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Best Candle Holders In India7 min read

candle holders

“A beautiful home is complete with a beautiful candle”.

Candles brighten and lighten our spaces and special occasions. Candles have an aesthetic value and are loved for their beautiful scents. They can make any ambiance comfortable, soft, and romantic. 

If picking up candles is a devil of a job, trust us, choosing candle holders is definitely not less of a task. Candle holders provide support and ensure the candles stay in their position and do not damage their surrounding space with their dripping wax and cause a fire. Candleholders and stands come in a plethora of designs and sizes, and different materials. Exquisite candle holders are available in the market which not only holds the purpose but also enhances the decor of your house.

Without further ado, let us guide you to the best candle holders available in India right now.

1. Brahmz® Set of 3 Handmade Glass Mosaic Turkish Moroccan Tea Light Candle Holders

Candle holder

Each Votive in this set works with regular tea-light candles, small LED flameless tea lights, & votive candles. Due to the handmade nature of these products, it gives an artful appeal and a refined touch to any space in your home. Since every piece is handcrafted, there might be a little variation in every piece. Make sure not to apply any pressure on the pot while cleaning, to avoid chipping of the glass mosaic.

Product Details Dimension: 3.25×3.25×3 Inches 

Pack Contains: 3 Pcs Glass Votives holders 

Material: Glass Shape

2. Home Centre Glass Tea Light Holder

Home Centre Glass Tea Light Best Candle Holders In India

These candleholders are made of colored glass and are round in shape. The rim of the glasses is adorned with a gem which makes them look beautiful. The candles placed inside do not get affected by the surrounding airflow, hence they last longer. 

Product dimensions- 7 x 7 x 8.5 Centimeters

Pack contains- 4 pcs

Material- glass

3. obbi Metal Candle Holder

obbi Metal Candle Holder Best Candle Holders In India

A set of two rose-shaped candle holders made of crystal, perfect for home decoration. The stand is made of gold-colored metal. 

Product description- 20 x 10 x 10 Centimeters

Product pcs- 2

Product material- metal

4. TIED RIBBONS Metal Tealight Leaf and Flower Shape Decorative Candle Holder

TIED RIBBONS Metal Tealight Leaf and Flower Shape Decorative Candle Holder Best Candle Holders In India

This gorgeous candle holder set from Tied Ribbons is the perfect way to brighten up your home. This decorative stand can adorn your dining or your center tables and coffee tables. It comes in a leaf and flower-shaped design, and three tealight candles. 

Product dimension- 10 x 12 x 15.5 Centimeters

Product pcs- 1 leaf-shaped tray with 3 stands

5. Tuxédo 3pc Gold Glass Candle Holders 

Tuxedo 3pc Gold Glass Candle Holders Best Candle Holders In India

Made of premium quality glass and antique metallic finish, the speckled effect on the tealight holder enhances the natural warm light of candles, giving it a vintage but timeless look. These pretty gold Luster glass can be used as a part of your decor, or as a favor for your guests due to its elegant design. These holders work with regular tealight candles, & also with small LED flameless tea lights.

Product description- 26.7 x 24.1 x 28.6 Centimeters

Product pcs- 3 individual glass holders with one round stand

Product material- glass and metal

6. WHOLESALE J MART ( W J M ) Metal Lamp with T-Light Candle Holder

WHOLESALE J MART W J M Metal Lamp with T Light Candle Holder Best Candle Holders In India

The lamp comes in vivid colors and can enhance any surrounding adding definition to it. The easy opening and closing of the base make it convenient to place the candles. These lantern-shaped holders are sturdy and give a rustic feel to the environment, whether placed indoors or outdoors.  The sturdy flexible handle on the top can be used to hang the lantern, offering dual décor uses. The design has small openings which help in preventing the lantern from heating up after the t-light is lit. 

Product dimensions- 6 Inch X 3.7 Inch X 3.7 Inch

Product pcs- 2 lanterns

7. Vudy Decorative Wooden Candle Holders

Vudy Decorative Wooden Candle Holders Best Candle Holders In India

A beautiful antique-looking candle holder set from the house of Vudy can make any space in your home very decorative. Made of high-quality solid Mango wood, it comes with an antique distress finish. These stands can be paired with earthy interiors. The set comes with 3 stands in varying heights to accentuate any table type in your home. Place ṭhem with colored candles to add pops of color against the natural wood grain. 

Product dimension- 6 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches

Product pcs- 3 wooden stands

8. Lamcy Plaza Wooden Tea Candle Holder 

Lamcy Plaza Wooden Tea Candle Holder Best Candle Holders In India

This wooden tea light set in blue can accentuate any simple or empty wall. Great for gifting and decor, the set comes in 3 sizes of stands. Painted in a festival theme, it looks traditional but yet modern. 

Product dimension- Large L2.5 X 2.5 X H7,  Medium L2.5 X 2.5 X H5,  Small L2.5 X 2.5 X H3.5 Inches 

Product pcs-3

9. TIED RIBBONS Buddha Head Statue Tealight Candle Holder with Tray Set 

TIED RIBBONS Buddha Head Statue Tealight Candle Holder with Tray Set Best Candle Holders In India

Sculpted with tranquil serenity, this decorative Asian art design of a Buddha’s face with Tea light creates a meditative place in your indoor home or patio.  It is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin, this vintage style set comes with all parts separate and requires minor placements. 

Product dimensions- 30.5 x 8.6 x 5.1 Centimeters

Product pcs- 1 Buddha Head, 1 Wooden Tray, 1 Lotus Tealight candle Holder, 1 Tealight Candle, 1 Potpourri Pack

10. WEBHUSHI Glass Tea Light Holders

WEBHUSHI Glass Tea Light Candle Holders Best Candle Holders In India

These glass oyster tea light holders can be kept anywhere due to their size and enhance the area with the light placed in them. The glass holders are transparent and so their versatility lends to multiple uses.

Product dimension- 2.5 inches in diameter

Product pcs- 16 pcs

Candleholders and lanterns have plentiful benefits within the home. They are not only functional but beautiful too and can be used during an event to uplift the space’s persona. Some pieces in the market are also statemented pieces that create a certain theme and feeling in the house. When shopping for such holders, one should ensure that they go for pieces that will fit within their space without any issues. Some holders are also versatile and can be used for other functions within the house other than just holding candles.

When buying candle holders and lanterns, ensure that they are steady and robust for the best performance.

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