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Best Selling Deep Freezers7 min read

deep freezer

Deep freezers are used for the quick-freezing and long-term storage of food.

What does a deep freezer serve?

A deep freezer can keep a lot of food frozen for a long time and has more space and capacity than a regular fridge freezer. Deep freezers lack shelves and offer a more significant ability than standard freezers. A deep freezer is preferable to a built-in refrigerator for long-term food storage since it can reach colder temperatures.

If you are not sure if a deep freezer is suitable for your home, think about the following:

  • Benefits of a deep freezer for a large household that consumes numerous meals per month.
  • Living in a remote place far from markets and fresh food may necessitate keeping food frozen for extended periods.
  • When purchasing in bulk, you might need to freeze a lot of food at once.
  • Buying food during seasonal sales can increase the need for frozen food storage.

Why is it called a deep freezer?

The name is more associated with space than it is with temperature. Food is kept at 0°F in both chest and upright freezers, but you can change the settings to suit your tastes. A deep freezer’s temperature settings can also be modified following your tastes and requirements. The terms “deep freezer,” “upright freezer,” and “chest freezer” are interchangeable because all three keep food that won’t be consumed or prepared right away frozen.

The distinction between a deep freezer and a refrigerator freezer

A deep freezer has more space than a regular freezer in your kitchen to keep frozen food for longer. Deep freezers are more significant and have a larger storage capacity than refrigerator-freezers. A regular kitchen fridge freezer can start as low as 4 cu. ft. of power for small households, while a deep freezer’s span can range from 5 cu. Ft. to over 21 cu. Ft.

When comparing deep freezer vs. refrigerator freezer sizes, the configurations of refrigerator-freezers differ depending on the general orientation of the refrigerator. For example, they may have drawers or doors, impacting their size and capacity.

How cold is a deep freezer?

Remember that deep freezers can become as cold as a typical kitchen fridge freezer: 0 degrees Fahrenheit when comparing freezer and deep freezer temperatures (or -18 degrees Celsius). If your freezer is too low, your food can become covered in frost. To maintain an ideal temperature for your deep freezer. Remember that freezer burn doesn’t mean that the freezer is too cold. Instead, it means the food must be correctly sealed before being frozen. 

What should you store in a deep freezer?

A deep freezer works best for storing and organizing a considerable quantity of food that will be consumed within a few months or up to a year. It has room to store prepared dinners, such as soups and stews so that meal preparation schedules can be accommodated. 

Consider these optimal time frames for storing food in a deep freezer: 

  • Hamburger, ground meats, ground poultry: 3-4 months
  • Fresh beef, veal, lamb, pork: 4-12 months
  • Whole chicken: 12 months
  • Finfish: up to 8 months
  • Soups, stews, leftovers: 2-3 months

Guide to deep freezer purchase

A deep freezer is a self-contained piece of equipment that allows you to keep large quantities of food at a consistent temperature of 0 °F. It saves money, is better for the environment, and keeps food fresher than a regular refrigerator. Deep freezers are helpful in both business and domestic settings. A deep freezer is well-designed with fewer shelves and sections, allowing plenty of storage capacity to keep everything organized.

Chest Deep Freezer:

A chest freezer is a deep freezer in the shape of a box with a cover that opens upwards. It is suitable for both business and residential applications. On the domestic market, chest freezers come in three sizes: a compact deep freezer, a small deep freezer, and a medium-deep freezer. They are affordable and are primarily used at home. If you’re considering buying a chest freezer, keep in mind that it opens upwards, so make sure you have enough headroom.

Upright Deep Freezer:

Although an upright freezer costs slightly more than a chest freezer, the added convenience is worth the extra expense. Whether in the central kitchen, the garage, the utility room, or the basement, an upright freezer is the best way to freeze things you need to get to quickly. With a chest freezer, you don’t have to stoop down and search through stacks of frozen meals. With a refrigerator-style structure, spending more time perusing shelves with the door open is tempting, which is a waste of energy. Still, the shelving’s organization potential can make this less likely. Most upright freezers defrost themselves, which makes them easier to clean and take care of than chest freezers.

Small Deep Freezer:

Small deep freezers, often known as portable freezers, have made it possible to transport perishable foods without the clutter and bother of an ice-filled cooler. Small deep freezers can run on AC, DC, or both, and some even have connections that can plug into a car’s cigarette lighter socket. Food storage for picnics, boating, tailgating, and other outdoor activities is safer and more convenient, with a lower risk of spoilage.

Deep Freezer Prices based on Variety:

Several factors influence the cost of a deep freezer. The brand, the size and type, various features, and the demand and supply of the freezer in consideration will always determine the price of a deep freezer. The cost of a 100-liter deep freezer is between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 17,000, while a 200-liter profound freezer costs between Rs. 23,000 and Rs. 30,000, and a 500-liter profound freezer costs between Rs. 38,000 and Rs. 37000. This is based on capacity, and prices will vary depending on the type as well.

Here are the top 5 best deep freezers in India

ROCKWELL Copper Cooling Coil, Upto 53% Power Saving, 90mm PUF, 10 years Warranty On Body, Double Door Convertible Green Freezer GFR350DDUC

About this item

  • 2 in 1 Convertible Green Freezer & Cooler
  • The inner and outer bodies are made of corrosion-resistant PPGI and copper cooling coils.
  • 10 Year Warranty on the body and 5 Year Warranty on the compressor. Voltage: Single Phase 190-254V, AC, 50Hz
  • 90 MM High-Density PUF & Upto 10 Hours Backup/ Hold Over after power Cut
Rockwell Best Selling Deep Freezers
Blue Star CHF500 Double Door Deep Freezer (484 L, White)

About this item

  • Robust construction for heavy-duty use has a lock, key system, and recessed handle for durability. Inbuilt Lighting: Yes
  • Refrigerant, enhanced power saving
  • Heavy-duty castor wheels at the bottom of the freezer
  • High-density puff insulation for better holding time
bluestar Best Selling Deep Freezers
Haier HCF148HC – Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer, Convertible, Net Storage Volume 100 liters, White

About this item

  • Up to 40% energy saving leading to lower electricity bills
  • Wide voltage range 160-260v, lesser dependency on the stabilizer
  • Three-layered trapezoid door design to avoid leakage of cold air leading to better cooling retention
  • One year comprehensive + 3 years additional compressor warranty, Pan India service network available.
haier Best Selling Deep Freezers
Panasonic 142 L Single Door Deep Freezer (SCR-CH150H1B, White, Convertible)

About this item

  • Single Door Deep Freezer: Ideal for fresh food storage and cold storage.
  • Capacity: 142 L
  • Convertible: Manual Temperature Adjustment Ranging from +10º C to -22 º C.
  • PUF Insulation: Increases Holding Time up to 15Hrs in case of Power Failure.
  • Lock & Key Arrangement for Safe Custody.
panasonic Best Selling Deep Freezers
Voltas 405 DD CF Double Door Deep Freezer, 405 Liters, White

About this item

  • Aesthetic Soft Look Design
  • Stucco Aluminium inner liner for Improved hygiene
  • UV-grade plastic material for long-lasting appearance
  • Spring-loaded hinges for effortless usage
voltas Best Selling Deep Freezers
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