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Best Beard Butters and Balms in India8 min read

beard butter

What Are Beard Butter and Balms?

A good beard balm feels like rich butter when applied. While beard oil is usually greasy, beard butter has an appealing warm feel upon application. These products also contain substantive elements to help nourish and condition your beard. However, while beard butter has moisturizing and styling benefits, it does not provide enough hold to make it a go-to product for beard styling. 

You might be wondering what beard butter and balms are. Beard balms are a great option for moisturizing your beard. But you need to know how to apply them properly. Before applying them to your beard, warm the product in your hand. Use your palms to warm the product; your fingertips are cooler. If you use your fingers to apply the balm, you will have product clumps. To spread it evenly, you should rub it in your hands in long strokes from root to tip.

Beard balms contain a mixture of soothing oils and butter. While beard oils and butter are essentially the same, beard balms are different. Beard oils are liquid and will melt on your beard. Balms will stay on your beard longer than oil. But you can still use both products in your beard care routine, as long as they don’t contain too much alcohol or petrochemicals.

Regular combing and beard maintenance products like beard oils, butter, serums, and wax will help you keep your beard soft and train your hair to grow in the same direction.

The Similarity Between Beard Butter and Balms

Although beard butter and balms are similar, the two products have their differences. Compared to balms, beard butter is lighter in consistency and favours the hydration end of the beard product spectrum. 

The ratio of butter and oils is also more favorable with beard butter, and the result is immediate hydration with a slight hold. Both products are suitable for daily use.

Both beard butter and beard balms have similar ingredients, including oils and butter. Balms contain beeswax and wax, adding moisture and tackiness to facial hair. Balms may also contain caffeine to help wake you up in the morning. 

A well-made balm contains nourishing and soothing ingredients. Unlike balms, they do not leave your beard feeling greasy or oily. They are easy to apply and absorb, leaving no sticky residue. They also provide moisture and relief from dry skin. Additionally, they keep flaking and itching at a minimum. A well-made beard butter contains Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and Jojoba Seed Oil ingredients.

When deciding which type of beard product to buy, it’s important to remember that beard butter contains no wax. While beard balms are better for styling, beard butter is better for moisturizing and taming facial hair. For those who don’t wear a beard, it’s essential to choose one that suits your needs. 

We have listed the Top Seven Beard Butter and Balms available in India.

Dapr. Beard Butter Softening Cream


Beard Butter by DAPR is a moisturising leave-in conditioner that may be used on the beard and the mustache.

It is an ideal pairing of a BEARD OIL and BEARD BALM product. This product allows your beard to breathe throughout the entire day.

Features :

  • The inclusion of hemp seed oil and wheat protein in it helps to strengthen hair follicles from the roots up, which is a desirable effect. 
  • It quickly hydrates, softens, and eliminates itching all simultaneously.
  • No matter how long or short your beard is, this product improves your facial hair’s harsh and rough texture by giving it lustre, consistency, and hold.
  • Beard butter’s distinctive aroma combines bourbon oil and orange bitters. 
  •  It does not contain Petroleum, Paraben, and Sulfate.

Man Arden Beard Balm

man arden

Infused with waxes and shea butter, Man Arden Beard Balm nourishes and rejuvenates the skin while stimulating beard growth. Hair follicles are nourished from the roots to the tips with this treatment. In addition to conditioning, softening, and thickening facial hair, the 2-in-1 balm and wax can help patchy beard owners grow new, natural hair. 


  • Control facial hair on all skin types with this dual-purpose balm and wax. 
  • It improves the appearance of a fuller, thicker beard while softening and conditioning the hair. 
  • The non-greasy and lightweight formula protect and performs for up to 24 hours without weighing down the hair.
  • Create thicker hair strands by using this beard balm’s unique formula of proteins and vitamins.

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Softener Balm with Olive, & Bombay Shaving Company Pocket Size Beard comb


Beard Softener Balm from Bombay Shaving Company, formulated with Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Keratin, has a silky consistency to mold and soften your beard and skin. A luxurious and relaxing balm that transforms rough, dry beards into ones that are soft and easy to manage. 

Features :

  • Olive oil can revive lifeless hair and shield it from the damaging effects of heat styling and environmental factors. 
  • Shea butter in liquid form and keratin, a natural protein, combine to tame unruly whiskers while moisturising them. You can use it to protect and naturally style your beard, and the effects will endure for a long time. 
  • A pocket-sized beard comb from Bombay Shaving Company is included, crafted from Sheesham wood, and features flexible styling teeth. This beard comb fits easily into your pocket and can help you manage and shape any beard at any location and at any time. 

USTRAA Beard Softener Balm Woody 


USTRAA beard softener balm has a significant component combination that nourishes and softens the beard while making it healthy and free from itching.

Features :

  • Argan Oil rehydrates and restores dry, damaged hair while also adding shine. Shea butter is a natural hair softener that moisturizes the hair and cures any damage the hair may have sustained.
  • Castor oil, which thickens and conditions hair, is one of the most beneficial oils for maintaining healthy hair. It is helpful in the fight against hair loss.
  • It is SLS & Paraben free. There are no toxic chemicals.

Gillette|King C. Gillette Men’s Soft Beard Balm


This smooth beard balm by King C. Gillette will help you maintain a healthy beard to rock any style! This smooth beard balm by King C. Gillette has bergamot, geranium, and cedarwood scents, so it will leave your beard smelling beautiful and revitalised.

Features :

  • The solution has a lightweight, soft, and creamy consistency, distributing evenly and working thoroughly into the beard.
  • The intensive conditioning solution gives your beard the appearance of fullness and density and makes it easier for you to style it.
  • Beard is left supple, hydrated, and gleaming after use.

Art Naturals Beard & Mustache Balm 


Art Naturals beard and mustache balm reduces itchiness while also thickening, strengthening, softening, taming, and styling facial hair growth.

Features :

  • The balm has a smooth texture and a fresh orange fragrance.
  • It is a beneficial tool for you if your goal is to keep your beard under control and battle the frizz that frequently occurs after a shower.
  • After applying this, there will be no greasy residue left behind, which applies to both your face and your hands.
  • The price is on the higher side but does its job very well.

Honest Amish – Heavy Duty Beard Balm – 2 Ounce – Beard Conditioner


It is crafted by hand in the United States of America, and it conditions, softens and tames unruly beard hairs. The ingredients are entirely natural and organic, and they work wonderfully with the Honest Amish Original Beard Wax – the most reliable brand in the world for beards.

Features :

  • It keeps your beard feeling soft and hydrated.
  • The beard is much easier to manage the following day if the balm is applied at night.
  • The cream has a subtle fragrance and is non-sticky.
  • It reduces itchiness and dandruff.
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