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Best Formula Milk For Babies In India8 min read


When feeding a baby formula, the type of food is essential. If you’d like your baby to gain weight faster, try adding extra breast milk to the schedule. Formula milk is generally made of treated cow’s milk. Cow milk is processed to suit babies from birth up to 12 months of age which ensures that the baby gets all the nutrition it needs to grow and develop healthily. WHO recommends and encourages mothers to breastfeed for the first six months of their baby’s life. However, when breastfeeding is not possible on many occasions, and due to many reasons, infant formula is the only alternative.

 Most formulas contain:

  • Protein: casein and whey
  • Fat: blend of vegetable oils
  • Carbohydrate: lactose
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals 
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid);

There are different types of formula milk for different age groups to suit the increased needs of growing babies. They are generally categorized into three stages : 

Stage 1 – Suits babies from birth up to 6 months.

Stage 2 – Designed for babies from 6 months-12 months.

Stage 3 – Designed for babies starting from 1 year.

The first thing you should do when giving formula to your baby is warm it up. The average infant will drink a bottle without warming it up. You can test the temperature of the formula milk by placing a drop or two on your wrist. You can also warm it up by putting the bottle into a bowl of warm water. The most important step when preparing a formula is always to measure correctly. You never want to add too much water or squish the milk or mix too much.

The next step is to decide whether or not you want to supplement your baby’s formula intake. If you’ve breastfed your child for at least the first few months, you may want to consider switching your baby to formula at the same time. The best decision will depend on what your baby needs the most. This choice is yours alone. It’s your baby’s life, so choose what works best for you!

Depending on your preferences, you can add more or less water to the formula. But you must consult with a pediatrician before making any changes to the formula. Your infant’s stools may or may not be the same as another baby’s. It’s important to make sure that your baby gets enough protein and calcium. It’s also important to provide your baby with plenty of fat and fiber, as well as a balanced diet. 

 A breastfeeding mother can also offer pumped breast milk to her baby. There is a difference in fat content between the two types. If your baby can’t digest milk, he or she can still get the same nutrients from the formula. By incorporating healthy fats into their diet, they’ll be better able to gain weight in the future.

In addition to its nutritional value, formula milk also has a lot of protein. The amount of protein contained in breastmilk is about twice as much as in formula. The free amino acids in formula milk may play other roles, including regulating satiety. However, the amount of protein in cow’s milk is much lower. It’s important to note that the ratio of breastmilk to formula milk is the same in both infants, so your baby may be gaining more weight.

A baby can also have a number of reasons to gain weight. In some cases, an infant may not be able to digest food well and, therefore, needs additional calories. These circumstances can occur due to problems such as intestinal issues, allergies to certain foods, or heart defects. A breastfed baby will gain more than a baby who is fed formula. But sometimes, a baby may need to be breastfed.

Furthermore, the two types of milk have different nutritional values. As a result, breast milk is the preferred option for gaining weight. Although breast milk contains more fat than formula, it is more nutritious than formula milk.

We have listed the best formula milk available for babies in India that will enhance growth and provide the essential nutrients that are necessary for the developmental years. 

Nestle Lactogen Stage 1 Infant Formula

Nestle Lactogen Stage 1 Infant Formula Best Formula Milk For Babies In India

Nestle is considered a safe brand in the matter of baby formula. Many hospitals and doctors recommend using this milk formula from day one or as a supplement. The formula has the best features to create a balance of nourishment as well as a taste for your newborn, which makes it the best baby formula. It is fortified with various minerals, vitamins, whey, soybean oil, corn oil, etc. The formula milk assures the baby is getting nourished and promoted for healthy growth. 

Similac Follow up Formula stage 2 

Similac Follow up Formula stage 2 Best Formula Milk For Babies In India

It is the best formula milk for babies after six months since it comprises Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, calcium, iron, iodine, zinc, and neuro-nutrients that are perfect for the growth of the brain of the baby and development of the bones since it contains calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. Similac provides the best milk formula that enhances the growth and development of your infant.

Nestle Nan Pro Infant Formula stage 1

Nestle Nan Pro Infant Formula stage 1 Best Formula Milk For Babies In India

Nestle NAN Pro1 is one of the best formulas for newborns that contains milk solids, demineralized whey, corn oil, minerals, antioxidants, DHA, ARA, and a good proportion of calcium, vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, & K, that are vital in the first year of baby’s life.

It is easily digestible, enriched with a nutritional value that adds to the weight and height of the child in development in a budget-friendly option.

Dexolac Special care Infant Formula

Dexolac Special care Infant Formula Best Formula Milk For Babies In India

Premature babies need special care and extra nutrients to help them grow. Dexolac provides excellent products that are as close to breast milk as possible. The DHA and ARA present improved cognitive ability, strengthen the health system, are better for the heart, and are crucial for eye health. The fortified iron-rich formula prevents anemia. It comprises 60% of milk protein and 40% of whey protein that making it easy to digest for premature infant babies. 

Nestle Pre Nan Low Birth Weight Infant Formula

Nestle Pre Nan Low Birth Weight Infant Formula Best Formula Milk For Babies In India

Nestle Pre Nan formula is considered to be the best infant formula milk with solid particles of cow milk and skimmed milk powder. It is specially formulated to meet the requirements of premature babies born weighing less than 2.5 kgs. It includes vitamins and minerals which aids in the development of the baby. The Nucleotides boosts the immune system

and includes LC-PUFAS that are advantageous in prenatal growth.

Enfagrow A+ Nutritional Milk Powder Stage 3

Enfagrow A Nutritional Milk Powder Stage 3 Best Formula Milk For Babies In India

Enfagrow A+ Nutritional milk powder is formulated with a blend of DHA, Dietary fiber, Prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals which overall boosts mental and physical development. Enfagrow Pro A+ Stage 3 Growing up milk is for children 1-3 years old. With the new formulation, Enfagrow Pro A+ Stage 3 comes with a unique blend of MFGM and 2-FL that works with 360° DHA Plus to support your child’s overall development and strengthen their natural defences^ with Iron and Zinc.

There are different types of formula milk available in India – 

  1. Cow-milk based
  2. Soya based formula – This protein comes from the soybeans plant, which is lactose-free. 
  3. Protein Hydrolysate formula – the protein in cow’s milk or soy milk is broken down into a simpler, easy to digest formula. Some infants are allergic to protein; hence this is ideal.
  4. Specialized formula – is for infants born prematurely and those with specific medical conditions.

Some important things can be considered when buying formula milk for your baby – age, allergies/medical condition, and ingredients. 

Formula milk is less digestible, so the baby will take time to digest and will drink less as compared to breast milk. Sometimes a mother may not be able to produce enough milk for her baby, so it’s a good option to combine formula-based milk, giving the baby the best of two worlds.

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