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Best Green Teas in India10 min read

green tea

When you ask, “What Are Green Teas?” you may get many different answers. They all come from the same tea plant, but the flavour and texture vary depending on the type of processing and cultivation techniques. Tea growers consider several factors when picking tea leaves. Things like the time of year they are picked, the pruning methods, and what parts of the plant are harvested are critical factors. Whether or not a tea plant is grown organically or environmentally friendly is also important. Once the leaves are plucked, the tea is dried and sometimes cut into smaller pieces.

There are a lot of catechins in green tea because they are preserved in the fresh leaves during the process of making green tea. Unlike traditional chai, which has milk and sugar, green tea is typically consumed without these additions and thus has no calories. Unlike other types of tea, green teas do not have the same amount of time to develop their fragrance. However, during processing, the leaves lose a significant amount of chlorophyll, which affects their taste and aroma.

In addition to its delicious flavour, green teas have several health benefits. They are one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants in the world. The catechins in green tea, or EGCG, help neutralise free radicals in the body. These anti-oxidants help protect against cell damage and lower the risk of certain chronic diseases. If you are curious about what green tea can do for you, look at our selection below.

The main benefits of green tea include health benefits, but you should be aware of its caffeine content. People sensitive to caffeine should avoid drinking green tea as it may cause headaches. Besides being high in caffeine, green tea also contains l-theanine, a compound that gives you energy. However, caffeine is not a good sleep aid, and drinking green tea before bed can keep you awake.

One of the most notable health benefits of green tea is its protection against certain diseases. Researchers have shown that drinking green tea can reduce the risk of contracting MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), a bacteria resistant to most common antibiotics. Furthermore, green tea has been shown to reduce glucose production in the liver, which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Studies conducted in Japan suggest that green tea consumption can help people lose weight. One meta-analysis found that those who drank green tea daily significantly reduced their body weight. Moreover, people who drank green tea regularly were more likely to maintain a healthy weight even after significant weight loss. Green tea also appears to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. In a recent study, participants took a green tea extract and saw significant reductions in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol) and their waist circumference.

We have listed below the best selling Green Teas available in India.

Teabox Chamomile Green Tea 

green tea

TEABOX’s green teas are of the highest quality, free of dust and fannings, decaffeinated and blended with only natural ingredients for a milder green tea flavour.

A popular herbal remedy for various ailments, Chamomile is naturally high in anti-oxidants. When combined with green tea, the calming properties of this tea aid digestion, promote restful sleep, and reduce stress.

An apple-like floral sweetness is produced by infusing Chamomile flowers and green tea leaves. The resulting flavour is earthy and wooden.

With ingredients enclosed in staple-free food-grade pyramid tea bags that allow them to open and infuse better, these teas have a two-year shelf life.

VAHDAM Organic Mint Tea – Spearmint Tea and Peppermint Tea Blend 

vahdam mint Best Green Teas in India

VAHDAM teas are an all-natural Himalayan Whole Long Leaf, shipped in a vacuum-sealed bag to maintain their freshness. There are no added sweeteners or preservatives.

Spearmint Tea and Peppermint Tea blend give the natural Mint Green tea a distinct flavour. When combined with peppermint, the taste is enhanced by a minty aftertaste. So, if you need a boost in the morning, try this.

Tea Bags are in Pyramid Shaped Bags, allowing proper space for each tea leaf to unravel and steel adequately.

Mint is both delicious and nutritious. It relieves digestive issues like vomiting, nausea etc. In addition to being high in anti-oxidants, it helps to strengthen the immune system. So have this tea after your meal.

Organic India Classic Tulsi Green Tea

organic india Best Green Teas in India

A variety of Tulsi-infused organic tea and Tulsi green teas from Organic India are packed with flavour and numerous health benefits that aid in detoxifying and loss of weight. Fresh fruits and flowers such as pomegranate and lemon are combined with Tulsi, an anti-stress herb, to create a delicious and refreshing drink. A cup of anti-ageing tulsi green tea can help you fight off illness and give you more energy. These digestive blends are chock-full of nutrients and anti-oxidants, and they taste great, too. It contains caffeine too.

Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea

lipton green tea Best Green Teas in India

Lipton green tea is more than just a cup of chai. Drink a cup of hot Lipton green tea in the morning and notice how it makes you feel more alert and energised. Take a sip at a time to reawaken your senses. You can find this goodness in the honey lemon Lipton green tea bags. During the workday, drink Lipton green tea honey lemon. Certain teas made by Lipton are flavoured with natural ingredients, and no artificial flavours are used.

It has medium caffeine content.

Dabur Vedic Suraksha Green Tea

dabur green tea Best Green Teas in India

In addition to the health benefits of five Indian herbs, Vedic Suraksha Tea also features a delicious blend of hand-selected tea leaves. Natural Killer Cell activity can be boosted by up to 17% with Immunity Tea, which aids in the prevention and treatment of common infections. It provides immunity-boosting properties of five ayurvedic herbs. As an anti-oxidant, Tulsi aids in the reduction of stress. Kali Mirch – is an immune modulator it helps to alleviate congestion. Daalchini – enhances digestion and metabolism. Kishmish – improves cardiovascular health and relieves tiredness Shunthi – improves respiratory and mental well-being.

It has medium caffeine content.

Typhoo Green Tea Lemon & Honey

typhoo green Best Green Teas in India

This green tea has a refreshing aroma and is a beautiful shade of pale green. Typhoo Green Tea Lemon and Honey uses only the finest green tea, which is flavoured with tart lemon and nourishing honey for your health and well-being. The tea has cleansing properties and maintains metabolism. It is natural, caffeine-free fruit and herbal infusions made with organic ingredients. 

Tetley Green Tea Immune with Added Vitamin C, Ginger, Mint & Lemon

tetley green Best Green Teas in India

Anti-oxidants are unquestionably found in Tetley Green Tea. With the new Tetley Green Tea Immune Range, you get all the benefits of green tea with the added immunity power of Vitamin C. To aid your body’s immune system, anti-oxidants and Vitamin C are essential. In addition to boosting fat metabolism and helping you stay hydrated, this calorie-free green tea also helps you feel lighter and more active. Ginger and mint combine with healthy green tea and energising lemon to create a soothing, enlivening cup of green tea. These green tea bags do not come in plastic or staples to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Kimino Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

kimi no matcha Best Green Teas in India

Their premium organic Matcha is grown in Japan’s Mie Prefecture. Enjoyable to drink due to its natural sweetness and vivid green hue. Because of its high potency and low cost, their Matcha green tea is the best matcha you can find anywhere.

Japanese matcha green tea’s L-theanine amino acid provides sustained energy and mental clarity for six hours without jitters or crashes.

To get the most out of your workout, you should sip on a cup of Japanese Matcha green tea before you get started. The Japanese Matcha green tea is an all-natural supplement that contains no preservatives or additives.

L-theanine, an organic amino acid, is found in high Kimino Japanese Matcha Green Tea concentrations. Relaxing and calming, this amino acid helps you get your mind off things and get things done. Anyone suffering from anxiety or stress should try matcha green tea.

Society Premium Green Tea

society Best Green Teas in India

Society Premium green tea is the best option for high quality and reasonable price. Because of its high concentration of flavonoids, anti-oxidants, and other beneficial compounds, green tea has been dubbed “nature’s all-in-one solution.” Drinking a few cups of tea a day can help you stay healthy and fight off most illnesses. 

Girnar Detox Green Tea (Desi Kahwa)

girnar green Best Green Teas in India

There are traditional methods of consuming tea that is both delicious and beneficial to our health. Only each person must open the spice jars and believe in their healing powers. With the right herbs and spices, Girnar provides the tea leaves you need to make this simple drink. Make sure you have some herbs and spices on hand when you sip this tea.

The following ingredients are included: Green Tea, Black Pepper, Ginger, Tulsi, Asafoetida, Clove and Cardamom, which are helpful for a bloated stomach, as well as a persistent cough and cold.

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