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Best Selling Wire Cutters5 min read

wire cutter

A tool that is used for cutting wire. Cutting copper, brass, iron, aluminum, and steel wire is widely used for wire cutters. Certain wire cutters include insulated handles to prevent being shocked by the wires you are cutting. The wire is cut at an angle by the intersecting jaws of a diagonal cutter, leaving a flat tip. Electricians refer to these as “flush cutters” to distinguish them from symmetrical blades, which have a pointed tip. Unlike a balanced knife, a flush edge allows you to cut a wire very close to its base.

Pliers: Pliers are built similarly to scissors because they have two levers joined at a fulcrum. However, when the two handles are squeezed, they have jaws that may grab an object instead of blades that act as levers. Although pliers serve the same general purpose, a wide variety of pliers serve different specific purposes. Long-nose pliers are commonly used to squeeze tight spaces and move, bend, and loop wires. Long-nosed pliers are excellent for accuracy. The sharp edges of cutting pliers can shear through thick electrical wire, nails, and screws. Electrical or micro pliers have a narrow jaw that simplifies cutting light jewelry wire or fragile electronic components on circuit boards. With the aid of bent-nail pliers, you may quickly access small spaces since the jaws are bent at an angle at the tip. Large, rectangular jaws on flat-nose pliers allow them to grasp and bend wires. The jaws’ broad surface area makes it easy to grab items tightly.

Wire Crimpers: A connector is frequently attached to the end of a cable by crimping. While joining two pieces of metal or other ductile materials together, wire crimpers resemble a pair of pliers. A crimper deforms one or both elements, which holds them together. Some crimpers are ratcheted, meaning the parts you are working with will be released once a threshold pressure is delivered. You may crimp connectors of different widths using ratcheted crimpers that occasionally come with interchangeable dies. 

Verify the types of wire or cable a crimper can crimp before purchasing one. In addition, there are a few suggested substitutes for wire crimpers. You could try using a knife and a tiny screwdriver, but there is no assurance that it will work. If it doesn’t, you could need a new cable. The correct tool depends on the job, so avoid ruining a good project with the wrong device. Keep in mind that wire cutters work best for, you guessed it, cutting wire, while wire strippers work best for removing the insulation from the wire. 

Crimpers are the best tool to unite two flexible pieces of material; pliers make it easier to grasp, bend, grab, cut, hold, and loop wire.

How to use a wire cutter?

Step 1- Look closely at your wire cutter. By adjusting the handles, you may open and shut the wire cutter.

Step 2- Look closely at the wire cutter’s metal ends (called the “jaws”). Find the pointed metal ridges, move the handles, and observe the connection of the sharp spines as you close the handles.

Step 3- To cut the wire, place it between the wire cutter’s pointed metal ridges and tightly squeeze the tool’s handles together.

Here are the top 5 best wire cutters in India

Visko Tools 239 6-inch Wire Cutter or Stripper

About this item

  • Used extensively for stripping electrical wires
  • Made from high-grade steel
  • Easy to use
  • Sharp edges
visko Best Selling Wire Cutters
Crasts Wire Stripper and Cutter 24-10 AW 34-3 Gauge 0.2-6 mm Automatic Wire Cutter Stripping Tool 8 Inch Self-adjusting Wire Stripper 3 in 1 Wire Stripping Pliers for Cable stripper Cutting Crimping tool (Multicolor)

About this item

  • 3 In 1 multi-design: Cutting off copper, cable, and aluminum wire; Crimping, and suited for stripping wire 
  • Crimping non-insulated terminals (12-10AWG, 4.0-6.0mm), 22-14AWG, 7-8mm auto ignition terminals, and insulated terminals (10-22AW, 0.5-6.00mm).
  • Adjustable power & length: With its copper swivel design, which makes it appropriate for various cable applications, it allows you to modify the power and adjust the precision of the two machined jaws. This wire stripper can stripe wire in predetermined lengths, ensuring that each cable is the same length after being stripped.
crasts Best Selling Wire Cutters
Taparia CC-06 Cable Cutters, Blue & Silver

About this item

  • Material: SteelColor: Blue and Silver
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Cable Cutter
  • Maximum cutting capacity (od with PVC sleeve): 9 mm
  • Size: 160 mm
taparia Best Selling Wire Cutters
Pilerman Katiya Popat Heavy Wire Cutter/Metal Cutter/Sheet Cutter/Tin Cutter (8 inches, Green)

About this item

  • Materials: Drop forged and differentially hardened and tempered.
  • Precision: Precision Ground Sharp Cutting Edges enable easy cutting of the metal sheets.
  • High hardness: Higher Hardness of 55 to 60HRC on the Cutting edges ensures long cutting-edge life.
  • Feature: Fitted with Specially designed coil springs to enable better spring movement than traditional leaf springs.
pilerman Best Selling Wire Cutters
AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Wire Stripper and Cutter Set of 1

About this item

  • Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
  • Tool for stripping and cutting 10-22 AWG solid copper wire or aluminum cables
  • The serrated nose provides a firm grip, making it easy to bend, twist, shape, or pull wire.
  • It can be used for crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals
  • Made of high-carbon alloy steel for long-lasting strength; ergonomic handle for a comfortable hold
amazonbasics Best Selling Wire Cutters
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