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What are the differences between Earphones and Headphones?5 min read

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Looking for the differences between Earphones and Headphones? 

Well, You’re right on the spot!

Whether it is earphones or headphones both are a smartphone’s best friend! These have become our lifestyle staples. 

Be it going on a Netflix spree or engaging in important business conferences we look forward to these gadgets. 

Earphones or headphones may sound similar to many of us. These terms are often used indistinguishably but these have notable differences. 

Until recently both earphones and headphones were wired. But there is a recent trend going around which has made the earphones.

Here in this article, we will shed light on the differences between earphones and headphones. Scroll down to read on and stay updated!

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What is an Earphone?

differences between Earphones and Headphones

These are basically the smaller version of the prodigious headphones which was popular in the 1970s. Later on, in the ’80s, earphones made way for themselves which redefined the whole music-listening experience. 

Earphones, very small listening devices that rest on the outer ear or you can plug into the internal part of the ear. Earphones are portable and convenient and come without a headband. They are also popularly known as earbuds, earplugs, in-ear headphones, etc.


1. Motility

Earbuds are definitely more portable because they are smaller in size and can easily fit into a small purse. They are not as bulky as compared to headphones

2. Noise Leakage

Earphones provide better isolation which means those around you are less likely to hear your music. A well-fitted pair of earbuds will give you the best noise isolation.

3. Audio Quality 

Both earbuds and headphones can offer great sound quality. Earphones do not filter external noise very well thereby affecting sound quality

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1. Comfort

Earbuds tend to fail often when it comes to comfort. Because you have to place your earbuds inside of your ear canal, it can lead to discomfort as everyone’s ear shapes are not similar. It is almost impossible to find a pair that fits perfectly.

2. Noise Cancellation

Although headphones tend to perform better in this category, it is always possible to find earbuds that give strong noise cancellation, especially with the latest and the costlier ones.

What is Headphone?

differences between Earphones and Headphones

Headphones are the monstrous version of the earbuds or earphones. These are generally worn on the outer ear covering the entire ear surface but don’t seal them entirely unlike earphones.

They give a superior listening experience while shutting out outside clamor, providing top-notch sound quality, In spite of the fact that they are not very convenient as headphones, they are incredible for motion pictures and games. 

Their sound quality is absolutely mesmerizing and these do not compromise on the bass which gives you a world-class music experience. They are comfy on the ears given the padding which doesn’t hurt the ears. 


1. Comfort

Headphones are well-cushioned and padded that do not directly apply pressure to your ear canal. Hence headphones are considered more comfortable than earphones.

2. Sound Quality

Sound quality is usually measured keeping in mind accuracy and enjoyability. What kind of audio is perfect is a matter of personal preference. With headphones get a mix of deep bass and a natural sound.

3. Noise Cancellation

Headphones usually cancel out the external noise better than earphones. With having them on your ears you hear almost nothing that is happening around you. 

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1. Noise Leakage

Since headphones do not completely seal your ears hence there are huge chances of noise leakage. 

2. Portability

Even though headphones that are being launched these days can be folded but they are bulky and cannot easily slip into your pockets. 

Comparison Chart: Earphones vs Headphones

Earphones vs Headphones What are the differences between Earphones and Headphones?

There are several factors to consider while differentiating earphones and headphones. These are frequency response, noise isolation, noise cancellation, and comfort.

DesignInto the ear canalOver the outer ear
Frequency ResponseSmaller pitchBigger pitch
Noise IsolationExcellent isolationNoise leakage
ComfortPainful for long hoursComfortable for long hours
Sound QualityDoes not filter external noise wellBlocks out the external noise
PortabilityLightweight and portableBulky and less portable
Ease of UseEasy to UseCan be difficult to use due to size
PriceMostly pocket friendlyMedium-High 


Headphones are generally a good catch if you are looking for superior sound quality whereas earphones are an ideal choice when you require a device for long conversations while on the run. We hope that this article has cleared all your confusion regarding the differences between earphones and headphones.

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