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Best Body Paints in India6 min read

body paint

Painting on the skin is a type of body art known as “body painting.” In contrast to tattoos and other types of body art, body painting is a transitory form of body customization that can last from a few hours to several days. Face painting is a term that refers to the practise of applying paint to only one’s face.

A broad range of effects can be achieved by shading the colours together, which can be used for artistic makeup or colouring for special effects. The formulation of a non-toxic oil-based painting palette is moist, semi-soft, skin-friendly, and safe for use on all skin types. Olive oil or a professional waterproof makeup remover can quickly remove this makeup, providing coverage that is more color-saturated than regular makeup and is simple to wear and remove.

You can face paint for events such as fairs, carnivals, birthdays, campfires or other themed parties, stage performances, SFX makeup, not to mention fun Halloween, and other occasions. It’s simple to create looks like a crown, a bruise, blood, or a cosplay character. Always use materials that are kid and adult-friendly and are safe for both.

There are various ways to apply water-based bodypaints, including using an airbrush. These forms of paint are more prone to sweating and rubbing off. Lighter colours may not provide the best coverage, or they may break when applied thickly, depending on the brand.

Do not use Acrylic paints as body paints as they contain toxic chemicals and may harm the skin. Make use of paint created specifically for face painting rather than acrylic paint. It is essential to check for water-based face paint because many different kinds of safe face paint are available in stores. In most cases, these can be eliminated with little effort.

Body painting is the most amazing and natural kind of art, but at the same time, it is the most magical. If you haven’t tried it out, go ahead; you will not be disappointed!

Below is a list that we have compiled of the top five body paints that can be purchased in India.

UCANBE 20 Color Athena Face Body Paint Oil – Large Pan Black & White, Professional Non-Toxic SFX Makeup Palette, Hypoallergenic Face Painting Pallet for Art, Theater, Halloween, Parties, and Cosplay

An easy-to-use palette of Face Body Paint contains 20 creamy, intensely pigmented shades that can be applied with a sponge or brush. It can be used for both the body and the face. Tattoo Face Body Paint comes with high-quality ingredients that are simple to mix and gentle on the skin, all while maintaining a vivid appearance. It dries quickly to a smudge-proof and long-lasting finish, with very little rub-off, and it retains its flexibility so that it does not crack. Twenty flash Aqua colours are adaptable, allowing you to create various looks. It featured dominant gold and silver, as well as pink, purple, red, yellow, blue, green, and brown, all primary colours (plus extra black and white).

Because this oil-based paint takes more time to dry; consequently, we recommend using some setting powder and lightly removing it with a professional waterproof makeup remover.

It’s a good pallet for beginners who would like to create special effects looks.

THR3E STROKES UCANBE CRUISE Face Body Paint Set, 15 Colors Painting Palette Makeup Kit for Halloween Cosplay Party

This face paint kit comes in 15 vibrant colours, including black, white, brown, green, blue, purple, red, silver, and gold. Additionally, the package includes 10 various-size brushes, which allow for excellent control and precision whether painting the body or the face.

All the colours have a high pigmentation level, which enables them to provide great coverage; furthermore, they are ideal for mixing to produce costume special effects, acrylic paint, watercolor, craft art paintings, and the like. It has a non-toxic oil-based moisture composition that glides smoothly and is easy to blend, and it keeps your look from smearing, flaking, or fading for the day. Cleansing oil can be used to remove it easily. Kids and adults of any age can use it without worry.

UV Glow Blacklight Face and Body Paint

It consists of six vibrant dayglow neon colours in small tubes that can easily be removed with water and dries quickly. It is blacklight reactive; emits a strong glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. It is suitable for sensitive skin also. 

Snazaroo Face Paint Kit Girl

The coverage provided by Snazaroo paints is excellent. It is a great way for the adults to show off their abilities and for the children to exhibit their creativity at a party. The package includes a pamphlet with detailed directions for creating various faces. These fantastic colours come with a paintbrush and a sponge. The colours are vibrant and come off fairly quickly in the shower or when wiped off with a terrycloth towel.

Face Paint Crayon 12 Color (Gold and Silver Included) | Sticks for Kids | Washable Twistable Crayons | Great Kit For Kids Face Hair Body Painting | Water Based Non-Toxic set

This face paint kit has 12 colour crayons, which are easily applied and cleaned off quickly with soap and water. The crayons are super smooth and beginner-friendly. The crayons dry fast, and the application time is less than liquid paints. The colours may not be bright, but they last long.

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