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Best Recliners In India7 min read

Best Recliners In India

Recliner chairs have gained popularity over the years for a number of good reasons. Recliners can be kept in a minimum of space and give you the maximum comfort that is truly deserving. They are super comfortable and adjustable and allow you to find the perfect position of comfort. Whether you want to sit back and relax or sit with your feet up, the recliner is accustomed to your body.

A Recliner is an armchair or sofa that reclines when the user lowers the chair’s back and raises its front. It has a backrest that can be tilted back, and often a footrest that may be extended by means of a lever on the side of the chair, or may extend automatically when the back is reclined.

Good posture is fundamental in avoiding the distressing pain or discomfort caused by back problems. Researchers recommend that people who sit for long periods of time correct their sitting posture and find a chair that allows them to recline.  By adjusting the movable back and leg rest, you will be able to find just the right sitting or reclining position for you, allowing you to temporarily enjoy some heavenly relief from backaches, aching joints, and arthritic pain.

If you’re looking for continuous comfort while being seated, getting the Best Recliner for yourself will be euphoric.

Let’s have a look at the best recliners available in India right now :

1. Bi3 Multi Function Adjustable Recliner Folding Easy Chair for Home Relax (Black)


This is a new design and high-quality outdoor camping beach folding sun lounger, bed garden recliner chair. It features a high back and headrest cushion to give you added support and comfort while relaxing in the chair. Lays completely flat and has a perfect balance between firmness and softness. The seat is suspended in its frame and supports your weight evenly to help reduce pressure points. It has a lightweight frame making it perfect to travel with and easy to store. You can easily fit this chair in the boot of the car and relax anywhere you desire at home or on holiday at the beach.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 46 x 57 x 110 cm; 9 Kilograms

2. Furlay Recliner Chair Fabric Manual Recliner  (Finish Color – Coffee Bean, Pre-assembled)


Furlay Foldable Recliner Chair with its slim, modern design will be perfect for anyone short on space. It has a molded cushion that provides Orthopaedic Support to soothe & relieve pain. It has 6 reclining positions, choose your comfortability accordingly.

Product Dimensions – W x H x D: 152.4 cm x 104.14 cm x 73.66 cm (5 ft x 3 ft 4 in x 2 ft 4 in)

3. EQUAL Mild Steel Zero Gravity Folding Recliner Relaxing Chair w/Cushion; Smoke Grey

EQUAL Mild Steel Zero Gravity Folding Recliner Relaxing Chair Smoke Grey Best Recliners In India

Easy locking levers adjust and lock the chair to any position from upright to fully laid-back & comes with a headrest. The EQUAL zero-gravity chair features a lightweight yet sturdy powder-coated steel frame. Covered by breathable wear-proof fabric, padded with soft recycled cotton, this floor chair is comfortable and safe.

Product Dimensions – 160 x 65 x 110 cm.

Product Folded Size: 94 x 66 x 14 cm. 

4. JUVIW Lazy Chair Rocking Chair, Recliner, Home Modern Adult Leisure Rattan Chair, Balcony Rocking Chair, Elderly Siesta Chair, Breathable and Comfortable Woven Rocking Chair

JUVIW Lazy Chair Rocking Chair Recliner Home Modern Adult Leisure Rattan Chair Balcony Rocking Chair Elderly Siesta Chair Breathable and Comfortable Woven Rocking Chair Best Recliners In India

This premium Rocking recliner Chair is comfortable, stylish, and easy to adjust. It has a sturdy steel frame with a detachable soft padded cushion and head pillows. Unlike other non-gravity chairs, this chair has a removable headrest to provide comfort and can also be used as a lumbar support cushion.

Product Dimensions – unfolded size: 180 x 50 x 86 CM

Folded size: 110 x 80 x 20cm 

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Biela Single Seater Fabric Recliner

Amazon Brand Solimo Biela Single Seater Fabric Recliner Best Recliners In India

This high-quality Solimo single-seater recliner is made from strong and durable seams to ensure longevity. Its color does not fade with rubbing, so it looks new for a long time. With an attractive brown color, this comfortable recliner is an elegant addition to your home. The performance of this recliner meets the European Standard EN 1728. This lightweight sofa is easy to move around the house, so you can shift it to any room you wish without hassle.

Product Dimensions – 84 x 91 x 102 Centimeters

6. Jordyblue Marvin Fabric Manual Recliner  (Finish Color – Brown, Pre-assembled)

Jordyblue Marvin Fabric Manual Recliner Finish Color Brown Pre assembled Best Recliners In India

Turn on Relax Mode with Jordyblue Recliner with 3 reclining positions. Made on sturdy High-Quality Metal Frame Recliner Mechanism, and High-Quality wood that provides strength and support to the seating mechanism. Durable 32 Density Foam is used for comfortable seating and the same ensures it lasts long without losing shape. Metal Legs are used for extra strength. Suede leather Fabric used for upholstery.

Product Dimensions – W x H x D: 88.9 cm x 101.6 cm x 77.47 cm (2 ft 10 in x 3 ft 4 in x 2 ft 6 in)

7. EVOK Leatherette Manual Rocker Recliners Recliner  (Finish Color – Brown, DIY(Do-It-Yourself))

EVOK Leatherette Manual Rocker Recliners Recliner Finish Color Brown DIYDo It Yourself Best Recliners In India

A Scotland Leatherette Recliner Sofa made with leather and foam. 

Product Dimensions – W x H x D: 92.71 cm x 104.13 cm x 83.81 cm (3 ft x 3 ft 4 in x 2 ft 8 in)

8. Home Centre Toledo Fabric Single Recliner (Beige)

Home Centre Toledo Fabric Single Recliner Beige Best Recliners In India

Create a cozy nook where you can relax in peace with this Recliner. With its generously padded seat and wide arms, it beckons you to wind down, especially after a long day, to relax in a better posture. Upholstered in high-quality material in a textured finish, it can add a touch of sophistication to contemporary themed interiors. Made from pinewood, the recliner is upholstered with polyester fabric which is a synthetic and easily recyclable material. This doesn’t require a power source since the reclining mechanism responds to body force. It is recommended to vacuum frequently.

Product Dimensions – 82 x 96.5 x 104 Centimeters

All recliners are certainly not the same. All serve the same purpose,i.e relaxation, but many of them come with added features as well. Perfect for daily use, recliners can be used by the whole family – from the smallest to the eldest, and also the expectant mother.

Finally, get yourself a comfortable recliner chair where you can simply unwind and just sink into it!

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