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Best Decorative and Fairy lights in India9 min read

fairy lights

Waterproof and remote-controllable string fairy lights come in various colours and may be used indoors and outdoors. Using this, you may change the atmosphere in your home simply by turning on the lights and using the pre-programmed lighting sequences.

To brighten up any occasion, these lights can be utilised as decorations in the home, office buildings, walls, and other places. They emit the soft light and quirk up any ambience. 


EDISON LIGHT BULBS – These Edison bulb lights are a great way to bring a vintage feel to your outdoor spaces. Beautiful and classic, they exude an air of antiquity. They have a comforting glow and are visually appealing.

FAIRY LIGHTS – In both indoor and outdoor settings, fairy lights can be used to create magical, fairytale-inspired decors. When viewed from a distance, they look like a horde of fireflies flying through the night sky. They’re also stunning when placed on porches, decks, and gazebos.

ROPE LIGHTS – The rope-like appearance is because these lights are made up of many small bulbs enclosed within a PVC tube. They can be wrapped around poles, trees, stairwells, garden sculptures, and various other things due to their flexibility and adaptability.

COLOURFUL LIGHTS – Strings of colourful lights are often used for holidays and special events. You can find bright and vibrant displays, but you can also find some that are a little more subtle. Installing them is a breeze, and they can be used in various creative ways.

Let us share some helpful hints with you on how to illuminate your home’s interior and exterior with these lights.


  • Lighting a deck or patio with string lights is a quick and easy way to decorate. If there are any poles, you can use the lights to wrap them around them or hang them from the ceiling or the walls. 
  • A house’s appearance can be dramatically altered by adding a few string lights to the exterior. Structure and coziness are enhanced by a border of string lights that encircle the room.
  • You could use string lights to decorate a beautiful tree in your garden. Use it as a light fixture to make the most of the ambiance. You could also use some hanging pendants in addition to the string lights that you can wrap around the branches.


  • To make your greenery even cozier, string golden fairy lights through the leaves of a big plant.
  • In the case of empty liquor or wine bottles, a bottle-specific light is a must-have.
  • Reflect more light into your space by draping an LED strand around your mirror.
  • If you have a tray ceiling, you can use cup hooks to hang strands of larger globe lights to illuminate the space.
  • For an added touch of enchantment, place extra-long globe lights on the top of your window.
  • Create an eye-catching piece of decorative wall or a dramatic backdrop by suspending a curtain made of strands.
  • Section off your home office with string lights to give it a distinct atmosphere from the rest of your home.
  • Try lights with built-in clips to shine a light on all of your most treasured moments.
  • In comparison to incandescent bulbs, LED lights are more relaxed and energy-efficient.

Without further ado, let’s look at the most beautiful string and fairy lights available in India.

Mansaa Essentials 100 LED Copper String 10 m Fairy Lights with 1 m USB Cable, Warm White.



  • 100 LED 10m/33ft copper wire strings are long and flexible enough to decorate your home. They can be bent into any shape. It can be used for various DIY creative lighting projects, including room décor, wedding, party, and holiday lighting.
  • It has a 5V USB Plug from any USB source. You can operate the lights with a USB interface, any power bank/computer, and any other power source.
  • These starry fairy lights’ golden/silver copper wires are durable and flexible, allowing them to be bent and shaped around any surface.
  • Because the copper wire is insulated with IP65, it will not become overheated and is secure to touch without the risk of receiving an electric shock or being burned.
  • It comes in various colours.

PESCA 25 Bubble Ball String LED Fairy Lights for Home and Outdoor (4 m, Warm White)



  • It is a 25 Bubble Ball, and 4-meter LED string light.
  • The lights are remote-controlled and water-resistant.
  • Easy to install, flexible and safe to use.
  • It is ideal for home decoration, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, etc.
  • These lights come in various sizes.

Fizzytech 25 LED 4 Meter Blossom Flower String Fairy Lights, Christmas Lights for Diwali Home Decoration (Warm White)



  • The Blossom White Flower String lights are similar to that of a light fairy since they are made up of Ultra Bright White Warm Color Micro LEDs that do not overheat.
  • It is a 25 LED 4 Meter Blossom Flower fairy light with a two-pin plug.
  • Strings are apt for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Lightweight, flexible, and easy to install, these are also energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting.

Refulgix Water Drop String Ball Light 16 LED Outdoor String Fairy Lights Waterproof (Warm White)



  •  It is a stylish 3 Meter 14 Led bulb (9 feet) LED light.
  • This warm-colored light has a teardrop shape.
  • The lights are environment-friendly and safe to use. 
  • The teardrop lights add a beautiful touch to your home, balcony, and the interior or outdoor background of the house.
  • These Decorative String lights feature an IP44 design, making them water-resistant and suitable for use inside and outside the home.
  • The light string requires a plug-in.

X4Cart 300 LED Warm White String Curtain Fairy Lights with 8 Modes Remote Control (Warm White, 3 X 3 Meter)



  • It features 300 LEDs in 10 Hooked Strings with eight flash modes controlled by a remote.
  • They are waterproof, warm white curtain string lights hanging on windows, curtains, or behind fabrics.
  • Because of the low voltage, the device will not overheat even after many hours of use, and it will be safe to touch after any amount of time spent using it.
  • You can use a 5V USB charger or another power supply to turn on the light in the curtain.

Gesto Star String Fairy Lights 10 Feet,20 LED Star Fairy Lights Battery Operated (Warm White)



  • Ten feet led string lights with 20 little stars, which are 1.3 inches.
  •  It is made of crystal PVC, and the cord is also clear white, which complements the stars. There is 6 inches distance between every LED star.
  • These star fairy lights are powered by 3AA batteries (not included) with an output of 4.5V low voltage.
  • It is made of IP65 waterproof copper cord wire, does not overheat, and has high efficiency and energy saving. 

DesiDiya® 12 Stars LED Diwali Fairy Lights Curtain String Lights Window Curtain Led Lights ( Warm White)



  •  It consists of 12 Stars(2 sizes), a total of 138 pcs LED curtain string lights.
  • It has a low voltage and ul Listed power supply.
  • This curtain light is one-button control to select eight different modes to meet your diverse needs.
  • The string lights are IP44 waterproof and are made of 100% copper wire material.

MANSAA 3.5 MTR 100 LED with 10 Vintage Edison Plastic Bulbs with (2-in-1) USB and 3 AA Battery Powered Box Copper String Fairy Lights (Cool White)



  • It consists of 100 units of bright LEDs and ten bulbs 3.5 m long in cool white color.
  • Bulb life is rated 50,000 hours for long-term lighting and an 18-month warranty on fairy string lights.
  • Powered by USB and 3AA Batteries (Not Included), it is portable and easy to use anywhere.

One94store Cotton Ball String Fairy Lights 16 Led (Plug-in) Decorative Lights (Multicolor)(16 Led)



  • It comprises 16 LED 3 Meter Cotton Ball String Fairy Lights (Multicolor).
  • Since this model is not entirely waterproof, you must shield it from rain and other wet environments to ensure a long lifespan.
  •  It will light up directly when you plug it into the socket.
  • Fibre gives the String Fancy Cotton Ball its durability and sturdiness.

DesiDiya® 130 LED Heart Shape Curtain String Fairy Lights with 8 Flashing Modes Decoration (12 Hearts, Warm White).



  • Twelve hearts LED curtain string lights, totaling 138 pieces and two sizes.
  • Low voltage in addition to ul Listed power supply; plug in and unplug to turn the power on and off respectively.
  • No matter how long you leave the star curtain lights on, they will never become too hot because they are made of copper wire that is one hundred percent pure.
  • The waterproof level is IP44.
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