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Best Selling Anti-Theft Backpacks8 min read

Anti-Theft Backpacks

Anti-theft backpacks are great for travelers in a variety of situations. If you are an avid traveler ready to pack your bag at the drop of a hat, you must be alert to the risks and threats while traveling to a new city or country. We live in a society where thieves would not even spare a car’s tires if they had the only place to stand; thus, keeping your belongings safe from thieves and prying eyes is critical to avoiding unnecessary trouble in a new location. While traveling, your backpack is an easy target for thieves, as you can’t see the bag while it’s hung on your back, and thieves are ready to grab this opportunity to slide into your bag to get their hands on whatever stuff they can. Few of them can even try to slit open your bag if they fail to unlock the zippers, thus stealing your goods and destroying your favorite bag. An anti-theft backpack is a specially designed-backpack to protect your belongings while traveling. These are usually less attractive than regular backpacks because they are made of hardened material to ensure they can’t be cut and have unique zippers that are hard to open from the outside.

Further, the zippers are not visible from the backside, which makes it less vulnerable to theft. Few anti-theft backpacks have combination locks on the zippers. On the other hand, high-end anti-theft backpacks have GPS built in and will send a message to your phone as soon as the bag moves out of a particular range. So, anti-theft backpacks give you peace of mind while traveling. You can go sightseeing or listen to your favorite music without worrying about your belongings.

Features of Anti-Theft Backpacks

Anti-theft backpacks give you the safety you need from thieves, but they also have a few other benefits.

Easy access: They have smart pockets, hidden pockets, and good zippers that make it easy and quick to get to your things in the backpack.

Comfort: Most anti-theft backpacks have padding on the shoulders and back, which makes it easier to carry all your stuff. Also, the design lets your back breathe; many of them are made of waterproof materials that keep your things dry when it rains.

Durable: The latest anti-theft backpacks are made of superior-quality, slash-proof, durable, and highly resistant material. This makes them sturdy and long-lasting.

Secret pockets: Anti-theft backpacks come with secret pockets to keep your valuable belongings, like your wallet, mobile, or passport, safe from pickpockets. These hidden pockets have hidden zippers that are not easily traceable.

Water-resistant: The best anti-theft backpacks that protect against theft are water-resistant and can be used in any weather, so you can travel without worrying about snow, rain, or other bad weather.

Locking zippers: These zippers can be opened only by a secret combination set by you, so while you have immediate access to your stuff, the lock protects your articles from thieves.

Slash-proof fabric: Anti-theft backpacks are made of a hardened fabric that protects your belongings from thieves trying to slash the bag and steal it. This is a mandatory feature for any anti-theft bag.

Strong zippers: These are sturdy and won’t get stuck, so they won’t be easy to open outside. This keeps your things safe.

RFID protected: While traveling, you must protect your stuff from thieves and pickpockets, and you also need to beware of digital thieves who may try to steal your credit card and passport data. Some anti-theft backpacks have a pocket on the inside that is made of RFID-blocking fabric. You can put your cards in this pocket to protect them from the risk of skimming.

Inbuilt locking cable: Some anti-theft backpacks have a built-in locking cable that can be tied to the table or seat of the bus, train, etc. It is a great feature and allows you to sit and sleep peacefully while traveling. You can also tie all your travel bags and secure your luggage while waiting at the airport or railway station.

Anti-theft features: How frequently do you travel? What are your modes of transportation? Do you carry expensive items, contactless credit cards, etc.? These are the basic questions you should ask yourself while considering anti-theft features like a slash-proof backpack, RFID pocket, a laptop compartment, a locking cable, locking zippers, hidden rooms, GPS lightened, etc.

Pockets: Do you want external pockets or only internal pockets, a secret pocket, an RFID pocket, multiple pockets, separate pockets with zippers, and hidden pockets on the strap? Well, there are different ways to set up the bags on anti-theft backpacks so you can select the one that works best for you when you purchase the pack.

Size: The anti-theft-resistant backpacks come in different sizes, and you should choose the size based on how much you need to carry. Consider purchasing a larger size of anti-theft luggage if you are traveling with your family; students should consider a bag with a laptop sleeve and a separate place to keep their notes and books. Similarly, you may want a light load to pack for a weekend tour.

Why Should You Get an Anti-Theft Backpack?

Anti-theft backpacks are great for travelers in a variety of situations. There are a lot of bag slashings in popular tourist spots in Europe and Southeast Asia, so putting wire mesh inside your backpack will protect it from thieves. Knowing your valuables are secure in your carry-on is a massive relief if you are on a plane and want to sleep. Nothing is worse than having your credit card details copied while asleep on a long-haul flight. 

Here Are The Top 5 Best Anti Theft Backpacks in India

Fur Jaden Anti Theft Backpack 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag with USB Charging Port and Water Resistant Fabric

About this item

  • Key features – Black Color Backpack for Men and Women for Trendy College Students and Stylish Office Use. The large compartment easily accommodates a 15.6-inch laptop. Several pockets for. 
  •  Water-Repellent Material – Because this bag is composed of water-repellent material, you can travel without concern for rain or splashes of 
fur jaden Best Selling Anti-Theft Backpacks
Arctic Fox Slope Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port 15 Inch Laptop Backpack (Black)

About this item

  • This Anti-Theft Backpack applies anti-theft design technology. The zipper of the main pocket is entirely hidden in the back of this bag.USB Power 
  • This bag doesn’t have a battery; you’ll need a power bank to charge it. An external USB connector with a built-in charging cord makes it handy to charge your electronic device wherever you are.
  • Spacious compartment – Power bank port -Water Bottle Pouch
arctic Best Selling Anti-Theft Backpacks
Golden Wolf Laptop Bag, Business Anti-theft Backpack with Lock, Water Resistant College School Laptop Backpack with Rain Cover and USB Charging Port Earphone Port, Backpack for 15.6-inch Laptop 25 L Travel Bag For Women Men Gifts, Dark Grey

About this item

  • [Built-in Rain Cover]- This bag is a terrific option for outdoor use because it comes with a matching water-resistant rain cover and a strap to tie it to yours. 
  • [Safety & free your hand]-Because of the Locker included with this anti-theft business travel laptop backpack, you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your laptop, iPad, documents, or other valuables. Please change the backpack’s password and keep the new one in mind. The backpack can be attached to baggage or a case using the luggage strap. 
  • Strong metal zippers effortlessly shut and open to ensure daily use for a very long time.
golden Best Selling Anti-Theft Backpacks
TRUE HUMAN Anti-Theft and USB Charging Port Backpack with Combination Lock Laptop Bag (Grey)

About this item

  •  Premium material: Made from high quality. Premium quality smooth zippers, pullers, and buckles.
true Best Selling Anti-Theft Backpacks
Gear Classic 20L Faux Leather Water Resistant Anti Theft Laptop Bag/Backpack for Men/Women-Black

About this item

  • Synthetic outer material in black; waterproof
  • Special Features: Zipper closure; back padding; adult age range; utility pocket; 
  • Two exterior pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, an adjustable anti-sweat shoulder strap, a padded back panel cushioned with anti-sweat fabric, an embedded organizer, and a USB and headphones. 
  • Laptop compatibility: Yes, laptop size: 16 adjustable strap
gear Best Selling Anti-Theft Backpacks
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