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Baby Bassinets in India7 min read

baby bassinate

What is a baby bassinet?

Your baby can sleep on a tall, little bed called a baby bassinet. Wood, plastic, or metal make up the frame. Low mesh side walls line the sleeping space. You will likely appreciate its height as you’ll be utilizing one soon after a child’s birth. A bassinet is lightweight and portable. You can have your infant beside your bed in their safe sleeping place at night. During the day, your baby can be with you in your kitchen or living area. 

Specifically sized mattresses are included with bassinets. There are no spaces where your infant could get wedged between the mattress and the sidewalls. Your child can safely sleep on firm mattresses. Ensure enough fitted sheets for the bed, so you always have clean ones available.

Baby bassinets are not required for all babies. Some kids instead utilize a cradle or a cot. The manufacturer certified the use of their product with infants weighing up to 10, 15, or 20 pounds. Stop using the bassinet when your infant begins to roll over or pushes themselves up on their hands or knees, regardless of their weight.

Where should you place the bassinet?

The bassinet for your infant needs to be in your room. Your baby’s chance of developing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is halved while you are in the same room. The first six months, ideally the first twelve, should be spent sharing a room, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is practical to have the bassinet next to your bed. If your baby awakens and demands a feed, you can react to them sooner. Keep the baby bassinet away from windows and vents for the heater or air conditioner. Verify that no dangling electrical cords, curtain cords, or other fastenings that could choke a child are present.

Bassinet Safty

Bassinets are lightweight and can topple over. Choose a bassinet with a broad base. If the legs are folding, ensure they are locked before placing your baby inside. Most bassinets are designed for infants and toddlers weighing less than ten pounds (4.5 kilograms). This implies that your child can sleep in one for a month or two before switching to a crib. Some bassinets have a 20-pound weight limit (9 kilograms). Always heed the rating from the manufacturer.

About five months is when babies first learn to turn over. You must take your baby out of the bassinet by four months, even if it is rated for 20 pounds. A baby bassinet with low side walls is dangerous for a baby who learns to turn over. Never carry your kid in the bassinet or move it around on wheels. Place your infant inside, drag it where you need it, and lock the wheels.

Sleep Safety for Babies

Your infant spends the majority of the day in their crib or bassinet. It is essential to make this a safe place. Sleep safety is ultimate — 3,400 babies die in their sleep every year in the U.S. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), suffocation, and strangling account for most of these fatalities. Follow these suggestions to keep your infant safe:

  • Always put your infant to bed on its back.
  • Blankets are a suffocation hazard. One-piece sleepers, wearable blankets, or sleep sacks should all be appropriately suited for your infant.
  • Before putting your infant in the bassinet, cradle, or crib, take off all pillows, plush toys, or bumper pads. Fitted sheets and a firm mattress are ideal. 
  • There should not be any space between the side walls and the bed.
  • Never, ever let your child sleep in your bed with you. It is dangerous. If you feed or soothe them in your bed, put them back in their bed as soon as they fall asleep.
  • Take off all necklaces, bibs, and pacifiers with cords before putting your baby in their crib or bassinet. These are strangulation risks.
  • Never allow your child to sleep on a couch, waterbed, or sofa. They pose a risk of asphyxia.

Benefits of a baby bassinet

You must know some distinct advantages of a baby bassinet to make a suitable accommodating choice for your young one, including the following.

Portability-  Baby bassinets are lightweight, foldable, and facile to carry while traveling. A bassinet is a bearable baby bed that you can move between rooms and places. A portable bassinet allows you to have your newborn to doctors, friends, or family or while shopping.

Reduced Risk of SIDS- Bassinets provide a secure sleeping environment that promotes a baby’s tranquil slumber while lowering the chance of SIDS (SIDS). When you both sleep in the same room, it helps to have your infant within arm’s reach.

Affordable cost-  With their smaller size and compactness, baby bassinets are budget-friendly and help you offer your newborn a comfortable sleeping experience. Materials used in bassinets are lightweight, reducing the product’s cost.

Add-on features- Besides the cost-benefit, new parents can also find compatible accommodation for the newborn in a bassinet due to its different add-on features. A baby bassinet offers features including a removable storage system and a hood to protect a baby from intense heat or sunshine.

Drawbacks of a baby bassinet

The baby bassinet has drawbacks in addition to its benefits. Look at a few items that might not suit your baby as expected.

Weight limit- The average size of a bassinet may result in weight and developmental restrictions for infants of a specific age. The newborn may outgrow the bassinet over the first several months depending on how much their weight changes, making it ineffective for use.

Shorter life span- A bassinet is often designed to help newborns for up to four months, meaning they may not distribute their purpose for a very long time. Once your young one outgrows the weight limitations, it would ultimately be rendered useless, prompting you to look for an alternative.

Less cost-effective- A bassinet’s limited cost-effectiveness results from its short lifespan, making it unsuitable for parents searching for long-term housing for their young children. The drawbacks of a bassinet may prompt parents to explore and switch to new accommodation, mostly a crib.

Top 5 best baby bassinets

FLIPZON Premium New Born Baby Sleep Swing Cradle/Jhula/Palna/Bed/Baby Bedding with Mosquito Net and Cradle for 0-13 Months Baby Boys and Girls (Blue)

About this item

  • Colour: Blue
  • Brand: FLIPZON
  • Item Dimensions:88 x 53 x 102 Centimeters
  • Material: Cotton
  • Form Factor: Flipzo
FLIPZON Premium New Baby Bassinets in India
Mee Mee Baby Cradle Cot with Mosquito Net for New Born Crib Bassinet with Metal Support Palna Swing with Rotating Wheels & Lock ( Blue )

About this item

  • Colour: Blue
  • Brand: Mee Mee
  • Item Dimensions:80 x 50 x 81 Centimeters
  • Material: Wood
  • Furniture Finish: Pine
Mee Mee Baby Cradle Cot Baby Bassinets in India
Kiddery Lyra Baby Cradle | Baby Swing | Jhula | Palna with Mosquito Protection Net | Washable Super Soft Cloth | Sturdy Metal Frame | All Wheel Lock | 0 to 8 Months | Blue

About this item

  • Strong and Secure Built
  • Removable Mosquito Protection Net
  • Best in class swing with swing lock feature
  • All-wheel independent locks make it easy to move.
  • Package Content: 1 Baby Cradle
Kiddery Lyra Baby Cradle Baby Bassinets in India
Baba Ji enterprises Cute Baby Bassinet in cots Cradle Stroller Cribs (Multicolour)

About this item

  • Multipurpose convey can be used as a swing, carry bed, hanging hammock, or baby seat.
  • Delicate and comfy cot removable cover ropes utilized lightweight outline with side effect assurance for the solace of your child
  • Simple to convey 3 points well-being outfit comes with an inbuilt covering to give the best assurance to your baby under daylight.
  • Fabric used
baby bassinate Baby Bassinets in India
TOFO Premium New Born Baby Cradles and Bassinets ( Blue )

About this item

  • Colour: Blue
  • Brand: TOFO
  • Item Dimensions:101.6 x 96.5 x 45.7 Centimeters
  • Material: Metal
  • Assembly Required: Yes
TOFO Premium New Born Baby Bassinets in India
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