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Best Foldable Bicycle in India10 min read

foldable cycles Best Foldable Bicycle in India

The immersive joy of adventurous bicycle rides into the scenic countryside is unparalleled. It gives you a rare opportunity to explore unknown exotic locales while enjoying the exceptional natural beauty.

A foldable bicycle can be folded into a small form for easier transportation and parking. When folded, the bicycle can be more easily carried wherever required. Folding tools may vary, with each offering a specific combination of folding speed and folding repose, compactness of frame, ride, weight, stability, and a price that changes as the material specifications change. The selection of the model is a matter of resolving the different practical requirements, apart from cost 

considerations: a fast, easy fold, compact folded size, or a faster but smaller model. While folding bicycles are often lower in total length than standard bicycles. The distances between the centers of the bottom bracket, the top of the panel, and the handlebars, are the fundamental factors in whether a bike suits its rider and is generally similar to conventional cycles. The wheelbase of many folding designs is also very similar to non-folding bicycles. 

Why should we use a foldable bicycle?

The bicycle is one of the handiest means of transportation for traveling from one place to another. There are various ways of

Traveling by bike, train, and bus is as expensive as camper bicycles. The cost of a bicycle is 10-12 times lesser than a bike. Undoubtedly, that process requires less energy than the bicycle, but the cycle helps make us self-fit & healthy.

Some advantages of folding cycles :

Easy Storage

Easy to transport


Easy Storage: The advantage of a folding bicycle is that it takes up less space than a traditional one. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a huge house and maybe a shed or garage, storing a conventional bike can be problematic. It’s too cumbersome for most people to carry upstairs in an apartment building and takes up too much space in modern inner-city flats. A folding bike can easily be moved and slotted away, even in the smallest of domiciles. Slide it under your bed or keep it at the bottom of your wardrobe, and you’d never know you had a fully-functioning bike in your home!

Easy Transport: Aside from being excellent modes of transport, folding bikes are straightforward to transport themselves. A folding bicycle can be taken with you virtually wherever you go; they fit comfortably on buses and trains and neatly into even the smallest of car boots. It makes cycling a viable option every day!

Their ability to be transported easily also makes them ideal for commuters. It’s common for commuters who live in the suburbs of a city to drive to their nearest train station and take the train into the city, leaving their car by the station all day to pick up on their journey home. It can be a costly endeavor. As well as a season ticket, you’ll have to pay for fuel and parking fees and potentially leave your bike at risk all day (depending on the security of the car park you choose). You can ride your folding bike to the nearest station and then take it. You can cycle to your nearest station and take your bike with you if you have a folding bicycle. Using a folding cycle, you can go to your closest station and take your process. Cycling every morning and evening will save you money and protect your car while also providing health benefits.

Security: Being compact and having trouble carrying with you means folding bicycles are hardly left by the place where they are at risk of being stolen. It is not required to leave it fettered up outside the office all day or fixed to a lamppost when you meet your friend at the cinema or for a hangout. You would not always have to worry if your cycle will still be when you go to ride it home.

A folding bicycle removes this worry; when you head to a coffee shop or the cinema, fold the process and place it under your seat as though you were carrying a heavy backpack. Folding cycles are usually less of a target for bike thieves since they are such a niche.

Environmental benefits: The above factors mean that folding cycles are likely to be used very often – more often than traditional cycles, at least. For this reason, they further reduce a rider’s use of fossil fuels. As we have mentioned, having a full-sized cycle is impractical in situations where you would usually like to cycle. When going to the train station on your commute, you would usually take a car. However, you can use it in this exact situation instead of taking a car when buying a folding cycle. So while a folding cycle is inherently no more environmentally friendly than a regular cycle, it’s so versatile means you will use it more often and rely less on fossil fuels. It is suitable for your health, but it is also good for the Earth.

What are the main advantages of a foldable bicycle?

Here are the main benefits of getting a folding cycle and the reasons why someone would consider buying a folding cycle.

The bike is more secure.

Compact storage

Getting exercise

It can be cost-effective in the long run 

Top 5 best folding bicycles in India

MDS Unlimited CYCLES ROADY 26 inches 21 Shimano Gear Dual Suspension 18 Inches Steel Frame Double Disc Brake Foldable MTB Mountain Bike Cycle for Unisex (Black Red )


Shanti A1 Cycles Foldable Adventure Sports MTB Cycle with 21 Shimano Gear for Adult (Black)

Shanti A1 Cycles Foldable Adventure Sports MTB Cycle with 21 Shimano Gear for Adult Black Best Foldable Bicycle in India

R Cycles Foldable Adventure Sports Cycle 26 inches Wheel Size All-Mountain Bike, 17 inches Steel Frame 21 Speed and Disc Brake for Unisex (Yellow) Over 23 Years

R Cycles Foldable Adventure Sports Cycle 26 inches Wheel Size All-Mountain Bike, 17 inches Steel Frame 21 Speed and Disc Brake for Unisex (Yellow) Over 23 Years

GOGO A1 Women’s and Men’s BEHEE X High Carbon Steel, MTB Mountain Bicycle with Foldable/Folding Bike and 26 Inch Wheels

GOGO A1 Women's and Men's BEHEE X

STURDY BIKES Foldable Fat Mountain Bike with 26X4 Inch Tyres for Adults(18 Inch _White)

STURDY BIKES Foldable Fat Mountain Bike with 26X4 Inch Tyres for Adults(18 Inch _White)

Do folding bicycles break easily?

Folding bicycles are built to last and are structurally sound. They don’t easily break unless you put too much pressure on them. Folding bicycles are built to last and are structurally sound. They don’t easily break unless you put too much pressure on them.

Why are folding bicycles so expensive?

Foldable bicycles are expensive because their frames are hand-built in England. They use brazing, which is lighter and stronger than welding and more complicated and laborious. The price also matters of many proprietary components, which help them perform well despite folding up so small. Bike manufacturers already have systems and strategies to create their unique cycles. It’s also important to mention that these brands invested heavily in technologies and quality materials to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Every Cyclist Should Know Before Buying a Foldable bicycle.

So, if you are planning to purchase a foldable bicycle offline or online. I believe you can set your budget once you know what you want.

Budget: Your budget is the key to getting the proper folding cycle that suits your riding preferences. Moreover, the frame material, wheel size, and other components determine how much your folding cycle will cost you and your average cycling needs.

Foldability: Initially, folding bicycles must feature a smooth folding mechanism! We have also mentioned that folders may come in a different folding method. Whether mid-folding, vertical folding, triangle hinge, magnet folding, or break-away, ensure that your cycle caters to your carrying needs. There is no right or incorrect folding mechanism; choose the ones you are most comfortable with.

Weight: A folding bicycle’s weight may vary from one model to another. Additionally, it would determine how much effort is required to cycle a comfortable ride and carry the process with you. As a result, specific bike components contribute to the cycle’s overall weight. The average weight of folding bicycles is about 28 lbs. but others can go lighter (about 15 lbs.) or heavier (about 36 lbs.). If you’re a weight weenie, expect to pay much higher.

Wheel sizes: The wheel size of a folding bicycle affects its weight and compactness. Consider a 16-inch wheel’s cycle size if you want compactness. Smaller folding bicycles provide a smoother, faster ride. Foldable bicycles with larger wheels are better for longer distances and off-road use. They do not require much work to keep your speed consistent.

Frame Material and accessories: It will take you time to get the hang of a folding bicycle, especially if you are new to it. An essential accessory you will need to consider is the cycle’s material. Each material (steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium) offers different features.  You may also want to focus if a folding cycle has a suspension and gear.

Durability: In most circumstances, the “soul” of a foldable bicycle is the frame, which holds all components together and costs money. If you are looking for an entry-level cycle on a budget, anticipate the materials to be less durable.

Portability: All of the above concepts are tied to portability, especially the weight. Some folders are easy to carry around when folded, while some are inconvenient because of the weight. Nevertheless, a thing to consider about your folding bicycle’s portability is the set of activities you will have with it. If your travel requires another sitting in a subway or walking, you would want a compact folding cycle when folded.

Availability and Maintenance: You can now find almost anything on the internet. Finding the most significant and appropriate foldable cycle that meets your cycling demands and tastes is a genuine problem. If you find one on the market, will the bike’s accessories be easily located when they need replacing? Do you know someone in your city or neighborhood that can repair a specific foldable bicycle model if you have a problem? These are just a few of the questions you’ll have to answer ahead of time.

Warranty: When purchasing a folding cycle, knowing your seller’s relationship with the manufacturer is another consideration. A folding bicycle can now be purchased through online sites. In a problem, reputable companies are more likely to assist. However, dealing with other manufacturers (whether local or foreign) can be a major pain for warranty claims.

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