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Top Aftershaves In India5 min read

lumin vI6H47wyOGY unsplash Top Aftershaves In India

Aftershave lotions are a necessity for men who like to shave their faces. They are beneficial in reducing redness and irritation after shaving and make skin feel smooth and clean. A good product will work fast, so you don’t have to wait for it to dry. The best ones are usually very light, and they absorb quickly into the skin. The ingredients in these products include hydrating ingredients and anti-inflammatory agents. Other common elements include aloe, sandalwood, neroli blossom, and panthenol.

Some aftershave lotions are too oily for men, but a few are suitable for men. While some moisturizers may be too greasy, the best ones will help replace the moisture lost during the shave and soothe skin. They will have ingredients that will cool and refresh your skin. And because you have more oily skin than women, you don’t have to worry about a dry and uncomfortable face.

A good aftershave lotion can help replace lost moisture and soothe the skin. It will also provide a cooling sensation to soothe the skin. If you’re prone to irritation after shaving, Bombay Shaving Company’s Fitkari After Shave Gel has Fitkari(alum) and aloe vera, which is an antiseptic formula that stops bleeding and prevents any infection from cuts and nicks. This product also makes an excellent gift for men.

Most post-shave lotions contain moisturizers, which restore moisture lost during shaving. These products are water-based formulas, shielding the skin from irritation and tightening the pores. Nivea’s post-shave lotion is an excellent choice because it contains moisturizing ingredients that make skin soft and smooth after shaving. A good lotion is a must-have for men.

The best aftershave lotions for men require replenishing the skin’s moisture and soothing the irritation caused by shaving. They also have ingredients that cool and refresh the skin. While most aftershave lotions are designed for women, men’s skin is different. You don’t want a hard sandpaper face after shaving. A good cream will help you avoid those uncomfortable feelings.

After-shave lotions should be infused with a fragrance. A fragrance will help you relax and enjoy your shave without irritation. An aftershave lotion should not contain artificial ingredients. Using a scent-free lotion/cream will improve your shaved results. Those with sensitive skin can also use a gentler scent on their skin.

We have listed a few top brands for the Best aftershaves in India.

Bombay Shaving Company Post-Shave Balm- After Shaving Lotion

Aftershave lotion

It is an alcohol-free and anti-irritant balm that cools and soothes skin. Witch Hazel acts as an astringent. Aloe Vera, Lemon, Vitamin E, and Papaya extracts remove post-shave razor burn and restore oils lost during shaving. 

Price – Rs 189

NIVEA MEN Shaving, Deep Impact Comfort After Shave Lotion

NIVEA MEN Shaving Deep Impact Comfort After Shave Lotion Top Aftershaves In India

This powerful antibacterial formula from Nivea comforts the skin after shaving. The lotion gives a comfortable feel to the skin with its woody masculine fragrance. It also prevents the skin from drying out. 

Price – Rs 202

Gillette Series Arctic Ice After Shave Splash

Gillette Series Arctic Ice After Shave Splash Top Aftershaves In India

Gillette Series Arctic Ice After Shave Splash gives a calm and soothing effect after shaving. It is a great product that reduces burning by providing a long-lasting fragrance. 

Price Rs 254

Old Spice After Shave Lotion (Atomizer Original)

Old Spice After Shave Lotion Atomizer Original Top Aftershaves In India

It cools, stimulates, refreshes, and puts your skin in command after shaving. It helps heal tiny razor cuts and nicks. You can use it liberally after each shave over the face, neck, and body. 

Price – Rs 220

Biotique Bio Wild Grass After Shave Gel For Men

Biotique Bio Wild Grass After Shave Gel For Men Top Aftershaves In India

An anti-irritation aftershave gel-based lotion from Biotique with 100% botanical extracts is a blend of tender grasses, aloe vera, Valentina, and turmeric to soothe, hydrate, and safeguard skin after shaving. 

Price – Rs 117

The Man Company After Shave Spray For Men

The Man Company After Shave Spray For Men Top Aftershaves In India

This aftershave spray is an exclusive combination of aloe vera and menthol that soothes and heals razor burn after shaving. The man company aftershave splash progressively reduces the skin’s irritability after shaving. 

Price – Rs 313

Forest Essentials After Shave Spray

Forest Essentials After Shave Spray Top Aftershaves In India

Infused with sweet orange, aloe vera juice, pure grain alcohol, and sandalwood oil make it a natural astringent, antioxidant, and antiseptic that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Extracts of Tulsi and Liquorice tone the skin and leave it with a relaxed and soothing sensation.

Price – Rs 1595

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