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Colgate Visible White O2 Toothpaste Review1 min read


Teeth whitening toothpaste with patented active oxygen technology has been developed by Colgate and is now available to consumers.

It is teeth whitening like you’ve never seen before! The groundbreaking Oxygenated Whitening can whiten teeth in as little as three days (when used as directed on the pack). 

It is a revolutionary whitening solution containing millions of Active Oxygen bubbles. It works to lighten and remove the stains on the teeth that may have been caused by beverages such as coffee, wine, smoking, or tobacco use. It does so on the surface and from the inside out.

HOW TO USE – Colgate Visible White O2 Toothpaste

  • Apply a small amount of whitening toothpaste to your toothbrush.
  • If you feel a warming sensation, the product is doing its job! Keep brushing for a total of two minutes.
  • Repeat the process both in the morning and the evening.

After just three days, you’ll notice that your smile is brighter and whiter.

FEATURES – Colgate Visible White O2 Toothpaste

  • Visible white O2 toothpaste with active oxygen whitening technology is certified as ‘enamel-safe’ and does not cause tooth sensitivity. 
  • It releases ultra-fine bubbles as you brush, which get absorbed into your enamel and lighten the micro stains.
  • It provides cavity protection and long-lasting freshness.
  • Aromatic Mint and Peppermint Sparkle are the two flavors available for purchase in this toothpaste.


Colgate Visible White toothpaste is India’s most-used whitening toothpaste as per Kantar Worldpanel MAT Jun ’21 report.

The taste of the toothpaste is unique and balanced due to the revolutionary triple surfactant system. It may feel neutral to strong and not too sweet.

Colgate Visible White toothpaste claims to whiten your teeth in 3 days, so it is worth giving it a shot!

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