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The Best Selling Electric Vegetable Choppers10 min read


A technological gift is an electric vegetable chopper used to chop, mince, slice, grind, and cube foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, and cheese. It can also chop and puree ingredients as per your requirements within minutes.

Every healthy diet must include fruits and vegetables. Everyone must consume enough fruits and vegetables daily, from young children to adults. However, mechanically slicing and cutting veggies can be tiresome and never-ending. That is why we all look for straightforward appliances to perform the chopping activity within minutes.

How will a vegetable chopper be helpful to you?

A vegetable chopper is one of the essential appliances or gadgets every home should have in its kitchen. It is beneficial in various ways, including speeding up the cutting process, conserving energy, and ensuring that veggies are adequately sliced. A vegetable chopper will come in handy if you are not proficient at chopping or cutting veggies into unusual shapes. Cutting vegetables with a knife is risky because there is a chance of bleeding and scratching. Vegetable choppers significantly decrease this risk and make them delicious without any trouble.

Types of vegetable chopper

Several vegetable choppers, such as pulley-type choppers, food processor choppers, etc., are available on the market. But two main types of choppers are used in all kinds of kitchens, and they are-

  • Electric Vegetable Choppers
  • Manual Vegetable Choppers

Both manual and electric vegetable choppers are boons to people looking to finish their work in the kitchen quickly.

Electric Vegetable Choppers

With an electric vegetable chopper, the chopping activities are done automatically by electricity. The veggies you wish to chop must first be placed into the chopper before the electricity is connected. Then, without using manual force, press the button to obtain the chopped vegetables. Although it saves you time and energy, the chopping process uses electricity. The electric vegetable choppers are more costly than the manual vegetable choppers, but they have their advantages too. We will also see the list of India’s best electric vegetable choppers that will save your time and energy.

Manual Vegetable Choppers

The marketplaces provide a wide variety of manual vegetable cutters. Because manual vegetable choppers have different instruments like slicing, chopping, grinding, etc., not all have the exact mechanism. Manual vegetable cutters require manual power, meaning you must exert some effort to complete the task. Pushing, rotating, or pulling forces are sufficient to cut, slice, or chop the vegetables.

However, many modern-day manual vegetable choppers require little manual power to get the sliced or chopped vegetables. In various ways, manual choppers are less advantageous than electric choppers. It’s because manually chopping or slicing vegetables in manual choppers takes work and time. Still, electric helicopters do the same result without effort and finish it very quickly.

The advantages of vegetable choppers

There are many advantages to using vegetable choppers, some of which are listed below. Vegetable choppers will help you save time by speeding through the kitchen tasks in today’s hectic world. It is best suited for those who lack the time and patience to spend hours chopping or slicing food in the kitchen. The use of choppers for bulk chopping and storing chopped veggies for later use are both options. Choppers are simple to use, come in various sizes, and have multiple features for a better experience. By manually cutting garlic, an unpleasant smell will result. However, using choppers will solve this issue. Other food items in the kitchen, such as chilies (which cause burning in the hands) and onions (which cause tears to fall), are difficult to chop, but choppers also solve that issue.

Things you need to decide (as a buyer) while buying a vegetable chopper

Now that you know the vegetable chopper’s uses, varieties, benefits, etc., It would help if you considered specific parameters before or while buying an electric vegetable chopper. We will give you the parameters to check before or while buying a vegetable chopper. Please take it as a simple buying guide for people willing to buy a vegetable chopper.


Always prefers an electric vegetable chopper that performs various tasks such as chopping, slicing, grinding, etc. Your food would be more delectable with less time and effort spent on cutting. You can choose proper choppers, including those with adaptability and multitasking.

Capacity and storage

The container’s volume should be considered while purchasing an electric vegetable chopper. The vegetable grinder with the little container is sufficient if you only intend to chop a few vegetables.

However, you need a chopper with a large container if you plan to chop vegetables on a large scale. You can keep the chopped vegetables in the refrigerator in a large container so you can use them later. Therefore, when purchasing a vegetable chopper, consider the chopper’s capacity.


Electric vegetable choppers’ safety is another issue, so you should take proper care when purchasing a new one. Please ensure the chopper’s blades are sealed or covered so you don’t cut your fingers. When washing the chopper, ensure it is safe to use, as you risk cutting your hands. Due to the importance of safety, we conducted a study and created some safety features for helicopters.

Overheating protection – Check if the chopper frequently warms up when it is close to the burner. Some of the most recent electric models prevent the chopper from heating up too much automatically. Locking lids will let the chopper be locked in a solid position. This will assist the chopper in being stable.

Non-slip Handles –  It is essential for manual choppers because your hands should not slip and be exposed to the blades. All the above protection is needed to safeguard your hands from the chopper.

Easy to clean and maintain

  • Catch trays and bowls are convenient for keeping chopped parts organized and should be simple to clean.
  • Pay close attention and unplug any electric vegetable choppers before cleaning them. Also, consider whether it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Removing the food particles stuck inside the chopper blades should also be possible since some food is there. After washing electric vegetable choppers, allow them to dry completely before using them.
  • So purchase an electric vegetable chopper that will not make your surroundings look dirty, and the cleaning process should not be as tricky as other customary choppers.

Size and material

The chopper size should be compact, so you can store it anywhere in your kitchen. Always attempt to purchase a vegetable cutter that is compact and has a variety of uses. Additionally, ensure the chopper, catch trays, and work bowls are made of high-quality materials. You need not be concerned if the chopper and container are made of stainless steel because they will not break. If the container is made of polycarbonate, you need not worry because it is a break-resistant material. Mostly catch trays and work bowls of vegetable chopper comes in two materials, and they are

Plastic – It is a robust and lightweight material, which is helpful while utilizing it. It is simple to grip and does not shatter easily when accidentally dropped.

Glass-  It is also handy because it does not warp like plastic while heating. But it is a bit heavier and more expensive than plastic. Glass catch trays should be supervised since they are fragile.

BPA free

You should also check whether the plastic is BPA-free or not because the chopped vegetables have come into contact with the plastic.BPA stands for Bisphenol A, which disrupts the body’s endocrine system. Always look for a material that is not harmful to your health. BPA-free choppers are expensive, but they are safe to use.

Cuts with blades (Stainless Steel)

Blades are a significant material to consider while buying an electric vegetable chopper because blades are responsible for cutting and slicing. Give attention to the blades and check whether they are made of stainless-steel blades because stainless steel does not rust out, stain or chip easily. Also, check if the blades are sharp enough to cut vegetables without difficulty. You can also change the size and shape of the cut by using different blades, and a manual vegetable chopper has an advantage over it.

There are different blades, and some may come with a vegetable chopper, including:

Chopping Blades: It cuts the vegetables into bite-size cubes.

Slicing Blades: They cut the vegetables into thin and uniform pieces.

Wedging Blades: They cut fruits and vegetables into uniform wedges. The resulting vegetables have long and noodle-like cuts due to thin rotation. These are standard blades with electric choppers and chop vegetables into non-uniform shapes.

Dicing Blades resemble chopping blades, but the chopped vegetable cubes are much smaller.

Spiral Blades: They are identical to ribbon blades but cut vegetables into narrower strips.

Crinkle-Cut Blades: They cut lines in one direction to create waffle cuts.

Always prefer to buy an electric vegetable chopper with a maximum number of changing blades so that you may perform multiple tasks with a single product, such as whipping, crushing, shredding, etc.

Power consumption and motor

Electric choppers need electricity to operate, and the features change depending on the type of power used. The power required for mini versions of choppers ranges from 70 to 100 watts. Large food electric choppers in the food industry can work at more than 1200 watts with excellent results. However, the practical power usage for a home will be between 175 and 400 watts.

A vegetable cutter with a 175-watt power requirement is sufficient for practical home use. Since hard vegetables are sliced into pieces by the combination of solid motors and blades, the engines are also crucial. Vegetables may be quickly and easily chopped because of the strong motors. Therefore, you should choose a machine with higher power and faster rotation.

Top 5 best electric vegetable choppers in India

Borosil Chef Delite 300 W Chopper

About this item

  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Silver Cloud
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Borosol
borosil The Best Selling Electric Vegetable Choppers
Brayden Chopro, Electric Vegetable Chopper for Kitchen with 4 Bi-Level Stainless Steel Blades (500 ml, Black, 400 Watts)

About this item

  • Brand: Brayden
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage:400 Watts
  • Voltage:220 Volts
Brayden Chopro The Best Selling Electric Vegetable Choppers
Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Chopper (White), 15 Ounce

About this item

  • Brand: Prestige
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic
  • Colour: White
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage:250 Watts
Prestige The Best Selling Electric Vegetable Choppers
INALSA Electric Chopper Bullet- 400 Watts with 100% Pure Copper Motor| Chop, Mince, Puree, Dice | Twin Blade Technology| 900 ml Capacity| One Touch Operation, 1.30mtr Long Power Cord (Black/Silver)

About this item

  • Brand: Inalsa
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage:400 Watts
  • Voltage:240
inalsa The Best Selling Electric Vegetable Choppers
Home Plus 250 Watts Vegetable Chopper, Red

About this item

  • Brand: Home Plus
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Red
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage:250 Watts
  • Bowl Capacity: 500 Milliliters
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: No
homeplus The Best Selling Electric Vegetable Choppers

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