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Top Rated Bill Printing Machines in India11 min read

bill printing machines

What is a bill printing machine?

Bill printing machines are designed mainly for some or all of the mechanical operations (such as typing, adding or computations, and sometimes duplicating) and are usually involved in filling out and providing a record of customer invoices or bills. There has never been a better moment to buy things in stores. The enormous INR 74,500 crores that the Indian retail sector is anticipated to achieve by 2024 is the target that everyone is competing for. The stiff competition leads to improved customer experiences at every point in the buyer’s journey.  As the business owner, you must make every effort to give customers the most direct possible shopping experience when they enter your store. Billing is a crucial component of this journey. Nobody enjoys standing in excruciatingly lengthy lines. Up to 75% of firms reported that high wait times had cost them, clients. For any retailer, reducing billing time should be a no-brainer. But the issue is how to approach it. The solution to all your billing problems is intelligent bill printing machines. Your peripheral selection will have a long-term effect on the business, whether it’s a thermal receipt printer, an electronic cash register, or a touch-based POS system. This article lets you know all the factors you should consider when buying a bill printing machine. 

Buying guide for a bill printing machine 

Dimensions – Due to the high cost of real estate, every square inch of space is valuable. Retailers with locations in upscale city centers pay hefty rents and must use the space efficiently to provide the best possible client experience. Small business owners do not want a big bill printer to take up most of their counter area. After determining how much room you can readily make available for the bill printing machines, choose a device that best suits your requirements. A standard thermal receipt printer typically requires less space than standard printing equipment. However, you might want to think about a mobile printer if your activities require a lot of movement of the billing machine itself.

Ease of set-up – You already have a lot going and do not have enough time to spare on a complex setup process. Because bill printing machines come with varying functionalities and features, some require more effort to set up than others. The most straightforward configuration will be for thermal receipt printers, while e-cash registers and touch POS systems will require a little more work due to their superior capabilities. The manufacturer will also have an impact on how simple the setup is. All the bill printing machines we provide at TVS Electronics are simple to set up since we develop accessories with end users.  

Speed: You require a billing machine that prints bills rapidly if your store has a lot of foot traffic. Additionally, you want the interface for the counter manager to allow speedier and easier bill production. Last, simple tasks like changing the rolls or the cartridge (if necessary) shouldn’t take too long. An excellent thermal receipt printer can print at speeds of up to 220 mm/sec, in contrast to small, portable bill printing machine that can only print at about 70 mm/sec. Naturally, as print speeds increase, so do peripheral prices. So use caution when deciding on the printer’s printing speed. 

Maintenance – For corporate operations to run smoothly, routine maintenance is essential. Bill printing machines that print bills occasionally need repair as well. If your cash register is a point-of-sale system, this maintenance may take the form of a software update. And if it’s an e-cash register, there might be a need for mechanical and software maintenance. Ensure you acquire all the details on the upkeep of the bill printer. You should know how much it will cost, how often you need care, and how long it will take. For instance, TV e-cash registers are the most straightforward billing equipment to manage. To make life much more precise, you may also pay for a thorough AMC plan from the manufacturer. Regular maintenance will be handled, protecting you from unforeseen malfunctions.

Print Quality – You might find this shocking, but print quality matters greatly. Customers do not want to deal with bills that require them to squint to see the fine print. They prefer high-quality photos with understandable letter sizes and clear contrast. The print quality of TVS Electronics’ thermal receipt printers is consistently high across the whole product line. Even in the case of portable receipt printers, you can anticipate superior print quality with dpi (dots per inch) ratings ranging from 180 to 203. 

Accessibility – Be it a simple thermal receipt printer, an e-cash register, or a POS system. You always want the option of being able to connect it to other peripherals for smoother operations. For instance, having a sufficient number of USB ports and the possibility of having ethernet or WiFi connectivity would be ideal. Similarly, employing an e-cash register or POS system necessitates even more accessible ports. The ports can connect devices like card swipers and barcode scanners. Examine the types and numbers of ports you will need for the bill printer carefully, then go on as necessary.

Inventory compatibility- Finally, if you invest in advanced bill printing machines, opting for additional features is better. One helpful feature is the compatibility of the bill printing machines with the inventory. Such integration would automate your operations and free your workforce for more critical tasks. For instance, you will receive messages from the billing machine anytime the stored units drop below a certain level, allowing you to send out replenishment requests.  


Smaller queues – Faster operations are a bill printing machine’s most obvious advantage. It considerably decreases the time to charge because there is no longer a requirement to record the item name or independently perform computations. Because they know they can swiftly receive the item they desire, customers are more inclined to visit your shop as there are fewer waiting lines. From the range of print speeds available, you should choose bill printing machines that best suit the nature of your business.

Increased payment methods – Adding new payment options to your retail store is simple with a billing machine. Most sophisticated POS systems come with the opportunity to accept plastic money. Moreover, a good billing machine would be able to connect with various existing peripherals in your shop. For instance, the WiFi/ethernet connectivity of the billing machine would enable you to streamline online payments with the invoices you generate quickly.  

Smoother inventory management – Bill printing machines can be used for more than just printing receipts. Peripherals from TVS Electronics come with advanced inventory management options where the billing machine keeps track of your stock. Such a feature is handy for retailers who provide a variety of items but can’t afford substantial storage space for monetary or logistical reasons. The device lets you keep track of things and place a refurbishment order in time.  

Reduced manual labor- Not only is writing invoices manually inefficient, but it also necessitates hiring more staff. The bill printing machines lower your costs by streamlining the invoicing process. You do not need a specialist to handle billing because everything is automated. The same individual can manage operations and billing during off-peak hours if necessary. But it’s essential to notice that the billing machine’s usability is here. Even if this is your first time using such devices, we at TVS ensure that our bill printing machines are simple enough for you to operate effectively.

Organized books- You can keep track of all the transactions orderly with the help of bill printing machines. You can easily track recurring revenues and also generate error-free reports. The bill printing machines can easily take care of all the paperwork and unending hours you spend on organizing books.  

No human errors- Minor human errors sometimes spiral into massive losses for retailers. Inaccurate calculations result in unhappy consumers or a losing business. But not with bill printing machines. An advanced bill printing machine lets you operate more confidently by eliminating human errors. Error-free operations are also a world of good for your reputation and compound many benefits for the business in the long run.  

Higher transparency- Cash registers were explicitly developed to ensure more operational transparency. More than just this, this is what modern bill printing machines offer. A regulated and organized invoicing brings clarity that is useful for the retail shop owners and the customers. Invoices generated by bill printing machines dismantle mistrust between retailers and customers since everyone quickly agrees to trust a machine-printed invoice. It is instrumental in dispute resolution, returns, exchanges, and more.

Top 5 best Bill Printing Machines in India

E-Printer 58mm USB Direct Thermal Printer | Compatible With Kiosk Receipt Printing and ESC/POS Bill Print (No Battery Backup) | Blue Colour | One Year Warranty

About this item

  • The widespread compatibility of this thermal printer from Eprinter extends to all versions of Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. It can print effortlessly from any of these operating systems. It can also print bills from Android smartphones.
  • The thermal printer comes with a 12V/3A Cash Drawer Power Output.
Eprinter 58mm USB Direct Top Rated Bill Printing Machines in India
CYSNO BIS Certified Kiosk Printing Support with Free 2 Rolls 58MM USB H-58 Thermal Receipt Printer(1 Year Warranty)

About this item

  • Advantage: The 58 mm USB thermal receipt printer supports cash drawer driving, compatible ESC/pos print commands, and supports bitmap and download graphics printing. Print Type: Monochrome
  • Quality printing, low noise, and high-speed printing. Easy to install—the USB point of sale printer is simple and convenient to operate, has quick and easy paper change, and easy maintenance.
  • Package content: casino kiosk printing support 58mm USB 5890k thermal receipt printer
CYSNO BIS Certified Kiosk Top Rated Bill Printing Machines in India
Techleads BIS 58mm Mobile Bluetooth + USB Billing Kiosk Receipt Printer (1 Year Warranty) New Updated Model (Free 2 Rolls 25M/Each), Black(TL-H58)

About this item

  • Cost-effective: High-speed printing that is also high-quality, inexpensive, and quiet.
  • Easy installation: The BLUETOOTH POS Printer is simple and convenient to operate, has quick and easy paper change, and easy maintenance.
  • Integration: Petpooja, vapor app, My Bill book app, spice money, swiggy, zomato, APDCL.
techleads bis Top Rated Bill Printing Machines in India
ATPOS 58MM (2 Inch) USB Bluetooth H-58BT Thermal Receipt Printer | Compatible with ESC/POS Print Billing Invoice | Mobile Printing – (No Battery Backup)

About this item

  • Advantage: Wireless mobile printing, compatibility with ESC/POS print instructions, support for bitmap and download graphics printing, low noise, and high-speed printing are all made possible via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Easy install: The USB POS Printer is simple and convenient to operate, quick and easy for a paper change, and has easy maintenance.
ATPOS 58MM Top Rated Bill Printing Machines in India
Niyama BT-II Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Printer 58 mm (2 inches) | Battery Backup + Chargeable | Android, iOS, Any Bluetooth Devices

About this item

  • Supported Apps: Vyappar, Mybillbook, RDSP, Zomato, Swiggy, Paytm, PhonePay, Gray, and Your App
  •  Light Weight: Small Portable, 205 Grams. The size is portable. 
  • Pocket Bill printing in POS systems, supermarkets, shops, dining establishments, etc., is friendly.
  • Zero Maintenance. The ink cartridge and ribbon are absent. The life of the printer head is up to 50 kilometers.
niyama Top Rated Bill Printing Machines in India


Much consideration goes into purchasing a bill printer based on your unique needs. You must decide on the best device and variant for your store. On the other hand, starting with a reputable manufacturer might significantly reduce your tension. TVS Electronics has been helping small and big businesses with technological interventions to beat the competition. Our range of thermal receipt printers is the perfect place to start your hunt for a bill printing machine.  

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