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10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life8 min read

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Though work from home options was available in specific job roles before a pandemic, now it has made us think of it as the sole working procedure during these troubled times. Initially, the whole world came to a halt, but, after months, all of us have found ways to survive in this new normal scenario. This new journey has opened doors to being interdependent on several gadgets that made work from home not only bearable but even enjoyable to a certain extent for some of the population. So, let us discuss the 10 gadgets that are must for your work from home life during these unprecedented times. 

1. Wireless Mouse 

Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

Since the very invention of wireless connectivity, whether via Bluetooth or other connectivity modes, all in all, every wireless system has been raging across the world. Bluetooth connectivity is a milestone in this field, for connecting to remote devices and share files and information without having to have a physical or wired connection in between. Bluetooth mouse has been a great help so far for the masses, especially when you are working from home. By using a wireless mouse you can easily access your desktop or laptop even from a distance but remaining under a certain range. 

2. Wireless Keyboard

Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

Wireless connections had made online life easier. The beauty of wireless connectivity is that you can use the connection to get access to other devices and the internets and share data at your own will. As we have said how Bluetooth connectivity has made wireless mouse such an important gadget in today’s time, wireless keyboards are also pretty much in business for the same cause. The idea being, to make office work more comforting and relaxation periods more intimidating.  

3. Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair 10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

Before the Coronavirus pandemic and work from home situation became the only norm, we barely spared a thought on owning an ergonomic chair. However, we are way past the initial discomfort of working from home, and after months under these conditions, we have learned to appreciate the usage and benefits of an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs were mostly thought to be a definite requirement for corporate sectors, as they allow employees the proper back support while they do their work for a stipulated duty hour without wreaking havoc on their body in the process. However, the pandemic has shifted the odds making ergonomic chairs a must-buy for people committed to work from home conditions. 

4. Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest 10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

A computer mouse is an important gadget. Even when you are using a laptop, despite the presence of the touchpad, a wired or wireless mouse can be useful for working. However, the proper potential and usage of the mouse can only be determined by using the mouse on a plain surface, or a mouse pad which would be even better. There are some mouse pads that come with a wrist rest attached to it. When you are working or your computer for a long time, this wrist rest can come in handy and ease the pain of overworking. 

5. USB Hub

usb hub 10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

Nowadays devices are made in a way that you can connect most of them to one another through wires such as USB and even wirelessly. However, the wireless connection between some devices is not possible and often we do not have the means to do so. Which is why it is important to own a USB hub, that will give you enough ports to connect multiple devices at one go. Usually, laptops have inbuild ports while desktops have 2-4 ports, in case you require more, a USB hub is your solution to the matter. 

6. Headphones & Speakers

headphones 10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

Whether for personal usage or official purpose headphones and speakers can be considered an essential gadget in today’s time, especially to the millennials. Be it for listening to music or working purpose, headphones and speakers are a definite need. While headphones are apt for private usage, speakers are intended for more than one person. Headphones were more appropriate while working in an office, but now when you are inclined to work from home situation, you can have either without a care of the world. 

7. Portable Hard Drive

Portable Hard Drive 10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

As digitalization started grappling around the world, there was a certain need for increased storage space that will contain all our data, files, folders in one space. External storage space soon became a demand and portable hard drives were opted for by many. Though pen drives offer a decent space, it can never beat the authenticity of portable hard drives. While you are working from home, technical problems may occur, and if you fear you cannot fix the problem you can at least keep a backup and save your data before the device stops working or requires a hard reset to fix the problem. 

8. WiFi/ Ethernet Connection

WiFi Ethernet Connection 10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

We can say this without conviction that, almost everything today gravitates around internet usage. From social media to work everything is based on internet connections. It is true that most of us have data packs in our smartphones, that serves the basic online requirements. However, when working from home, you will require more 1GB or GB data packs to get your job done. An ethernet connection or WiFi is something that you need during these unprecedented times. This will give you unlimited internet access, and you can use it for both home and office purposes, without having to invest further in a mobile data pack. 

9. Extension Board

Extension Board 10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

Keeping your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and other chargeable devices running seamlessly, you need electricity. Even if you have electricity, you will still need to find a way to keep the electricity flowing for these devices, and what can be a better solution than an extension board. Extension boards have multiple ports for providing electricity to one or more devices at a single time without compromising the flow of electricity. 

10. Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop Cooling Pad 10 Best Gadgets That Are Must For Your Work From Home Life

When you are using a laptop for work, the device is often overused without our notice or choice. Often it gets damaged for this. After excessive usage, it is possible for the laptop to heat up incessantly. In order to prevent such heating issues, you can buy a laptop cooling pad. A laptop cooling pad keeps the device in a decent state despite overusing the product, but still, it is important to allow a resting time for the machine in order to have a longer life. 


So, now that work from home has become the new norm, these are the 10 best gadgets that are a must for your work from home life. These gadgets are your work buddies as well as for efficient personal usage. Work from home is basically the office at home. Which is why you will need most of the equipment that gets you through your working hours comfortable. In order to attain similar official comfort, these gadgets are your getaway. 

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