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Best Baby Walkers in India7 min read

baby walker

What is a baby walker?

A baby walker is a car used by infants who cannot walk independently to move from one place to another.

 Benefits of a baby walker?

A baby walker is a circular frame with wheels and seats a baby who is still learning to walk.

Some people believe that baby walker are helpful for their babies to entertain them and help teach them to walk.

How does a baby learn to walk?

While learning to walk, most infants achieve the following milestones:

  1. Rolling on the floor
  2. Sitting
  3. Crawling, creeping, or scooting
  4. Pulling themselves up to stand
  5. Moving around furniture or other stationary objects

When can your child use a baby walker?

Though there is no specific age at which a baby should start using a walker, the baby’s size, strength, and development must be considered. Walkers are typically made for infants who are 4 to 16 months old. In addition, for the infant to utilize the walker, he must hold his head up fairly solidly and have both feet on the ground.

Advantages of baby walker

Most baby walkers are equipped with easy toys or attractions to keep the infant interested and occupied. They are intended to stimulate brain development as well as visual stimulation. Since the baby is occupied with the linked toys when using a walker, you can continue with your everyday activities.

Encourage Babies to Walk

Your infant can be inspired to take their first steps if assistance is nearby. 

The infant will try to walk independently after learning how the standing position will help.

Promote Mobility

Children aged between 8 to 12 months are keen to explore their surroundings. A walker can provide them with the mobility they need and help them maneuver themselves without assistance.

Disadvantages of Using Baby Walkers

Here are some disadvantages related to the use of baby walkers:

  • Babies that use walkers could take longer than other babies to master the walking or crawling milestones.
  • Your infant needs to remain on the floor to perform the roll-sit-up-crawl-walk sequence. This exercise strengthens all the muscles required to stand or walk. A walker could hamper your baby’s ability to walk normally.
  • Objects out of reach for a crawling baby may come within reach of a baby in a walker, which could cause injury.
  • Your baby’s toes and fingers could be injured as the walker’s design may have folding parts or hinges.
  • A wheeled walker reduces your reaction time if it picks up speed and can lead to an accident.

Types of baby walker

Online retailers offer a variety of baby walkers. One needs to consider the child’s age, weight, height, the surfaces the walker will be used on, additional entertaining features, etc., before buying the best baby walker in India online. The following are the most popular types.

Seated Walkers- Typically appropriate for infants who can independently sit up and hold their heads high. This baby walker has a broad base, generally circular or U-shaped, with wheels below and metallic suspensions above supporting the upper panel. A cloth or a plastic seat with leg craters is at the center. The baby’s legs propel the walker around. Occasionally these walkers can be changed into rockers if they have this feature.

Sit-to-stand-walker- This baby walker aids your child’s transition from sitting to standing, as the name implies. Like a trolley or cart, the infant can push this walker while holding on to the bar at the top of the frame. The baby can sit and play with the toys on the front or side panels of this walker, which are decorated in bright shapes. Another name for this baby walker is a push-style walker.

Convertible walker- This baby walker is practical because it is simple to change from a Sat to a sit-to-stand position. It not only spares the parent the effort of purchasing various types of walkers but also offers firm support to the infant when they begin to walk independently. This walker has a toy and wheel panel for increased fun and mobility.

Portable walker- A walker can be carried, folded, or anchored to one place for steady support! This walker also comes with an inbuilt colorful multi-activity frame, wide plastic wheels, and a handle-like feature on top to carry along.

Wooden walkers- Achieving popularity as they are made of no or minimal plastic parts, these walkers are equally helpful as other types, albeit more expensive. These are usually wooden frames, top bar/handle, toy/activity panel, and wheels. They are typically designed like plush toys or sit-to-stand types of walkers.

Things to remember before you buy a baby walker

When your child learns to walk, you might wish to assist them in doing so as quickly as possible. The best way to gain that is to get a baby walker. Selecting a baby walker is a significant decision because purchasing an inferior or poorly designed baby walker would be risky for your little one. There are several factors to consider when choosing a walker for your newborn.

  1. Go for a baby walker with an automatic braking or gripping mechanism to confine the walker from riding over a step.
  2. Look for a walker that helps your baby’s weight and fits snugly on your baby.
  3. Buy a new walker that conforms to your region’s prevailing and compulsory safety standards. The walker should have a safety belt. If it has none, you should go for another walker. You should not compromise your baby’s safety for an inferior substandard walker.
  4. Make sure that there are no sharp edges or areas on the walker that could trap your baby’s tiny fingers.
  5. Select a walker that has a stable and broad surface for support. Make sure that the wheel of the walker has at least a diameter of 50 millimeters.
  6. Do not purchase fairly used baby walkers that do not satisfy the current safety standards for walkers.
  7. Make sure your child’s feet are on the ground once seated in the walker.
  8. Before buying a baby walker, remember that you choose a place with a flat or level surface in your house. It should not have carpet and wood flooring at this spot. If the walker is moved on a rug, the speed at which your baby will roll around will slow down.
  9. When you have decided on a baby walker, fold it while you are still at the store or booth
    to make sure the folding mechanism is in good working order. While you are trying to unfold some models, your fingers can get pinched.

Top 5 best baby walkers 

Mee Mee Simple Step Baby Walker with Push Handle, Foot Mat & Stopper (Blue), r Blue (MM-W 3012 B_Blue)

About this item

  • Conforms to International Standards of Safety and Hygiene
  • Made of quality materials that are safe and durable
  • Hearty design to support and nurture baby’s first step
  • Cushioned seat for maximum comfort, 360-degree rotational wheels for ease of movement
  • Assembly Required: Yes
Mee Mee Simple Step Baby Best Baby Walkers in India
Sunbaby Hot Racer Musical Walker (Orange-Green)

About this item

  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Mee Mee
  • Age Range (Description): Toddler
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH :76.2 x 66 x 16.3 Centimeters
  • Style: Baby Walker
  • Item Weight:4.75 Kilograms
Sunbaby Hot Racer Musical Best Baby Walkers in India
Goyal’s Cartoon Baby Adjustable Walker – Music & Rattles with Parental Handle (Red)

About this item

  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Goyal’s
  • Age Range (Description): Kid
  • Style: Cartoon
  • Item Weight:3.37 Kilograms
Goyals Cartoon Baby Best Baby Walkers in India
WOODMA Baby Wooden Walker- Traditional Wooden Walker for Babies- First Step Activity Walker for Kids Perfect Age for 6 Months & Above

About this item

  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Material: Wooden
  • Brand: Generic
  • Age Range (Description): Toddler, Infant
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 36 x 36 x 39 Centimeters
WOODMA Baby Wooden Best Baby Walkers in India
LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker & Rocker, Height Adjustable with Light & Musical Toys, 6m+ (Pink)

About this item

  • Colour: Pink
  • Brand: Luvlap
  • Age Range (Description): Baby
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:60.5 x 13 x 68.5 Centimeters
  • Style: Comfy
  • Item Weight:4960 Grams
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation:18 Kilograms
LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker Best Baby Walkers in India
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