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Pillows can be your best friend when it comes to getting that extra comfort on the bed. They help you relax and sleep better & snuggly providing support to your head and body.  The pillows have evolved over the years, being made from natural materials to synthetic ones.

A classic pillow is either square or rectangle and is used under our heads for better sleep. Nowadays, the pillows come in a variety of shapes and materials to suit one’s body comforts – bed pillows, orthopedic pillows, and decorative pillows.

Ergonomic pillows or orthopedic pillows are supposed to be therapeutic for our bodies. They can often help relieve snoring, insomnia, nasal allergies, neck pain, lower back pain, etc. People often like to sleep in various positions, like either on their sides or on their backs or on the stomach. Accordingly, the pillow can be selected to suit one’s needs. Ergonomic pillows contours our body shape and relieves us from various upper body ailments.

Let us now have a look at the various types of Ergonomic Neck Pillows available in India now:

10. Vozica Orthopedic Memory Foam Nature Orthopaedic Pillow Pack of 1  (White)

Neck Pillow

This Memory Foam Pillow easily adjusts with you, & gives you a comfortable sleep all night. It is hypoallergenic,  which means it has holes around it that allow easy ventilation. It keeps you cool all night preventing dust mites, bacteria, & mold. Night Sweats Bamboo is one important element of this pillow that makes your sleep cooler. It is moisture-wicking, extremely soft & durable.

9. Memory Foam Pillows for Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain Orthopedic Cervical Best Contour Shape Ergonomic Neck Memory Foam Bed Pillow (Pack of 1)

Ergonomically designed, this pillow supports the head, neck, shoulders and relieves spinal stress. It improves sleep quality and is ideal for patients with cervical spine. The natural curve design forms perfectly the shape of your body. Comes with a hypoallergenic and detachable pillowcase, which is soft, durable, and breathable.

8. Grin Health Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow Neck and Back Support Bed Pillow for Sleeping with Bamboo Cover (50x30x10 cm)

Grin Health Sleeping Pillow uses 100% premium memory foam which has an incredibly soft hypoallergenic bamboo cover that creates even more comfort for your face and head. This pillow supports the head while not making your neck uncomfortable.

7. MY ARMOR Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow for Comfortable Sleep, King Size (24″ x 15″x 5″)

Wake up to an energetic morning with this high-density memory foam pillow. It is superior to cotton-filled or micro-filled pillows. It adjusts to your body contour to provide healthy support. Provides therapeutic relief for every position you sleep. It does not go flat for a long period, unlike other pillows. Comes with a 30-night trial.

6. SleepyCat Microfiber Cuddle Pillow with Cover for Body Support and Used During Pregnancy (50×19 inches, White Pillow and Grey Cover)

Your most comfortable head-to-toe sleep companion and the perfect partner for those who like to cuddle and sleep with just the right support for side sleepers. Filled with Virgin microfiber for softness & resilience. Highly insulated and virtually weightless, this pillow is machine washable. Comes with a soft modal cover.

5. Sleepyhead Microfibre Geometric Sleeping Pillow Pack of 1  (White)

Sleepyhead pillow provides the right amount of support and just the right amount of fluffiness that’s perfect, just like it’s Sleepyhead mattress. Made from microfibre and a breathable mesh provides perfect support for your head and neck.

4. SleepyCat 1-Piece Microfiber Cloud Pillow with Adjustable Zipper (32×20 inches, White)

This cloud pillow is made to be desirably soft with a sleek zip feature. The microfiber fill serves as the perfect hypoallergenic alternative to feather pillows, keeping microbes and allergens away. The outer cover is made out of Luxe modal fabric that stays soft, fresh, and breathable after use. Comes vacuum packed for maximum hygiene. It is machine washable to keep your pillow always clean.

3. HealthSense Soft-Spot CP 30 Orthopedic Memory Foam Cervical Pillow for Neck, Shoulder, Sleeping Pain with Premium Bamboo Fibre Fabric Cover

This ergonomic pillow fits any cervical curve giving a choice between higher and lower contour to suit different sleeping positions. Leaves no gap between shoulder and neck providing better blood circulation. The outer cover is made of bamboo fabric & polyester making it mite resistant, hypoallergenic & highly breathable.

2. Wakefit Hollow Fiber Pillow, 68.58 Cm X 40.64 Cm, White And Grey, 2 Pieces

These pillows are made from hollow fibers, are extremely soft & comfortable, and are able to provide consistent support levels across the length of the entire pillow. Hollow fiber takes the shape of your neck and aligns the neck. It ensures you get good sleep while giving maximum comfort.

1. SleepyCat 1-Piece Air Gel Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping & Neck Pain with Removable Zipper Cover (25×16 inches, White)

Made from air gel memory foam, inner jersey fabric, and outer aloe vera fabric, this pillow is ideal for your neck and head support. It has a medium-high loft that tapers gradually on the sides. 3D airflow technology allows airflow to keep you cool throughout the night. The pillow is encased with a washable zipper cover that can be easily removed for a quick wash.


Pillows can, in a way, impact your sleep and determine how much your body will be charged the next day. There is no ‘one pillow’ which would suit all. Using a high pillow or a hard one will definitely increase the chances of giving you stiff neck or shoulder pain in the long run. Pillows support good posture and affect the spine, so getting yourself a good ergonomic neck pillow will only decrease your chances of getting that cervical neck/back pain.