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10 Things To Consider Before Buying the Perfect Washing Machine8 min read

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10 Things To Consider Before Buying the Perfect Washing Machine

Balancing between work life and daily chores can be extremely tiring, but washing clothes is the most wicked of all. If you feel the same way, buying the best washing machine may solve your daily troubles. However, before investing even a single penny, you need to keep a few factors in mind. This will not only help you find the perfect washing machine but also help you let go of your grudges of washing manually.

Now let’s dig deep into the 10 things to consider before buying the perfect washing machine for your home needs.

1. Different Types

Washing machines can be classified into two types based on their functioning methods. Let us see what these types are:

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

10 Things To Consider Before Buying the Perfect Washing Machine

Unlike fully-automatic ones, semi-automatic washing machines can perform a few tasks automatically but often requires manual intervention. These washing machines often have lesser automatic functionality, like you may have to pour water all by yourself, adjust the controls in accordance with your needs, taking out clothes from the washing tub, and sending it to the drying tub. But yes, these are way cheaper than the fully automatic ones.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

10 Things To Consider Before Buying the Perfect Washing Machine

On the other hand, Fully-automatic washing machines don’t require you to do a thing, as it can perform the tasks all by themselves, without breaking a sweat for it. They are more technologically advanced and have a multitude of additional features and properties that proves their case. The major difference between semi and fully automatic washing machine is the price tag. While fully-automatic ones are naturally has a higher price setup, whereas, semi-automatic ones cost much lesser.

Based on the design, washing machines can again be classified into two types, which are, Top Load Washing Machines and Front Load Washing Machines.

Top Load Washing Machines

10 Things To Consider Before Buying the Perfect Washing Machine

In the initial stages of washing machine productions, top-loaders were very popular. At that time, the mechanism used to wash clothes in a top-load washing machine consisted of an opening at the top. Which revealed the washing area or precisely, a tub where the clothes were put in. It had an agitator, the function of which was to push the clothes around which eventually beat the dirt. However, this whole technique requires the machine to use a higher amount of energy in order to heat the water. They were also known for using a heavy amount of water, but these machines were still budget-friendly. The advanced version of the top-load washing machine is not much different from the previous version. High-efficiency top load washing machines have surely made a progress by using water and energy efficiently. In order to complete a cycle, these machines take more time than a normal top loader.

Front Load Washing Machines:

10 Things To Consider Before Buying the Perfect Washing Machine

Though there are a bunch of audiences who prefer a top load washing machine, there is still another part of the population who are more inclined towards using a front-load washing machine. As the name suggests, these washing machines have their opening at the front, inside which is the washing space is situated. These machines usually take lesser water but keep your clothes soft with their gentle cleansing technique. Due to its high spin rate, the clothes come out nearly dry, but each cycle takes time to complete. There is also another type of washing machine available, which is said to be a Compact Front-Loader. The striking quality of this type of washing machine is that they are very small and compact for which they can pretty much fit anywhere within your home space.

2. Capacity

The capacity of a washing machine refers to the number of clothes that can be washed in a single cycle without any difficulty. It gives you a clear insight into what capacity you generally require for your personal needs. You can choose a washing machine depending upon the number of family members also. Like a machine with a capacity of 6-7 liters is the perfect fit for a family of 3. Basically, you need to figure out how much clothing you wash approximately as per your schedule, so you can do the same chores through a machine, saving some precious time for you.

3. Washing Programmes

Washing machines usually have quite a few modes and features that give you time to rest, while the machine remains on your service. There can be different features included that are designed to provide the best experience in washing specific clothing material. Similarly, it may also have features such as temperature, baby care, eco-friendly, quick wash, timer, anti-crease, etc. These features eventually make your washing task way easier, thus, it is also wise to look for washing machines that come with a handful of essential features and modes.

4. Drum Material Types

Considering the drum material of a washing machine before buying is something you cannot miss out on. You may have acquired the product in the best, it may also feature great and useful modes to support its functioning but if you do not look for the correct drum material it may not meet your standard requirements. Generally, washings machines use either plastic or stainless steel as drum material. While the plastic ones are corrosion resistant and easy to clean having an affordable rate, stainless steel drum material is recognized for their durability, and takes special care towards fabric on your clothes, protecting those particular areas from the harm caused during washing and spinning cycles.

5. Spin Speed

The whole point of using a washing machine is to minimize the amount of time spends on washing clothes, but if the washing machine takes too much time to wash the clothes, then it can be irritating. Which is why you need to check on the spin speed mentioned for the product prior to the purchase. The spin speed is determined through the highest speed of the washing, and it is measured in revolution per minute or RPM. The higher the spin speed the faster the washing machine will work. However, different clothing material requires different spin speed, bear to keep that in mind.

6. Space/ Measurement

For buying a washing machine for personal use, you ought to plan accordingly so the product fits in seamlessly and blends in with your home decor beautifully. It is one of the most important things to consider when buying a heavy-duty item. Washing machines take up a vast space wherever you put it and for personal usage, you ought to be tricky enough to find the right amount of space within your furniture and other appliances so it does not look odd enough.

7. Water Supply Requirements

As we have explained before how the mechanism of front-load fully automatic and top-load semi-automatic washing machines by its requirements of water supply, so, you can guess, why you need to consider the water supply requirements of each washing machine independently. In the case of front-load fully automatic washing machines, you will be required to have a constant water supply, whereas, top-load semi-automatic washing machines do not require constant water supply but can also function on stored water. The availability of water supply is a must to check before you invest in a washing machine.

8. Tub Material

Different types of washing machines use different materials for the making of the washing machine tub. From plastic to stainless steel, to even porcelain,  is used as washing machine tub material. On one hand, stainless steel tubs are very durable and last longer while on the other hand, plastic ones are inexpensive but not as durable as the stainless steel ones.

9. Additional Features

With the advancement of technology, every electronic appliance is getting smarter and classier, fulfilling all your demands with the minimum intervention from your side. Washing machines are no different, and nowadays they offer multiple features, which makes washing clothes all the easier and intriguing. With a higher number of additional features, the price of the washing machine goes higher. This is why you need to look for a washing machine that features all the required functions within your budget.

10. Budget

Last, but not least, washing machines come in wide ranges, but you will still be required to pay a lump sum amount which is supposed to serve you for the rest of your life. The main thing is to look for all the functions you need the washing machine to perform without stopping short and pay what is worth for the product.


Washing machines are today an important electronic appliance that can save you precious time in the midst of your daily busy schedules. This is why the demand for this item has been steadily growing. But in order to get the best user experience, you need to look closely into a few predetermined factors that decide the best washing machine and we are here to help you find out the best washing machine.

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