the drivers’ name, the drivers’ photo, the drivers’ phone number, the car model, the car color, the cab registration number and the drivers’ user rating are displayed. All drivers of Meru are background verified and well trained. These people works hard to earn a living and gain respect in the society. You can surely trust them never forget to rate the driver and the overall experience after each ride. Remember that Meru drivers must achieve a good user rating or their contract with Meru is terminated.

Benefits of using Meru App

  1. The app has ‘Book Now’ or ‘Book Later’ button.
  2. Tap “Book Now” and within a few minutes a cab will be at your doorstep, or simply choose “Book Later” for advance booking.
  3. The App gives you more choice with great pricing.
  4. Most economic rides – Book a Sedan, Hatchback or SUV for local or outstation trips.
  5. You also receive exciting offers from the App.
  6. The app gives you enough information about the your driver. You can view the driver’s photograph, the driver’s phone number and cab details, as soon as the booking is confirmed.
  7. Insta Track helps you to track the movement of the cab as it approaches your pick location within the Estimated Time of Arrival.
  8. The App has in-built Insta Pay system that lets you go cashless. It deducts money from your mobile wallet automatically when the ride gets over.
  9. The in-built Insta Alert system alerts your loved ones in case of any emergency(ICE).

Booking a Cab using Facebook Messenger

  1. Say Hello to the Meru Bot who is always glued to Facebook just like us.
  2. You will find him in ‘Bots and Businesses’.
  3. Send a message – Say ‘hi’!
  4. Verify your details first.
  5. Tap on ‘Book a Cab’.
  6. Share your location.
  7. Get your booking confirmed!
  8. Type ‘Help’ to experience more.

Booking a cab from Google Maps

You don’t need worry if for some reason you don’t have the Meru App on your phone. All you need to do is open Google Maps. On the map, select your destination. Then select the ride-hailing option. Tap on the Meru icon and a Meru cab will be sent to pick you up within minutes.  Try booking a Meru cab on Google Maps today!

What make Meru the best choice for you.

  1. The company is 24X7 at your service. 24×7 Customer Care helpline, (city code) 4422 4422 is always happy to help you.
  2. Ride Now or book a cab up to 7 days in advance.
  3. When booked in advance, Meru confirms the booking right away and you receive the cab details 20 minutes before your pick up time.
  4. You get driver details by tapping ‘Track my cab’ 20 minutes before your ride time.
  5. You can hail a Meru on the road.
  6. No Surge Pricing or hidden charges.
  7. Fixed fares and transparent pricing policy as per the government guidelines.
  8. No Cancellation Fee.
  9. Pay in Cash or Go Cashless. Meru’s in-app wallets or your unique Bharat QR code makes your life easier than ever.
  10. Convenience charge is applicable on call center bookings only.
  11. Registering your mobile number and email address helps you to book a cab faster.
  12. Get E-bills on your registered email id and updates on App for clarification.

So, book a cab and enjoy a Meru ride today!