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Best almond brands in India5 min read

almond wallpapers Best almond brands in India

The United States is the top country that produces the most almond globally- the majority of which comes from California. It is produced in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and some other states in India. 

Almond holds a special place in the dried fruit market. It is essential for all age groups for good health.

Almonds can be consumed raw or toasted as a snack or can be added to sweet or savoury dishes. They are also available in various forms – sliced, flaked, slivered, as flour, oil, butter, or almond milk.

Some health benefits are associated with the consumption of almonds.

  • Almond oil also boosts the neurological system’s functioning and helps develop new neurons in the brain. Studies have shown that the consumption of overnight soaked almonds is good for brain functioning and much better than eating it raw. Almond oil is also perfect for health.
  • Almonds help in cleansing your bowel as it is rich in fibre. It also strengthens your intestines and prevents gastrointestinal diseases. It helps in avoiding constipation which is a significant problem of older people. Almond milk, butter, flour are used to treat digestive issues.
  • Antioxidants in almond oil help fight against environmental stress around your hair, maintaining its health. The fatty acids help reduce scalp inflammation by moisturizing and softening the skin tissue. It helps improve blood circulation.
  • Almonds and various nuts and seeds may help improve lipid, or fat, levels in the blood, benefit heart health. Studies have shown that almonds significantly increase the levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream, reduce blood pressure, and improve blood flow. 
  • Almonds contain high levels of vitamin E, which in turn contains antioxidants, such as tocopherol. This help prevents oxidative damage in the body.
  • Almonds contain calcium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin K, protein, and zinc, all of which contribute to bone health.

There are probable risks associated with the consumption of almonds.

  • Allergy – People with a nut allergy should avoid almonds. If a person is experiencing swelling or difficulty in breathing after eating almonds, they should seek immediate medical help.
  • Young children and some older people who face difficulty in swallowing should avoid whole nuts due to the risk of choking.

Almonds are a hearty food. They are packed with essential nutrients and can be a good source of protein for people who follow a plant-based diet.

They are also versatile, and people can incorporate them into their daily diet in various ways.

We have listed the Five best Almond Brands selling online at reasonable prices.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Almonds


Solimo is considered one of the best almond brands in India. The company is one of the best in this regard with its balanced assortment and superb dry fruits and nuts. The almonds are stuffed to ensure freshness and taste and meet food requirements. Moreover, these brands are available in various packages, including airtight containers and bags. If you want to enjoy the nutty flavour of almonds, then Solimo is the right choice.

Price Rs 719/500gms

Tulsi California Almonds

Tulsi California Almonds Best almond brands in India

Another brand of almonds that has earned a reputation as the best in India is Tulsi California. This brand has a huge following and has been the best-selling almond in the USA. Its halal-certified nuts are a great source of protein and fibre and are suitable for vegetarians. Its almonds are crunchy and flavourful, and they’re also available in a wide variety of packaging.

Price Rs 465/500gms

Amazon Brand – Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds

Amazon Brand Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds Best almond brands in India

Vedaka brings high-quality, fresh, and delicious almonds. The almonds come in a crunchy, delicious nutty flavour and a food-safe pouch that retains freshness. These almonds are quality assured and rigorously tested against the industry’s quality standards. 

Price Rs 399/500gms

Happilo 100% Natural Premium Californian Almonds

Happilo 100 Natural Premium Californian Almonds Value Pack Pouch Best almond brands in India

Happilo almonds are among the best almond brands in India. The almonds in this brand are gluten-free and rich in vitamins E and C. They have a low glycemic index and are a great addition to cereals and salads. They can also be eaten raw as the products are rigorously tested against the industry’s best quality standards. And because almonds are packed in bags, they can be stored outside or in the fridge. It’s an excellent snack for breakfast.

Price Rs 399/500gms

Nutraj California Almonds

Nutraj California Almonds Best almond brands in India

Nutraj brings a range premium of handpicked, crunchy, and wholesome raw almonds sourced from California. It comes in premium packing to retain its crunch and freshness. The almonds are vacuum-packed and packaged in a reusable paper pack, ensuring a longer shelf-life and a sound lifestyle. 

Price Rs 405/500gms

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