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Difference Between A Food Processor And Mixer Grinder4 min read

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We simply cannot deny the support that different machines have provided us over the years. Especially for working individuals and housewives who can definitely use a helping hand for instance. 

There are quite a few kitchen appliances that are used almost religiously for not just efficiency, but for sheer perfection, many of these appliances are destined to achieve. 

Food processors and mixer grinders are some of the most used kitchen items for acquiring the best quality results. Though the working functionality of these two appliances might make you think they are the same, they surely serve a different purpose. 

In order to clear your confusion on the matter, here are the basic differences that make food processors and mixer grinders stand apart from each other.

Difference Between A Food Processor And Mixer Grinder

Difference Between A Food Processor And Mixer Grinder

A food processor and mixer grinder can be differentiated on the basis of the below factors. Let’s check them out.

Mixer Griender Difference Between A Food Processor And Mixer Grinder


As the name suggests, mixer grinders are designed for the sole purpose of mixing and grinding different food ingredients and do not come with any other additional attachments for other functions. This is where food processors beat mixer grinders. Food processors come with multiple attachments that can attain multiple tasks including mixing and grinding, such as, chopping, shredding, mincing, juicing. Due to performing an array of attachments used for different functions, food processors are considered way better and effective, compared to mixer grinders. 


Mixer grinders are comparatively small appliances. Usually, having two to three jars and almost no attachment makes them easy to store at any place. Whereas food processors bank on their attachments such as blades and jars, for attaining a lot of tasks, but they eventually take a lot more space for better functionality. However, it is important to keep in mind, the attachments are advised to be kept in a moisture-free place, so it can work properly. 


As we have said plenty of times, food processors come with a number of attachments, that allow it to achieve perfection in certain dishes. Food processors are capable of chopping vegetables, shredding cheese or meat, slicing fruits, mixing and grinding spices, or may even quality in preparing juices out of citrus fruits. Having to do so many things definitely saves time, compared to doing everything manually. On the other hand, as mixer grinders are required for a few specific purposes, they will not be as effective in comparison to food processors, but as a stand-alone product, they are surely important. 


Price is the most important thing that determines whether we can afford an item or not. Thus, mixer grinders are a far more preferable option for purchasing. Mixer grinders genuinely have less price associated with them for not having as many attachments for qualifying in multiple tasks. While, food processors have multiple attachments to go with, which generally influences the budget. Other than that, food processors can attain multiple tasks with the use of the attachments included, and these utility services simultaneously increase the price of food processors. However, considering all the things a food processor does, the price is worth paying. 

food processor


While both food processors and mixer grinders both are helpful kitchen appliances when it comes to food processing, but they are not the same. The two of them give different results after processing the food. We hope that the information provided in the article has helped you choose the one that fits your ideal requirements! 

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