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Best Air Fresheners In India6 min read


The importance of fresh and clean air has been brought to attention time and again by several experts worldwide. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led many people to be confined indoors for long periods. Fresh air increases oxygen flow and eliminates carbon dioxide and other gases. It makes you feel happy and fresh, it helps to avoid a lot of health problems. 

Ventilation is one of the ways to keep your home smelling fresh and healthy. The other way is to use air fresheners which eliminate stale stuffy air combined with odors from other things in the house, which can create an unbearable environment. Air fresheners emit fragrance/aroma which remains suspended in the air for an extended period of time and range from sprays to gels to plug-ins, etc. They make your home smell amazing and fresh. Eventually, it’s all about finding the right fragrance that suits your space and uplifts your mood. 

The main types of air freshener available in the market are:

  • Spray air fresheners are great for using reasonably anywhere, but especially on fabrics and upholstery. You can control how much fragrance they emit.
  • Plug-in air fresheners are automatic, ensuring your home smells nice. Just choose your favourite fragrance and plug it into a socket.
  • Disinfectant air fresheners will have to be diluted with water, into a spray bottle, to work.
  • Diffuser air fresheners also work on their own. These can be displayed anywhere because of its aesthetic looks or maybe kept out of sight. 
  • Gel air fresheners are compact, and you just need to display them up high on a surface so that they emit scent.
  • Solid air fresheners might need to be hung, or they will need to be placed away from things, to diffuse fragrance.

We have shortlisted top 8 fragrance brands and their products to be effectively used from your bedroom to your bathroom.

1. Odonil air freshener spray


Odonil room freshening sprays transform your mood with its premium range of fragrances. It keeps your rooms and bathrooms smelling fragrant. This set comes in four different fragrances of rose, lavender, jasmine, and sandal. 

2. POUR HOME room freshener

POUR HOME room freshener Best Air Fresheners In India

Pour Home fresheners are designed for your homes, offices, cars, or restaurants. It is formulated with a powerful blend of fragrances from the most beautiful creations of nature.

3. Yankee Candle Pink Sands Fragrance Spheres Air Freshener

Yankee Candle Pink Sands Fragrance Spheres Air Freshener Best Air Fresheners In India

Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres neutralizes odors and freshens small spaces for up to 30 days. The convenient beads provide a blissful aroma in gym lockers, wardrobes, bathrooms, and other places where stagnant air lurks. You’ll know it’s time to replace the jar once all the beads have shrunk.

4. BunnyHug Room Freshener spray

BunnyHug Room Freshener spray Best Air Fresheners In India

A purifying air freshener specially formulated to go easy on your body. Free from artificial ingredients and parabens, it’s made of premium quality elements to match the quality of body mists. It replaces musty smells with a fresh forest-like smell to make you feel like being in the arms of nature. These air fresheners are safely created for a fresh, soft smell that also sanitizes the air. It needs to be sprayed 6 to 8 times in the corners of the room for it to be filled with a delightful aroma.

5. Mangalam CamPure Camphor Cone Air Freshener & Mosquito Repellent

Mangalam CamPure Camphor Cone Air Freshener Mosquito Repellent Best Air Fresheners In India

CamPure cones are made of 100% organic camphor and are safe for children. Besides providing a pleasant fragrance, it repels insects and mosquitoes as well. These cones can be placed anywhere from your bedrooms, kitchens, and even wardrobes. It protects your clothes from moulds and moths when placed in your cupboard. 

6. Godrej aer matic, Automatic Air Freshener 

Godrej aer matic Automatic Air Freshener Best Air Fresheners In India

Godrej aer matic fragrance is inspired by the smooth sea breeze. A range of automatic air fragrance diffusers, available in four designer fragrances- they smell just as great as they look. All this with a flexible-control timer that sprays every 10, 20, or 40 minutes, allowing you to control fragrance intensity. This automated air freshener is sure to adorn your interior spaces with its looks and works perfectly, be it your living room, bedroom, or office spaces. It can easily be wall-mounted or can be placed on a shelf with the inbuilt stand. A battery-operated room freshener, it keeps your space fragrant 24×7 without any hassle. Each refill pack guarantees 2200 sprays and lasts up to 60 days.

7. Airwick Air Freshener Gel Can

Airwick Air Freshener Gel Can Best Air Fresheners In India

Airwick Wild Berries Scented gel is infused with Natural Essential Oils which deliver an authentic and fresh experience. It neutralizes odors and provides up to 30 days of continuous freshness. With the adjustable lid, you can easily control the level of freshening power, making it suitable for use anywhere – in Home/Car/office, etc. It is spill-proof and portable too. 

8. Ambi pur Air Freshener

Ambi pur Air Freshener Best Air Fresheners In India

Ambi Pur air freshener eliminates odors instead of masking them. Its patented odor-clear technology traps malodorous particles in the air and leaves behind a delightful and refreshing scent. It creates an uplifting, relaxing ambiance in every corner of your home with the mildly powered fragrance. Escape nose-blindness and deal with the lingering, forgotten malodorous at home with OdourClear capture-block-conversion technology. 95% water-based, the non-flammable formula makes it extremely safe for use.

Air fresheners are a great substitute for using scented candles, and they are especially excellent for daily use. They tend to smell a lot stronger, last a lot longer, and are cheaper to buy; similar to using body spray on a daily basis and saving your favorite perfume for special occasions. They are way safer as there are no flames or electricals involved.

The above-listed brands have a variety of fragrances to suit one’s preference and budget. So go ahead and pick your favorite smell and give your home a great aura!

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