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Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Thoughtful Children5 min read

21 Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Thoughtful Children

Children in India simply can’t wait for Diwali to come because the festival of light is all about wearing new clothes, attending social events, offering puja, cooking and eating tasty foods, burning crackers and having fun from whatever you do. Gifting someone during the Diwali is something we love to do. And gifting children makes them happy for no reason at all, they are just happy thinking that they got a gift from papa or mama.

All they need is a surprise gift – be it a bar of chocolate or the latest video game in town – the price tag doesn’t matter. Diwali is a few days away and this is the best time to order for some Diwali gifts for your “thoughtful” children – children who loves to think about complex things like art and craft, management, or science.

Gifting something thoughtful this Diwali can help children learn many different life skills that will help them when they become adults. They learn to:

  • Solve problems
  • Participate in group activities
  • Become practical
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Become creative and make use of imagination
  • Positive attitude and self-esteem

You need to be very careful while selecting a gift for your child who shows interest in intricate and abstract activities. Therefore,

We present a list of nine Diwali gift ideas for children who are thinkers:

1. Piggy Bank

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A piggy bank can inspire children to save money and experience the benefits of saving hands-on. If your boy or girl is very understanding about daily life practical problems, gifting him or her piggy bank can change the child’s life forever, in a positive way.  Buy piggy banks online now!.

2. Diwali Gift Hampers

Diwali Gift

This Diwali, keep the mood light by gifting you child some items that are cute and related to the festival. Gifting a combo pack or item like diya, candle, puja upkaran, etc. These items will help your kids understand more about the celebration. Buy Diwali gift for family now!

3. Small Plant

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Gift your little astronaut a small plant this Diwali. This will inspire them to value and take care of plant lives and other living things. Watering and watching the plants grow and flower everyday will make your kids wiser about life forms around us. Buy plants online this Diwali.

4. Books

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Books are time machines for children with a strong sense of imagination. Books make them smarter and wiser. Therefore, gifting your thoughtful kid a set of books that will force them to think can enlighten them this Diwali. Buy children’s book online for your kids.

5. Educational Toys

Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Thoughtful Children

Educational toys help children to learn how to solve problems using their imagination, figure out how to communicate and socialize, and maintain a positive attitude towards life. Buy educational toys for you kids and make them happier than ever. Buy educational toys for your kids this Diwali.

6. Sports Equipments

Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Thoughtful Children

Sports, yoga and aerobics are those physical activities that force your children to use their muscle and brain simultaneously. Children who participate in sports and other forms of high intensity physically challenging activities are healthier and happier than average. Buy sports equipment online for your kids this Diwali.

7. Personalized Gifts For Kids

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If you have a little princess at home who loves to use everything personalized and designed just for her – buy personalized items like photo frames, purses, backpacks, water bottles and many other kids goodies online and you will not regret. Your kids will love them. Buy personalized gifts for kids online.

8. Board Games

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Board games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo, Jenga, and Chess are perfect Diwali gifts for children. These games help you kids to acquire problem solving, communication, socializing and instant decision making skills that a vital for modern lifestyle. Buy board games online.

9. Trolley Luggage Bags

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Nature makes many kids thoughtful and delighted. These kids love being surrounded by greeneries, snow- capped mountains, valleys and ocean waves.Diwali vacation means going out for many kids and their parents. Buy cute little travel bags for your little explorer and let them enjoy their vacation in style. Buy luggage for kids online.

We have given you various Diwali gift ideas for kids who are a kind of genius and we feel that buying Diwali Gifts for kids will not be a tough job for you  now. Dealnews makes Diwali shopping for family easier than ever, isn’t it? 

Happy Diwali!

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