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Top 200 Best Arabic Mehendi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs are apt for all sorts of occasions. Originally from Arabian countries but have now paved their way to Asian nations. Mehndi has become a universal decorative element on every occasion. Mostly in wedding ceremonies, women in India and Pakistan swear by these gorgeous mehndi designs. Mehndi is a form of body art created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis).

These temporary skin decorations are usually drawn on hands or legs,to beautify a woman’s persona. It is a sought after form of body art among the women of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, and the Maldives. Similar practices is also found in North Africa and the Middle East.

Arabic mehndi is majorly dominated with floral artwork, paisleys and free-flowing diagonal trails. These designs also include a lot of leafy motifs, architecture inspired patterns and neat checkered arrangements – all of them set together to cover the hand and feet in an edgy way.

Lets know about some amazing Arabic mehndi designs (for feet, hands, full hands), we have enlisted 200 best Arabic mehndi designs which will surely amaze you. 

List of 200 best Arabic Mehndi Designs

  1. Lotus Motif Design

Any floral design looks amazing in the hands of women, specially the lotus motif looks stunning in the hands of new brides.

  1. Paisley Patterns

This Arabic mehndi design with prominent paisley patterns looks stunning. The centre part of the backhand is beautifully adorned with intriguing paisley patterns.

  1. Daisy trail

This daisy trail design is perfect for young girls which brings a pretty and simple look.

  1. Checkered pattern with floral highlights

The checked pattern mehndi design gives an elegant and smart look to any woman.

  1. Enchanting Blooms

The blooming flower trail pattern looks amazing in the back hand. This simple mehndi design looks cool in the hands of teenage girls.

  1. Classic Circular Patterns

A neat and intricate mandala design teamed up with dainty-pretty patterns on the hands.

  1. Thick stroke pattern

Thicker strokes of mehndi design make a design more attractive. Therefore, if you want to grab attention try it out.

  1. Light and dark stroke pattern

Lines are an important element in the world of design. The combination of thick and thin strokes makes a design outstanding and unique.

  1. Simple patterns 

This design is one of the most drawn Arabic mehndi designs. You can try it by drawing basic curled-up lines and then structure them with swirly or circular patterns.

  1. Curled up

You can choose big curls or small curls depending on the taste that you have but the small curls look quite elegant and stylish on your hands.

  1. Lacy Gloves

This trending Arabic mehndi design is inspired by gloves made of lace worn by women on hands. It is drawn with sheer intricacy and looks so elegant.

  1. Shaded leg side mehndi

Mehndi is an ancient body art which can be drawn on body parts to highlight them. Brides often wear them on their feet and legs to adorn them for the special day.

  1. Bold leaves strokes

Leaves are a prominent element in Arabic henna. It is quite usual to spot dainty leaf-like structures along the trails. Bold leaves pattern brings out amazing designs.

  1. Minimal toe henna

If you just love to accentuate your toes then this simple easy foot mehndi design is just for you. Keep it as intricate as you want and see how it catches everyone’s eyes.

  1. Gladiator Sandal Mehndi

Full leg mehendi designs are extremely difficult to do. But this design is so gorgeous that it just can’t be missed. It just looks like a sandal.

  1. Peacock mehndi design

Often we see natural elements in design, peacock symbolizes vision, integrity and freedom. Therefore it is used as a motif in design which looks gorgeous.

  1. Bridal mehndi design

This bridal mehndi is so gorgeous and tempting. The play of deviating angles emerging from the feet to the legs is very impressive and the overall decked-up mehndi looks mesmerizing.

  1. Multiple bands design

This generous design is beyond beautiful! The feet are etched in symmetrical design which comprises grids, mandalas, broad bands and lots of detail work.

  1. Shaded lotus mehndi design

Flowers are always in trend and that too shaded lotus designs on your feet is just too perfect!

  1. Rose motif mehndi

Rose is a symbol of love and romance and there is always a rose motif in design. This design is just so perfect. The adjoined floral bootis on and around the toes further make for a resplendent design.

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  1. Floral band design

Bands look gorgeous and eye-catching. This arresting floral design looks so amazing.

  1. Tattoo design

Tattoos are so trendy these days and the style is followed by several mehndi artists. This tattoo design looks pretty elegant.

  1. Leaves motif design

Leaves are always in trend in any kind of floral design. Leaves with pretty flowers look stunning.

  1. Heart design

Heart symbolizes love and if you want to deck up your hands for the special occasion just make a simple heart and fill it up or shade to make it stand out. 

  1. Payal mehndi design

If you are not comfortable wearing jewelry on your feet but love the designs. How about getting payal mehndi design on a foot that looks like jewelry?

  1. Jhumka design

All women love jhumkas to deck themselves up for any special occasions. Try out jhumka mehndi design to look special in weddings.

  1. Geometric patterns

Geometrical mehndi designs are very common and modern. It looks fancy. In a geometrical mehndi pattern, we put a circle in the middle and floral designs all around.

  1. Intricate trail pattern

This lovely Arabic mehndi design features a big flower with paisley and dotted patterns in a diagonal flow. The design looks intricate and beautiful.

  1. Dual trail pattern

This is yet another example of a quintessential Arabic mehndi design. This trail pattern design has lots of florals and paisleys along with interesting spacing adding a contemporary feel.

  1. Daisy trail pattern

Pretty, modern, and charming are the words that best describe this beautiful Arabic daisy trail drawn on the hands.

  1. Elegant design

Delicate and intricate mehndi designs on hands, oh well, we are loving it! And little flowers can look too cute.

  1. Minimalist design

This floral mehendi design is all gorgeous. It is an interesting mix of traditional yet contemporary vibes.

  1. Gorgeous patterns

The rows of flowers combine the style of the fingers with the mesh details, while the bottom is almost empty, which is just a mandala pattern.

  1. Arabic anklet tattoo

Tattoo mehndi are for those who don’t prefer too much but pleased with simple design just like a tattoo.

  1. Tapestry pattern design

Tapestry pattern looks like weaving lines gradually with one another. This is an intricate design and looks amazing in the hands of the bride.

  1. An eye catching design

This Arabic mehndi design will surely help you slay that intimate wedding look perfectly.

  1. Star designs

Stars are a common element in design to match with everyday look. This simple design is worth trying.

  1. Distant patterns

Spacing is equally important as the design itself. Often intricate design looks dull without the right kind of spacing. Distant or spacing makes any design attractive and eye-catching.

  1. Blooms of spring design

This minimal yet striking arabic mehndi design with roses is lovely to look at.

  1. Intricate trails with minimalist florals

This will not only make for a great option for your big day, but also for any other celebrations and festivals down the lane.

  1. Simple Back design

This mehendi design has a big lace like pattern on the back of the hand, constituting a flower motif as the centerpiece of the design. 

  1. Basic design with repetitive strokes

Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid or just someone looking for references for your next ‘handy artwork’, this spacious, neat, and simple mehndi design is just for you.

  1. Pendent style design

This pendent style mehndi design is so elegant to look at.

  1. Armlet mehndi design

A bride is expected to look more beautiful on her wedding day. This Mehendi design on her arms will make her look unique and wonderful. 

  1. Glitter mehndi

This glittering Mehendi design on the arm looks bold, colorful, sharp and attractive which gives a tattoo appearance.

  1. Serpent mehndi design

Minimal highlighted serpent mehndi design.

  1. Mehndi design with name

Whether you are a bride or a groom you can write each other’s name with mehndi to show the world the color of love.

  1. Arabic anklet tattoo

Looking for a different kind of mehendi design to adorn your feet? How about only painting the ankles with an Arabic trail? 

  1. When simplicity and prettiness combine!

If you prefer leaves and flowers try out this mehndi design which is simple and pretty.

  1. A beautiful play of light and dark strokes

Light and dark lines look amazing and make the design attractive.

  1. Simplicity at its best

All the modern brides take notes, this modern minimal mehandi design is just for your stylish look.

  1. Sharp and Edgy

yes, we simply love geometric designs and adding on the corner of your feet, oh, well, isn’t it perfect?

  1. A pretty coiled design on the sides

You can try this unique and simple design to match with your ‘no makeup’, makeup look.

  1. The design that looks like an accessory

What if you don’t want to wear any accessory, you can always create one.

  1. A swirly affair

An opulent amalgamation of a mandala mehendi design with netting, swirls and lines has our heart. 

  1. A trail flowing from the middle finger

The floral motif’s boundaries are note-worthy; they are highlighted with bolder strokes.

  1. Sweet and simple

The floral arm mehendi design looks pretty, elegant and feminine.

  1. An intriguing pattern with prominent empty space

Without proper spacing designs do not come out lively.

  1. A breathtakingly beautiful design

This new mehndi design image has all my heart for its simplistic beauty and grace.

  1. Checks and peppy paisleys

The delicate floral design paired with checks and peppy paisley motifs is such a show stealer! 

  1. The Arabian appeal

This is one of the most popular mehandi designs that women love. It is so trendy.

  1. Arabian mehndi with personalised touches

Simple Arabian mehndi motifs paired with a cute personalisation makes this new mehndi design a sight to behold. 

  1. A jaw-droppingly beautiful backhand mehndi design

This back hand mehndi design proves that minimal bridal mehndi designs can steal the show as much as heavy and intricate ones! 

  1. Playful paisleys

If you swear by floral motifs and regard them as eternally beautiful, then this mehndi design filled with flowers is something that will definitely love.

  1. A rather heavy design on the backhand

A simple mehndi design up to the wrist with leaves and flower motif is a great idea if your style is minimal and graceful. 

  1. Contemporary vibe

This elegant mehndi design with a simple floral pattern is perfect for the bride who has an effortless and minimal style! 

  1. Architectural accentuations

This striking design seems to be inspired from the architectural accentuations of mosques or monuments. It looks great! 

  1. Lots of florals

Flowers look great in any free- flowing design.

  1. An unusual backhand Arabic design

This attractive backhand design looks perfect and cool.

  1. So damn gorgeous!

Simple but so stunning-perfect for brides who love minimalist designs!

  1. Multiple chakras

Chakras or mandalas look great in mehndi art. It signifies the circle of life.

  1. The Unmissable trail

A striking swirling trail that looks so damn edgy and modish.

  1. Fill up the empty spaces

The sharp filling of the patterns with fine lines and the little floral motifs on the fingers look so beautiful.

  1. Mesmerising henna art

These lovely mind boggling themes undoubtedly look impressive when wonderfully drawn on one’s palm.

  1. The one inspired from the doors of mosques

The patterns drawn on each finger are smartly connected to the monument-like structures with dainty dots.

  1. Pretty yet simple

 This is one of the most popular mehandi designs that women swear by.

  1. The flower power

These flowers are unique.

  1. Yet another gorgeous design

 This is one of the most popular mehandi designs that is trendy.

  1. A gripping trailed design

Long trails in design look cool and stunning.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Full Hands

  1. Adjoined paisley patterns 

Paisley motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. An all-decked up design

This is a unique style of mehndi design.

  1.  All about floral 

Flowers are one of the strongest motifs in design.

  1. So neat and chic

This design is so neat and perfectly drawn.

  1. It is all in the details

Detailed works are always eye-catching.

  1. An attractive full hand mehndi

A full hand with intricate patterns looks amazing all the time.

  1. Check box design

The check box pattern is amazing to look at.

  1. Fluttering peacocks

The peacock motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. Beautiful Payel

This payal design is the substitute of real jewellery which looks equally beautiful.

  1. The one that’ll keep you hooked!

An asymmetrical pattern that is palm-based is so beautiful and sophisticated

  1. The magic of bold strokes

Bold strokes look stunning.

  1. The not-so-easy one

Although the design looks simple but intricate patterns are tough to be completed.

  1. Pigeon and rose portraits centred amidst a checkered composition

Pigeon and rose motif looks stunning.

  1. Catchy play of thick and light strokes

Thick and thin lines make good designs.

  1. A rather simplistic one

This is a simple and elegant design.

  1. Pretty with paisleys

Paisleys are never out of style.

  1. The floral charm

This floral design is so beautiful.

  1. Full coverage with an easy design

This design is for a new bride and it will make them look gorgeous.

  1. A heavy design on the backhand

Back hands look good with a heavy design.

  1. Traditional yet modern

These half arabic henna designs on the hands are an absolute treat to eyes.

  1. Beyond beauty

A rich floral pattern which is greatly simple to interpret at the point when the mehendi stains the skin with its profound chestnut or espresso shading, the blossom appears to practically wake up in all its greatness. 

  1. Florals all the way

These half arabic henna designs on back fingers are an absolute treat to eyes.

  1. Conch shell mehndi design

The conch shell motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. Tree design

The tree motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. Ideal floral pattern

The  floral patterns look amazing.

  1. Tattoo type mehndi

Tattoos are in vogue, so why not try them?

  1. Big petals design

Big petals motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. Big flower design

Big flower motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. A traditional trail with dotted details

Gorgeous arabic mehndi trails which are all about minimalism with a twist!

  1. Half and half

This half and half design is so gorgeous!

  1. Diagonal trail from thumb

In this design the mehendi is made in any particular corner of the hand. This design is usually heavy and detailed. It  has to embellish one side of the hand being the Arabic style mehendi.

  1. Bold and beautiful

This design is bold yet beautiful.

  1. Traditional with modern touch

 You can go real  that’s an option too! Pick a mehendi artist who is fabulous at sketching you into the mehendi as you are!

  1. All decked up

This design is intricate and stunning.

  1. Full coverage foot mehndi

On special occasions you can try out this gorgeous mehndi art.

  1. Mirror henna design

Super duper pretty, especially with the mix and match patterns the designs in both the hands look identical.

  1. Monument design

Monuments are a common theme found in Arabian mehndi design which is inspired by the windows of the mosques.

  1. The Polka dots

Polka dots look amazing as it makes the design look elegant.

  1. The triangles 

In arabic mehndi design the use of zentangles are quite common. 

  1. The squares

Square shapes along with patterns look amazing as they make the design look elegant.

  1. The moon design

The moon shape along with patterns look amazing as it makes the design look elegant.

  1. The mandala design

Mandala is in itself way too intricate and applying it as a mehndi design could be the best decision! What you say?

  1. The artistic bands

A neat jaal mehendi design accentuated with traditional henna motifs like leaves, concentric semi-circle, dots, and florals is a perfect pick for our 2021 brides.

  1. The floral trail

This half arabic henna designs on the back fingers are an absolute treat to eyes.

  1. The floral motifs

This arabic henna mehndi on the back fingers are an absolute treat to eyes.

  1. Yin and Yang designs

Yin and yang is a common design you will find which depicts the existence of contrary along with complimentary forces.

  1. The holy kalash

The holy kalash motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. The butterfly

The butterfly motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. The bird design

The bird motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. The fly design

The fly motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. The fruit design 

Fruit motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. The shooting star pattern

The mehandi design includes shooting star patterns and many other design motifs just look so gorgeous.

  1. The elephant design

Mehandi Designs includes lotus, elephants, and peacocks and many other design motifs. This is just looking so gorgeous.

  1. The fish design

Fish motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. Weird mehndi design

On Special occasions you can try out a gorgeous mehndi art.

  1. The tortoise design

Tortoise motif along with floral patterns looks amazing.

  1. The owl design

The owl is another motif in design. The design has a combination of mix and match style.

  1. The lovely bee

The bee is another motif in design. The design has a combination of mix and match style.

  1. The angel 

The angel is another motif in design. The design has a combination of mix and match style.

  1. The thumb design

This pretty design is one of the trendiest mehendi styles because of its appearance and the simplicity of the design. 

  1. A gorgeous feet design

 This design has a combination of mix and match style.

  1. The diya design

Diya is another element in design. This design has a combination of mix and match style.

  1. Diwali special

The diya and crackers are motifs specially drawn on hands in diwali as a holy sign. 

  1. Eid special

On Special occasions you can try out a gorgeous mehndi art.

  1. Ramadan special

On Special occasions you can try out a gorgeous mehndi art. One of the most popular motifs is the jaali design. This is just like a net pattern. In this mehndi design, the jaali motif is made in multiple places in an asymmetric way which look classy.

  1. Jhula mehndi design

The jhula is another motif in design. This design has a combination of mix and match style.

  1. Baby shower designs

On Special occasions you can try out a gorgeous mehndi art.

  1. The bangles 

The bangle motif looks as pretty as the real one.

  1. Bridal theme

On Special occasions you can try out a gorgeous mehndi art.

  1. The pretty anklet style

This pretty anklet design is so cool!

  1. The anniversary mehndi

On Special occasions you can try out a gorgeous mehndi art.

  1. The city on your hands

Monuments and cities are a common theme found in Arabian mehndi design which is inspired by the mosques.

  1. Karva chauth special

On Special occasions you can try out a gorgeous mehndi art.

  1. Unique leg mehndi design

This simple and easy foot mehndi design should make it to your screenshot list right away. It’s making our hearts flutter for sure.

  1. The borders

Those who love minimal design, this is for them.

  1. Alta mehndi design

These days for innovation alta a red color liquid is used along with the mehndi to create a mix and match style.

  1. The side pendent style

The side pendant mehndi style is in vogue.

  1. The folk style design

The folk style mehndi design will never get out of fashion.

  1. The designer heart

Simple mehandi patterns will give an elegant look for the hands, it has floral, heart shaped and paisleys patterns which start from the index finger and stretch to the forearm to give an artistic appearance.

  1. The wheat design

Wheat is just a motif which can be adorned with flowers to make it look more appealing.

  1. The glowing flames

Flame is another element in design. The design has a combination of mix and match style.

  1. The ring finger mehndi design

Accentuating fingers with minimal style looks elegant and decent and goes with any kind of look.

  1. Too many rings

In ring style mehndi design the main centerpiece is the ring which is either made in the back or the front of the hand. The best part about this design is that it is paired with beautiful string designs.

  1. Index finger mehndi design

If you want to look simple and elegant this mehndi design is a must try. 

  1. Polygon mehndi design

Circles and lines are so common in the design palette,try something new and unique.

  1. Hanging chainlets

The hanging chainlets look so modish. The chain motif makes the design pretty attractive.

  1. Arm henna

This attractive arm henna design has so many colors and patterns that are bound to look feminine, beautiful and appealing. 

  1. Geometric bajuband

This henna art on arms looks lovely and advanced, it is simple to do and can be utilized to top off any crevices with a bigger outline.

  1. Shoulder mehndi

 Mehendi workmanship began with hands, and now shoulders are also highlighted with this body art. It includes flowers, petals and the beaded chain people who love to apply floral can prefer this art.

  1. The neck design

Want to look more stylish, decorate your neck with mehndi art.

  1. Henna on neck

This magnificent neck Mehndi design does not even require you to wear a heavy neckpiece. If you are planning to go bare neck, this front neck mehndi design would be perfect to pair with your off-shoulder tops

  1. Parrot floral design

The peacock motif along with flowers make this new mehndi design a great option for brides who wish to wear a simple mehndi design for their wedding. 

  1. Swan floral design

This arabic mehndi design with floral Motifs with other patterns is too gorgeous to be missed.

  1. The cute elephant design

Cute little animal designs are suited for kids.

  1. Hibiscus mehndi art

Yes, Hibiscus can be another added value to your bridal feet mehndi design.

  1. Deer mehndi design

Cute little animal designs are best for kids.

  1. The galaxy of hearts

So many hearts together makes the henna design look stunning. Try it on special days such as valentine’s day or wedding ceremony.

  1. Cartoon mehndi design

Kids will love to see their favourite cartoon characters on their hands. If someone who is the fan of animated characters will even love this cartoon motif.

  1. Kids mehndi design

Nothing can be better than colors and glitters to grab the attention of your kid! This design in the pic is done with colorful and sparkly henna. 

  1. Kundan mehndi design

These kinds of designs are unique and can match with any outfit.

  1. Modern mehndi design

This typical Arabic mehndi pattern is something that all beginners should try to improve their abilities. The Arabian patterns are mostly full hands below the wrist area.

  1. Madhubani style design

Madhubani is a folk art, often henna designs are done following madhubani art.

  1. Mosque mehndi design

This mehndi design is majorly dominated with symmetric lattice design, which is inspired by the architectural accentuations formed by windows in Mosques

  1. Warli mehndi design

It is a henna design in folk art style.

  1. Mithila mehndi design

It is a mehndi design in folk art style.

  1. Miniature mehndi design

Miniatures are intricate detail patterns done in various surfaces. Royal bride and groom portraits in miniature style never go out of fashion.

  1. Gond mehndi design

Gond is a folk art. Many artists use gond style in their mehndi design to depict love for nature.

  1. Karachi mehndi design

Minimum highlighted lotus mehndi.

  1. Kalamkari mehndi design

Now, this is something very different you’ll spot in the entire list! As you can evidently observe, the entire forearm is laden with a gripping grid pattern and topped with mesmerising floral artwork.

  1. Nakshi mehndi art

This nakshi mehndi is too intricate.

  1. Fancy designs

Simple but so stunning-perfect for brides who love minimalist designs!

  1. Simple arm mehndi

It is not required to always go for a rich or heavy design to make a Mehendi tattoo look good. Simple mehandi patterns will give an elegant look for the hands.

  1. Khafif mehndi

Many women like intricate, tangled and complex patterns which look heavy and striking. If you are one of them, go for it.

  1. China rose mehndi

Rose is the flower which depicts love more than any other flower. Thus roses are a good sign for the bride.

  1. Broad leaves design

This simple yet edgy design is a combination of leafy trails with floral patterns, we bet this is the one you are looking for!!

  1. Gorgeous designs

This full arm bridal mehndi design looks beautiful and makes the bride look prettier.

  1. It’s just wow!

If you want to look simple and dignified all the way, opt for minimal mehndi on the side and ankles. 

  1. Stunningly beautiful

This floral and heavy mehndi design on the hands looks elegant with an intricate design using paisleys, floral, and leaf patterns. 

  1. Mesmerising designs

Arabic mehndi design on your feet with check patterns can be a great mix of minimal and intricate traditional work.

  1. Heart of hearts

This design has repetitive heart patterns which transform the design into the next level.

  1. Lively designs

The design with lots of patterns looks amazing and lively, it will look good on young girls.

  1. Simply superb

Going simple is trending these days. Intricate designs on the sides is the perfect for all the minimal millennials.