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The Best Selling Cricket Kits7 min read

cricket kit

What is cricket?

A cricket kit is a bag that comprises all the cricket equipment you need.

Cricket is a sport that began in England but is now played worldwide. It’s trendy in Pakistan, India, and Australia. Two teams of 11 players and a 12th player are allowed to substitute if needed. In cricket, the playing field is shaped like an oval, with a rectangular area called the “pitch” in the middle. The two teams take turns defending their pitch by hitting balls with wooden paddles. They aim to knock down metal sticks perched on top of metal arches called “wickets.” Each team turns bowling or pitching, and the bowler’s goal is to knock down the metal sticks called “bails.” The opposing team tries to hit the cricket ball away from their wickets and trade places with another team member at the opposite end of the field. There are more rules in cricket, but knowing how to cricket starts with assembling a team. Once you have 22 players together, you can start learning how to play cricket in a league. 

Cricket bats   

The first item to purchase is a top-notch cricket bat. It’s not like a baseball bat but looks like a rectangular rowing paddle with a short handle. Cricket bats come in various sizes, so your height will determine which size you need. If you are ordering online, take the time to figure out which size would suit you best. If the bat is too big, you can always return it. Most parents mistake buying an adult cricket bat when junior bats are available, especially for kids. In cricket size of a bat plays an important role. A standard that’s followed states the preferred bat size depending on a player’s height. The most common adult cricket bat size at both club and international levels is a short handle, typically abbreviated to “SH.” All adult cricket bats should be available in size.     

Cricket balls

Cricket balls also vary widely. You should get a few different types to see what will work well with your planning surface. Traditionally, cricket is played on a field of grass and dirt, much like baseball. If you play grass field, you should get a leather ball. If you are playing during the day, cricket pros recommend using a red ball. For night games, a white ball is used for better visibility. On the other hand, Choose a tennis ball of professional quality or synthetic-material tennis balls if the cement surrounds your cricket field.

You can experiment with different balls until you find the best one for your team. All kinds of cricket balls can easily be bought online and delivered to one’s home in India or the international market. You can source the various cricket balls online, with a myriad of designs, although the ordinary cricket balls used at white, red, and pink.

The white cricket balls     

These balls are standard and can be bought online and delivered to one’s home. This cricket ball swings better than its red counterparts. In the daylight, it is simple to identify the white cricket balls. 

Compared to their red cousins, they are smoother and firmer. The white cricket ball can be sourced in an online store sportsuncle.

Batting gloves

You will need to buy a few different batting gloves in various fabrics. Look for well-ventilated gloves, not too heavy and made from breathable leather. Cricket batting gloves tend to have different shapes and designs per your comfort. If you are left-handed, you will need to buy extra sets of gloves: the bottom gloves do not have any padding on the thumb. You can check out player edition batting gloves in our online shop. When you are looking for cricket equipment, try to find an online store that sells real stuff like sportsuncle, as some sites make a replica of the other brands and sell on their name, and when they can do this, then they can also sell fake gloves, helmet, and pads to you. Just thinking is not possible. 

Cricket helmets and pads

Another essential piece of equipment for playing cricket is a helmet. You will have to get a helmet if there is a rogue pitch. There are several types of cricket helmets, and each style has its version of a neck guard. Look for a lightweight helmet with good ventilation and sweat-absorbing pads on the inside. Forma helmets considered as best helmets in this category. Once you have found a helmet, it’s time to find some cricket batting pads. You can’t just substitute pads from another sport: cricket pads are made to cover the entire knee and front of the leg. They are often leather, but some quality plastic pads are out there. Look for places with comfortable straps and complete coverage. 

Cricket kit bags

 You will need a pretty large bag to carry all of your equipment. Everyone has different preferences for the perfect sports bag but look for one made from washable material. Try to find a cricket bag that’s made explicitly for cricket players. Some cricket bags have a separate helmet compartment, doubly-reinforced carrying straps, and a section for wet equipment. You can also look for a bag that has wheels. It will save your back in the long run.

Here are the top 5 best cricket kits

 Fratelli AVM Practice Cricket Kit with 4 Wooden Wicket with Stand, Cricket Bat + Leg Guard + Batting Gloves + Kitbag + Gloves + bails + Tennis Ball – Size 4

About this item

  • The Cricket Kit for all ages includes all the gear you need for play.
  • Batting gloves-PVC made from cotton and PVC. Tennis ball, Wooden Wicket Set, and Very Good Quality Cricket Kitbag
Fratelli AVM The Best Selling Cricket Kits
 Sunley Cricket Kit, Cricket Set, Cricket Combo, Wooden Cricket Kit Combo for All Age Group

About this item

  • Made Up With Nice Material
  • Ideal for 6-7-Year-Old Kids
  • A single wooden cricket bat measured 27.3 inches in length.
  • 3 Piece Wooden Wickets, 24″ Length
  • Two pieces of ammunition, one tennis ball, and one piece of cricket combination kit.
sunley cricketbat The Best Selling Cricket Kits
HF Hybrid Plus English Willow Complete Cricket KIT

About this item

  • Amazing quality bat
  • The glove’s quality is excellent.
  • Hf batting pad with 5-star safety guard
  • The helmet is perfect for players
HF Hybrid The Best Selling Cricket Kits
SG Full Cricket Kit Combo with Spofly™ Brand Stumps

About this item

  • The entire kit bag for youth sizes includes all the necessary equipment.
  • Sizes suitable for a range of age groups.
  • Kitbag is made from heavy nylon material.
  • External Bat Packet available
  • Cricket Kit Includes Cricket Bat (with cover) + Legguard + Batting Gloves + Kitbag + Thigh Guard + Arm Guard + Abdo Guard.
sg full cricket image The Best Selling Cricket Kits
Klapp IPL21 Series KCS-02 Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit

About this item

  • All the necessary equipment is included in the Complete Kit bag for all ages.
  • Available in various sizes for different age groups.
  • Batting gloves-PVC made from cotton and PVC.
  • Premium PVC finger rolls and dual-density foam finger rolls
Klapp IPL21 The Best Selling Cricket Kits
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