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Best Nail Polish Removers in India9 min read

Nail Polish Remover

What is a Nail Polish Remover?

An organic solvent used to remove earlier applied nail polish from nails is a nail polish remover. There are numerous types of removers on the market, and the main ingredients in most are acetone, ethyl acetate and alcohol.

These chemicals dehydrate the skin, irritate the eyes, and dry and brittle the nails. They also have a strong chemical odour and are highly flammable. Many removers contain conditioning ingredients like castor oil or lanolin to counteract the effects of dehydration and brittleness.

Some removers are acetone-free, and some may contain the more toxic methanol. Consumers can opt for water-based products for safer and less-toxic options.

Forms of Nail Polish Removers – Nail polish remover is available in multiple formats, including individual felt pads coated with remover, foam and remover containers, and bottled liquid. The infused pads are pressed against the nail to remove the polish. The removal container contains remover-infused foam on the inside and a hole on top through which fingers are pressed to remove the polish from the foam.

How does a Nail Polish Remover work?

The fingernail polish and the remover contain similar chemical solvents, while the nail polish also has drying agents, thickening and hardening agents, and colourants responsible for keeping it liquid. The remover dissolves the dried polish and returns it to its liquid state, enabling it to be wiped off the nail.

When buying a Nail Polish Remover, always look for the price, expiration date, smell, ingredients and effectiveness.

Quick Tip for applying nail polish- Wipe your nails with a remover and wash your hands with soap and water. Then apply your favourite nail paint for a long-lasting colour and shine.

The Top 10 Nail Polish Removers available in India are listed below.

Colorbar Nail Polish Remover

colorbar nail polish Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Colorbar nail polish remover is a highly effective nail enamel remover with Proteins and Vitamin B5. Its one-of-a-kind formula nourishes the nail bed.

It is free of acetone, toluene, and DBP and is dermatologically evaluated.

Colorbar is a cruelty-free brand that does not use parabens.

How to use –

Apply some remover to a cotton pad/ball and use a circular massaging motion to gently remove the lacquer from your nail bed until it is spotless.

Lakme Nail Colour Remover with Vitamin E

lakme nail color remover Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Lakme Nail colour remover is enriched with vitamins that prevent the cuticles’ dryness and strengthen the nails for healthy growth. The darkest of nail colours can be easily removed with this remover. 

How to use –

Apply some remover on a cotton pad/ball and press it onto your coloured nails for a few seconds. Gently wipe off thoroughly to remove the colour of your nail.

Insight Cosmetics Nail Polish Remover Wipes

insight nail polish Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Insight Cosmetics Nail polish remover wipes are simple and effectively remove nail polish. It contains vitamin E and hydrates and moisturises the cuticles. Remarkably travel-friendly and user-friendly, it can be used at any time. Acetone, toluene, and parabens are not present in these nail polish remover pads. 

It comes in three flavours – Apple, Strawberry and Lemon.

How to use –

To allow the remover to penetrate the layers of polish, lightly press the saturated pad over the nail. Wait a moment before wiping away with a single stroke. A second application may be required to remove dark nail polish or many layers of nail polish. Hands should be thoroughly washed after that.

Blue Heaven Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover

blue heaven Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Blue Heaven Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover is an acetone-free nail paint remover that nourishes and conditions your nails with almond oil and removes enamel. This product is suitable for a variety of applications. It has a 5-year shelf life. You can stop using it once it dries out from within.

How to use –

Uncap the remover and dip your finger in the sponge. Twist your finger till nail paint is completely removed. 

Swiss Beauty SB-3001 Dip & Twist Nail Polish Lacquer Remover Sponge Strawberry

swiss beauty dip twist Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Swiss Beauty nail polish remover instantly removes nail polish and is designed to soften cuticles while increasing strength and resiliency for more beautiful nails. Each wipe contains an acetone-free formulation for removing even the darkest shades of nail polish.

How to use –

Dip your nail into the pot and make a complete circle with it. Remove your finger from the jar to reveal clean nails free of polish.

Kara Nail Polish Remover – Wipes, Lemon

kara nail polish remover Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Kara Lemon Nail Polish Remover Wipes remove nail polish quickly and easily. The acetone-free wipes contain the power of zesty lime, strengthening and brightening your nails while leaving a refreshing lemon aroma. These wipes, made of poly-viscose fibre and natural olive oil, nourish your nails most soothingly. They comprise lemon extracts, which deep clean your nails, and olive oil, which moisturises the skin. Each wipe has an acetone-free formula that effectively removes nail polish, even the darkest shades. These wipes, also enriched with skin-nourishing vitamin E, help keep your nails nourished and moisturised.

How to use –

Press the saturated pad lightly over the nail. Allow a brief pause before wiping away with a single stroke. One can remove dark nail polish or multiple layers of nail polish with a second application. After that, thoroughly wash your hands.

GUBB Nail Paint Remover Dip & Twist 

gubb nail polish remover Best Nail Polish Removers in India

This nail polish remover is designed for quick nail polish removal without rubbing cotton balls for an extended time, picking up cotton lint and increasing the risk of spilling. The Dip-in Sponge Nail Polish Removal prevents over-drying and waste of time. Its inclusion of vitamin E and glycerin makes it a must-have for your cuticle health. It has a beautiful chocolate scent and is free of acetones and parabens.

How to use –

Dip your fingers into the foam one at a time and gently twist your nails against the internal sponge to remove the nail polish.

Faces Insta Remove Dip and Twist Remover

faces insta nail polish Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Remove your nail polish without using cotton and creating a mess while nourishing them. Your nails will never have a bad day again with so much love and attention to detail. This remover has an acetone-free formula, miracle oils, and natural extracts that your nails will love. A floral fragrance that will make you swoon. Natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and others make it easy to remove nail polish. Floral Fragrance Exclusive Packing for Travel Formulated without acetone or parabens.

How to use –

Remove the cap from the remover and dip your finger into the sponge. Twist your finger until all of the nail paint has been removed.

Iba Argan Oil Enriched Nail Color Remover, Clear

argan oil nail polish Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Iba’s argan oil-enriched nail colour remover is designed to gently remove all nail colours, including glitter nail colour and polish. Argan oil helps to maintain healthy, strong, and moisturised nails. This product contains no acetone or harsh acetates, which can harm your nails and cuticles and dry your skin. Non-flammable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Iba nail colour remover is vegan and cruelty-free, according to PETA.

How to use –

Apply some remover to a cotton pad/ball and gently press it against your coloured nails for a few seconds. To remove the colour from your nails, gently wipe them off.

Enliven Pro V Nail Polish remover 

enliven pro 5 nail polish remover Best Nail Polish Removers in India

Enliven Nail Polish Remover – Purple contains Vitamin B5 and moisturisers, nourishing and shielding your nails while easily removing nail paint.

How to use –

Apply a little remover to a cotton pad/ball and press it gently against the coloured nails for a few seconds. Wipe away the colour softly to remove it from your nails.

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