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Best Study Table Lamp8 min read

study table lamp


Study Table Lamp’s lights are generally used to provide light. They are frequently placed on the bedside tables, if not elsewhere in the house. They account for nocturnal luminescence in addition to providing reading light. Different people use different styles. Some choose enormous, dimmable lighting like the Cauldron Table Lamp for various uses, while others prefer compact, composed fixtures like the Waterloo Table Lamp. They provide a simple mood to your bedroom with dim light, despite their lack of expressiveness in their design. However, their application is not restricted to the bedroom. For example, they’re ideal for a drinks stand or a buffet counter in a drawing-room. Reading lamps have long been popular, and you may use them to change the pace of your room.

Whether it’s modern or traditional reading lamps styled like trees or globes or fixtures like the Little Crush II Table Lamp, which shoot light upwards to create a mystical impression, these lamps have distinctive designs and low-level illumination gracefully matches the rest of the interior. The third reading lamp class finds their place at the work tables or home offices. Mainly manufactured for task lighting, it comes in various types, too, ranging from the engineering-integrated swinging arm lamps to piano lamps. Increasingly focused on their luminance, they will be your companions for nighttime preparation of exams or an upcoming presentation.

What is a study lamp?

A reading study table lamp is a small lamp you keep on a desk or table. You can move part of it to direct the light to where you need it for reading.

What is the right kind of study table lamp?

The bright, clear light makes it simple to operate. With a minimal glare, the beam is relatively concentrated. A versatile design that may be positioned to suit a variety of tasks.

What distinguishes a study table lamp from a regular table lamp?

The study table lamp’s brightness reduces strain as we work and makes reading simpler because the glare is reduced. Table Lamps, unlike study lamps, provide ambient lighting for a larger area.

Where should you place the study table Lamp?

Set the lamp between 15 and 36 inches above your work surface. The majority of study table lamps include movable arms, allowing for specific heights. To reduce shadows, right-handed folks should arrange their desk lighting to their left and vice versa.

Before you buy a study table lamp, here’s everything you need to know

1. Purpose: Ambient lighting (general lighting in a room), task lighting (light for a specific purpose, such as reading), accent lighting (a lamp designed to highlight a specific feature), and decorative lighting are the four types of lighting (lamps that are there merely to look good). Floor lamps and overhead pendant lights are essential tools for the interior designer when layering light, and table lamps can be utilized for any or all of these types of light (see our guide to layering light in the home here). You might prefer to read with your table lamp (task lighting) on a more practical point. When setting up the study table lamp, make sure the shade’s bottom is level with your eyes. If you are utilizing your study table lamp as a bedside lamp, here’s what you need to know, make sure it’s around 40-45cm (16 -18 inches) above the top of your mattress.

But of course, almost any lamp can be used purely for simple task lighting. On the other hand, a designer lamp can do the practical stuff but at the same time contribute to the decorative beauty of your room and show off your style.

2. Proportion: The proportion is always the watchword when it comes to interior design. A study table lamp must be proportionate to two things: the room and the table it will be placed on. Warning: the mistakes that will look most weirdly disproportionate are (a) having a massive lamp in a small room and (b) placing a teeny weeny lamp on a huge table. The other proportion is between the lamp shade and the lamp base. This is, of course, a matter of using your eye. There are so many exciting and lovely shades out there that there are always exceptions. Nonetheless, as a general rule, the shade’s height should be around 50-75 percent of the base’s height, with a diameter about equivalent to two-thirds of the bulb’s height and the ground’s size.

3. Pairing; One last tip:  When it comes to layering light, paired table lamps provide you with additional options; they can also create a beautiful symmetry and balance the room. This might be used as bookends on a bookcase or at the ends of a long dining table. A couple of study table lamps on a bureau or side table in a hallway can provide the basic ambient lighting you require while also assisting in creating an intimidating entry to your home.

Top 5 best table lamps in India

Syska SSK-TL-8602L EASY GLOW 4W LED Table lamp with 3 Stage Dimming Light(White, Pack of 1)


  • Include: 1N, User Manual cum Warranty Card
  • Wattage: watts
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • The study table lamp has a 4W warm LED light source – 16 pieces of LED which give high brightness to your ambiance.
  • Touch panel with flexible body
  • 3 stage dimming to modify the brightness
  • The micro USB charging option makes the table lamps easy to charge with your existing micro USB cable.
  • You can set it Fully for 6-8 hours and then use it on the DC mode for up to 9 Hrs on Medium-light when there is a power failure.
  • T Rechargeable battery built-in: There will be no more tangled connections. It can be used without a cord and taken wherever you desire.
  • Micro USB charging
Syska Best Study Table Lamp

Philips Orbit 5W Colour Changing Warm White to Natural White to Cool White & Rechargeable Touch Controlled LED Table Lamp | Desk Lamp with Brightness Control


  • Elegant Design: The Philips Orbit Rechargeable Desk Light is a beautiful style and LED technology combination. The rechargeable desk light features a sleek and modern design with a flexible and folding neck that allows it to be adjusted in height and direction.
  • Colour Changing: The Orbit desk light has a brightness of 400 lumens. The orbit desk light comes with three lighting modes, i.e., Warm White, Natural White, and Cool Daylight.
  • Touch Control: Orbit Desk light comes with a feather touch innovative design which makes it easy to control the color change, dimming, and on or off function
  • Charging & Backup Time: Orbit Desk light comes with a high-quality rechargeable battery of 3.7V, 1800 mAH Lithium-ion. The desk light has a micro-USB charging port which enables it to be charged through a laptop, computer, or a standard micro-USB charger. It takes up to 3 hours to completely charge and comes with 2.5 hours of battery backup.
philips Best Study Table Lamp

AmazonBasics Classic Rechargeable Table Lamp, 9W, Dimming, 3 Colors (Cool Day Light, Neutral White, and Warm White)


  • Rechargeable black table lamp from AmazonBasics for reading and other tasks on the table.
  • 40 LED lights, with an adjustable brightness switch; 360-degree lighting is provided by the table light
  • Warm white, cool daylight, and golden yellow light are the three color options available.
  • Lights do not overheat and last 3 hours under the brightest light setting and 81 hours under the weakest light level.
  • It comes with a BIS-certified 1200mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a recharge time of 6 hours; The battery is charged with a USB cord.
  • 34 tests were conducted, including 12 electrical safety tests and four performance-related tests
  • Power: 9W
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 41.5 cm
amazon basis Best Study Table Lamp

Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table Lamp – 3 Grade Dimming and Color Changing (Pack of 1, Cool Day Light/Neutral White/Warm White)


  • Voltage (VAC): 220-240; Wattage: 6 watts; This product is not rechargeable; Energy Efficient
  • Warranty: 1 year on effect from the invoice date; Colour Temp. (K): 6500
  • Includes: Adapter for LED Table Lamp glare and soft-free light ; 3 Touch Dimming Control ; 3 Grade Color Change
  • Adjustable design; Three-level Dimming
  • Easy touch control+^+Country of Origin: China
wipro Best Study Table Lamp

ESN 999 Table Lamp, Red, Pack of 1


  • Bulb not included
  • Switch type: 1 m / 100cm wire length, on/off (approx)
  • It’s simple to operate and has a flexible gooseneck to help you achieve the right light angle.
  • B22 Holder study lamp
  • Note: To avoid false copies, we exclusively sell directly on Amazon through our store “PREETI PRODUCTS.”
ESN Best Study Table Lamp


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