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Best Selling Sippy Cups for Babies7 min read

sippy cups

A sippy cup is a plastic cup for young children with a tight-fitting lid and a perforated spout.

When should you introduce your child to sippy cups?

Until they turn one, your baby might not be able to catch a cup or drink without spilling it, but you can start training them early. When they start eating solids, around six months is an excellent time to give them a sippy cup, whether it has a straw, a spoon, or no spout. When they first start eating, they will go through many new sensory, motor, and cognitive experiences, so it might be wise to hold off for a week or two before introducing the cup.

Tips for easing the transition

Your baby would not be introduced to a sippy cup overnight. Here are some ideas that experts say can help bridge the gap between breast, bottle, and cup feeding.

Try out a few sippy cups

Even though there are different baby cups, such as those with straws and hard and soft spouts, some experts recommend spoutless sippy cups because others may make it harder for babies to learn how to feed themselves. If you can, purchase a variety; your child might have a preference. As an illustration, some babies favor cups with handles while others do not.

Start by offering an empty cup

Give your kid an empty cup to play with and explore first. Please do this for several days so they will be familiar with the cup before you put liquid in it.

Teach them to sip

Ensure your child is seated before giving them a cup of water, breast milk, or formula. Hold the cup to their mouth and tilt it slowly so a few liquid dribbles in. Before giving your child more, could you give them a moment to swallow? 

Your baby will taste it and probably suck the straw to acquire more if you put breast milk, formula, or even a dab of pureed baby food at the tip of a baby cup with a short straw.

Expect messes

Your infant may make a mess the first few times they sip from the cup (expect lots of drooling and dripping). Since you do not want this to become a power battle, kindly make your youngster take only what they desire. Allow them to take the cup independently if they attempt to drink from it.

Make the cup appealing

If you have been bottle feeding, an easy way to do this is to use the bottle for water only and save the good stuff for the sippy cup. If offered the option to choose between milk in a strange cup and water in their preferred bottle, most kids will go for the cup, said pediatrician Dr. Neha Mukhi in India. Additionally, you can demonstrate the fun by Taking a sip from the tiny cup and exclaiming, “Mmm, yummy!” Your infant could also desire some.

Limit time with the sippy cup

Keep your infant from carrying the cup around during the day; use it as a pacifier, or sleep with it if they enjoy it. If your child stays on the bottle‘s nipple all day and night, their teeth are in contact with milk or juice for a long time, which can cause cavities. It exposes your child’s teeth to milk or juice for an extended period, which can cause cavities.

Types of sippy cups 

There are a few kinds of sippy cups out there. In addition to the traditional hard spout, some newer designs may be less messy than an open cup while avoiding the abovementioned problems.

Hard spout: A conventional sippy cup has a rigid spout on the top for drinking. These cups often have a valve, so nothing comes out unless your child sucks on them. This helps avoid spills but can lead to speech and tooth problems.

Straw cups: The cup in question is safer than sippy cups. As early as nine months, most infants can use a straw. There are now choices for straw cups that are spill-proof. Some professionals advise shortening the straw so your child may only wrap their lips around it and not their tongue.

360 cups- These cups have a lid but a flat edge; kids can drink out of them at any point along the border. These are great training tools for learning how to drink out of an open cup.

Weighted cups: These are usually open cups with a weight at the bottom. They are designed to be very hard to tip over, preventing spills.

Two-handled cups: These are also often open cups, but they have two handles to help kids hold them steady and get comfortable using a “big kid” cup.

Which sippy cup should you buy?

Sippy cups, straw cups, transition cups, and trainer cups, these names are popularly used by different manufacturers. Some of the characters are interchangeably used. It is best to look for essential features when buying a cup:

  • Type of spout
  • Material
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Sturdy design
  • Age Suitability

Here are the top 5 best sippy cups in India

LuvLap Tiny Giffy Sipper for Infant/Toddler 300ml, Anti-Spill Sippy Cup with Soft Silicone Straw BPA Free, 18m+ (Green)

About this item

  • The soft silicone straw gentles baby’s teeth, best sipper bottle for children 18 months and older
  • Spill-proof closure to ensure zero leakage and full hydration for the baby
  • Includes removable, easy-grip handles. Easy to clean, and older babies can use it without a handle.
luvlap 1 Best Selling Sippy Cups for Babies
Philips Avent Plastic BPA Free Material Aven Straw Cup SCF796/00 200 ML 1 Piece

About this item

  • The lower straw is bent for easy drinking till the last sip
  • Integrated anti-leak valve and flip-top design prevent spills
  • Easy to assemble and clean, dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with Philips Avent bottles and cups
  • Healthy oral development
philips avent Best Selling Sippy Cups for Babies
Munchkin Miracle 360 Degree Decorated Trainer Cup (Multicolor)

About this item

  • Toddler training cup with dentist-recommended spoutless design
  • 360-degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely
  • The cup closes on its own after the child stops drinking.
  • Little hands can quickly grab handles. Material: Plastic
munchkin Best Selling Sippy Cups for Babies
R for Rabbit Bunny Baby Spout Sippy Cup Bottle 240 ML Soft Silicon Spout for Baby | Kids of 6 Months +| Blue

About this item

  • Safety 1st: The R for Rabbit Bunny Baby Spout Sippy Cup is made of Polypropylene & Silicone and is BPA-free, making it entirely safe for your baby.
  • Soft Silicone Spout: Its soft spout ensures an easy liquid flow so your baby can sip through it without inconvenience.
  • Handle for firm grip: Your baby can easily hold the spout cup using its smooth handles for a firm grip and enjoy sipping time.
r for rabbit Best Selling Sippy Cups for Babies
Mee Mee Easy Grip 360° Trainer Sipper Cup (Orange, 240ml )

About this item

  • Conforms to international standards of safety and hygiene
  • Ergonomically designed for your baby’s natural mouth cavity
  • 360° silicone rim allows liquids to pass wherever the lip pressure is applied
  • The non-spill function makes it easy to carry and feed while traveling
mee mee Best Selling Sippy Cups for Babies
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