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Best International Champagne Available In India6 min read


“In an ideal world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening”.

Champagne is one such drink that speaks of ‘celebration’ unlike any other drink. Celebrating milestones of any kind nowadays is incomplete without popping a bottle of sparkling bubbles. As Wilde correctly says, “Pleasure without Champagne is purely artificial”.

Champagne is a sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France.  It is one of the most renowned sparkling wines in the world to be made from grapes grown in the chalky soils of Champagne. It is made from only three grape varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Champagnes have different tastes from different vintages, blends, and producers which also depends on the ratio of the various grape varieties utilized in the blend. 

  • Pinot Noir adds a darker color and more decadent aromas.
  • Pinot Meunier adds distinctive acidity and bright aromas to the wine. 
  • Chardonnay lends elegant flavors of ripe stone fruits and a rich, creamy texture.

Champagne can be served slightly chilled. One can cool down the bottle in a bucket of ice before serving in Champagne flute glasses.  

Champagne is the most expensive type of sparkling wine in the world and is excellent for long-term investment. The value of Champagne increases as it ages. 

Here is a list of the Best International Champagne brands which you can buy and keep for those special occasions.



This champagne is a masterpiece and the most celebrated brand of vintage champagne in the world, made from the finest grapes of Champagne. It has mixed aromas of spices, saffron, sweet yellow pepper, smoke, mustard seeds combined with rainwater giving it a unique texture. It is also preferred by most celebrities worldwide.

Dom Perignon Champagne Price: Rs. 17,000


MOET AND CHANDON IMPERIAL Best International Champagne Available In India

This is one of the most popular brands and the highest-selling champagnes in the world. It preserves the flavour of champagne grapes with golden yellow colour and has tones of orange, vanilla, and jasmine with a bright finish. The afternotes include caramel & tobacco. This is perfect for birthdays and anniversaries because of its rich taste. 

Moet and Chandon Imperial Price: 5000


VEUVE CLICQUOT LA GRANDE DAME Best International Champagne Available In India

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame is a standard-bearer of consistent high-quality champagne. Always in fashion, it is the perfect accessory in the hands of those who like to be in style. With a taste of citrus, almond, and floral, it tastes smooth and silky on your palate. Well balanced with a fresh and unique aftertaste. 

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Price: 13,000


NICOLAS FEUILLATTE Best International Champagne Available In India

With its contemporary packaging and good value blends, this champagne is one of the best-selling in France. It is relatively a young brand with its blue label being launched as late as 1976. This peice is quite affordable which will make any celebration an exquisite affair. Brilliant and crystal clear, it has the aromas of juicy pear, apricot, and turmeric spices. On the palate, it is clean and elegant with delicate bubbles transmitting freshness in the end. 

Nicolas Feuillatte Price: 5000


G.H MUMM Best International Champagne Available In India

A glass of champagne which will pair with everything very well, it has to be G.H Mumm. It was established in 1827 in Reims, this champagne brand with its iconic red ribbon is taken into account to be the quintessential gastronomy champagne. This champagne is a regular in making appearances on the tables of Formula One racing and best Chefs in the world. It also sponsors some of the most luxurious sporting events in the world, making it a luxurious brand preferred by many. It has a crunchy texture with a blend of flavours like lemon zest, white peach, ginger, and clover honey. 

G.H Mumm Price: 3,500


BOLLINGER SPECIAL CUVEE BRUT Best International Champagne Available In India

An intense, intricate, and complex drink when compared to other houses. The diversity of notes is quite vivid on the flavour. Notes of green apple and butter are predominant in the first sip with a hint of vanilla. It is mature in taste and high in acidity. A slight hint of chocolate makes it ideal for any party.

Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut Price: 4,500


KRUG CHAMPAGNE 1 Best International Champagne Available In India

Krug is one of the oldest champagne houses in the world which still uses the traditional methods of storing the champagne in oak barrels. Not too sweet, nor too dry, it is a blend of 183 different wines from 12 different vintages giving your tastebuds a fruity and nutty flavor.

Krug Price: 6,000


LAURENT PERRIER CHAMPAGNE LA CUVEE BRUT Best International Champagne Available In India

A bottle of complex and traditional champagne with grape and citrus notes with faint smoke, toast, and biscuit undertones. Fleshy, full, and generous palate with fine bubbles. This brand in India is the touchstone for affordable, yet premium quality champagne to be enjoyed with your loved ones without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Laurent Perrier Price: 4,000


Champagnes are quite expensive but worth having for those special occasions in life. We hope this list gives you a fair idea of the top international brands of champagne which you can buy in India and enjoy. Cheers till then!!

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