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Best Electric Rice Cookers9 min read

electric rice cooker


An electric rice cooker or steamer is an automated kitchen appliance designed to boil or steam rice. It consists of a heat source, a cooking bowl, and a thermostat.

Advantages of using an electric rice cooker

1. It automatically cooks the rice for you.

You are not required to fuss over the rice cooker like you would in a saucepan or other cooking vessel. Put the rice and liquid in the machine, close the top, and turn it on. When the cycle is finished, the rice cooker will turn off its cook mode.

2. It keeps your rice warm.

Most models offer a warming feature once the rice cooker finishes its cooking cycle. That way, you can keep the rice warm without overcooking it while you finish your meal.

3. It is easy to clean.

Although there are some exceptions, many counter-top rice cookers offer safe components to put in the dishwasher.

Disadvantages of using an electric rice cooker

1. If you are not careful, the bottom rice can burn

It’s a good idea to stir the rice every 2-3 minutes once it starts to cook until the cooking cycle is finished. It may seem unnecessary, but if you mix it a few times, you’ll avoid burning the bottom layer of rice.

2. It uses nonstick technologies

It would help if you used certain utensils while scooping out the rice because the container uses nonstick technology. If you use metal utensils, the pan’s surface may become scratched over time, resulting in a poor cooking experience.

3. It may not turn off

Some entry-level rice cookers will turn on when you plug them into a receptacle, then turn off when you unplug them. The item will always stay on if you fail to open it from the power supply.

These electric rice cooker advantages and disadvantages can be easily managed with some forethought. Keep these factors in mind when browsing to ensure you get the most excellent model for your needs.

Buying guide for Electric Rice Cooker

An electric kitchen appliance that is used for cooking rice. It prepares the rice automatically, knowing when it reaches the proper temperature, it will switch from cooking to a warming mode. All the preparer has to do is add the ingredients and plug the cooker in. The oven will keep the rice hot when it is done, and it can also be used to reheat the rice. The rice cooker comes in various sizes and should be purchased according to the quantity of rice you generally prepare.

Size and capacity

Electric rice cookers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. Unlike most kitchen gadgets, these cookers take up little more room than a huge pot. The number of rice cups a rice cooker can cook shows how powerful it is. Electric rice cookers come in sizes ranging from 1 to 6 liters, with some considerably more prominent. Your household size should be the first consideration when purchasing an electric oven. Consider purchasing a 3 to 5-liter cooker if you have a small family of 5 to 6 individuals. Consider how many cups of rice you usually require.

Easy to operate

Most electric rice cookers come with a one-touch operation. You only have to add rice and sufficient water and let the oven do the rest. There are more advanced electric cookers with digital controls and functions. Some functions include self-timer/delay start, automatic keep warm, slow cooking, steaming, and more. It is ideal to have a self-timer or delay start function in an electric rice cooker. It sets the range to start functioning at a specified time and even tells you the time left until the rice is ready to serve. These features let you automate things, and you can rest assured your rice will be prepared when it’s time to eat.

Types of lids

Some rice cookers come with a see-through lid, while others have a close-fit stainless steel lid. A see-through top is excellent since you can check on the rice when it is cooking.

Designs that are easy to clean

For easy cleaning, ensure the cooking bowl and lid are dishwasher safe. You can easily remove and clean the cooking bowl and cover it with a sponge, scrub, and water. Selecting a cooker with stainless steel, aluminum, or a non-stick-coated cooking bowl is always beneficial in the long run.

Automatic Shut-off function

This feature is found in almost all rice cookers. The “Automatic Shut-Off” function is that the oven automatically toggles the switch to the “Keep Warm” function once the rice is ready. This means you do not necessarily have to keep monitoring the rice while cooking. 

Multi-purpose rice cookers

If you have a large family, a multi-purpose rice cooker is also a good option. It’s convenient to have a single appliance that can do several functions. Rice cookers may also steam vegetables, meat, and fish in addition to rice. Soups and pulses can be heated or simmered in other cooker models.

How to use a rice cooker?

Step 1. Read the rice package- Because the water-to-rice ratio varies by rice type, carefully study the rice packaging to determine how much dry rice and water you’ll need to make the desired amount of cooked rice (brown rice typically requires more water than white rice, for example) Check to see whether you need to rinse your rice before cooking; doing so will eliminate any excess starch that could make your rice sticky or cause the pot to overflow. Rinsing is required for most white rice, including sushi rice; however, specific vitamin-enriched rice does not require rinsing. Brown rice does not usually need to be flushed, aside from removing dirt from the manufacturing process.

Step 2. Place rice and water in the pot and rinse if necessary. Measure out the correct amount of dry rice (according to the package) and pour it into the rice cooker pot. If your rice doesn’t need to be rinsed, add the amount of water specified by the package instructions to the pool. If you need to rinse your rice, pour enough water to cover it and let it sit for about a minute. Next, use your (clean) hands or a rubber cooking utensil to swish the rice around in the water and dislodge excess starch. You should see the water become cloudy – that’s the starch. Remove the inner pot, strain out the water, add more and repeat the same process. Do so until the water remains clear when you swish it around. Strain out the last bit of water and then add the amount specified by the package instructions.

Step 3. Place the pot in the cooker and close the lid. You can also add salt, spices, oil, butter, and other seasonings at this stage before you close the lid.

Step 4. Plug the cooker in and press the power button. The power button may be a switch or button on the front of the device. A light should turn on, indicating that the cooker is on and heating.

Step 5. Let the rice rest after cooking. Rice cook times can vary depending on the type and amount of rice you’re cooking, but most rice will be done within 15–35 minutes. The rice cooker will indicate that your rice is done cooking by making a sound, flipping the on/off switch back to its default position, and turning off its cooking light. Many rice cookers will automatically begin warming once the rice is done. The warming setting can often be left on safely for up to 12 hours. Let the rice rest for at least 15 minutes before opening the pot to absorb all excess moisture.

Step 6. Remove the lid and serve. If your rice cooker’s interior pot is nonstick, use the provided rice paddle, plastic, or rubber serving utensils to scoop the rice. This part avoids damaging the pot’s nonstick coating.

Step 7. Clean the cooker. Leave the lid to let the pot dry, and then use a sponge or washcloth to remove any excess debris. Avoid using metal brushes or utensils with the cooker pot, as they can damage the nonstick coating. If your rice cooker pot is dishwasher-safe, you can put it in the dishwasher to clean it.

Top 5 best electric rice cookers in India

Usha RC18GS2 Steamer 700 Watt Automatic Rice Cooker with 2 Bowl- 1.8L (White)

About this item

  • Dual Heater and dedicated indication for ‘Cooking’ and ‘Keep Warm’ function
  • Hassle-Free Cooking with Steamer and Additional Cooking pot accessories. Reliable Micro switch for Switching operation
  • Aluminum anodized cooking pan
  • Auto cut-off function
  • Dry boil protection
  • Trivet Plate and Steamer for perfect cooking and steaming
  • Water level indicator on pot
USHA RC18GS2 Steamer 700 Watt Automatic Rice Cooker Best Electric Rice Cookers
Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 1L Electric Rice Cooker with 2 Cooking Pans, Grey, White

About this item

  • Content: Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker (Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker) (1.8 Open Type with Aluminium Cooking Pan-2U)
  • Net Quantity: 1 Unit.Voltage: 230 V
  • Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 700W
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Troubleshooting guidelines: Do not wash the cooker’s main body or immerse it in water. Its electrical insulation may get damaged. Read the user manual carefully before use.
  • Capacity – Cooks up to 1000g of raw rice.
  • Great features – Stainless steel close-fit lid with keeping warm mode, five-year warranty on the heating plate, detachable power cord
Prestige PRWO 1.8 2 1L Best Electric Rice Cookers
Panasonic SR-WA22H (E) Automatic Rice Cooker, Apple Green, 2.2L

About this item

  • Total Volume: 2.2 Ltr/Cooks Up To 1.25 Kg Raw Rice
  • Anodized aluminum pan, comes with cooking plate
  • 5 hours keep warm function
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and five years on heater
  • Power: 750 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • BIS Govt Approved
Panasonic SR WA22H E Best Electric Rice Cookers
Bajaj RCX 5 1.8 Liters Rice Cooker, White

About this item

  • 1.8-liter capacity; 1Kg raw rice cooking capacity
  • The Cooking Bowl is Aluminum with an anodized finish. Steamer: No
  • Automatic cooking. Keep Warm: No
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 550 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts
  • Includes: Rice cooker, User manual, Guarantee card, and List of service center
  • Automatic/Manual Switch OFF for Safety
Bajaj RCX 5 1.8 Liters Rice Cooker White Best Electric Rice Cookers
Pigeon Joy 1.8L Rice Cooker, White

About this item

  • Rice Cooker 1.8 Litre Comes with Strong and Sturdy Body
  • Rice Cooker 1.8 Litre is suitable for 4 to 5 persons
  • Stainless Steel Lid with Cool Touch handle
  • 700 Watt Rice cooker Preserves nutrients with Slow Cooking
  • Micro Switch Control to Keep your food warm for up to 5 Hours
Pigeon Joy 1.8L Rice Cooker White Best Electric Rice Cookers
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