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The Best Selling Exhaust Fans8 min read

exhaust fan

An exhaust fan is a fan for ventilating an interior by drawing air from the interior and expelling it outside. When planning and developing your home, one of the aspects you must take into account is ventilation. Especially when designing your kitchen and bathroom. Proper ventilation is required in these areas. You can use exhaust fans if there is no opportunity for the same. These items are used the most frequently but are often overlooked while building a home. Exhaust fans are inexpensive fans whose primary functions are odor and moisture removal. Exhaust fans have a lot of other uses. We shall go into detail regarding the same.

What are the different types of exhaust fans available on the market?

Two types of exhaust fans are available on the market for homes. Read on if you want to find the best exhaust fan for your kitchen or bathroom. 

Kitchen Exhaust Fan: This exhaust fan helps reduce suffocation by providing proper ventilation. Kitchen exhaust fans help eliminate smoke, fumes, steam, and dust. They remove stale air and keep the kitchen cooler.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Bathroom exhaust fans are suitable for moisture and humidity reduction. Keeping the bathroom smelling good and feeling fresh is essential for the bathroom exhaust fan. The build-up of water on mirrors, tiles, and walls can also be reduced using the right exhaust fan. 

Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans: As the name suggests, a ceiling-mounted exhaust fan is installed on a space’s roof. In the building’s attic, a hole is needed for this reason. They provide better airflow and are the ideal choice for upstairs rooms.

Inline Exhaust Fans: The most intelligent exhaust fans are used in lines. Ventilation is inefficient in some places, such as particular rooms or flats. The inline exhaust fan is the best option in these situations. Stale air is ejected through ducts due to the fans being put between the vents.

Windows Exhaust Fans: The clever design of window exhaust fans allows them to mount on an open window. Some of them cover the entire window opening when installed since the side panels are extendable. A single large fan or two smaller fans installed side by side are standard on most devices.


To help you understand why you should choose an exhaust fan and have it installed in your bathrooms and kitchens as soon as possible, let’s look at some of the benefits of exhaust fans.

  • Filters Out Impure, Moist Air: Exhaust fans may filter out all interior air contaminants, including smoke, dust, dampness, steam, and others. 
  • Controls the Humidity: Bathrooms are typically spaces with extreme humidity, which can lead to suffocation or other issues. Choosing the best bathroom exhaust fan is essential to reduce and eliminate humidity. 
  • Removes Strong or Burnt Smoke: A kitchen exhaust fan is also quite good at quickly eliminating solid smoke and odors. 
  • Safeguard the walls and other items, such as the drapes: The greatest exhaust fan’s primary function is to remove smoke and moisture, which prevents tar from building up on various surfaces throughout the house. 
  • Consumes Less Power: Exhaust fans are frequently used, but your electricity costs will not go through the roof since they don’t use much power. 
  • Easy and Effortless to Maintain: Exhaust fans require little maintenance. They are simple to clean at home using items from your kitchen.

How do you select exhaust fans?

Preventing bad air and bringing in fresh air remain the primary goal. The application is one of several factors to consider when choosing an exhaust fan.

Model of the fan 

Fans still function according to the same principles, but there are different models. Each model works best for a specific application. Manufacturers were compelled to release various fan models due to the application’s diversity. The model works effectively and economically in the application for which it was designed. Therefore, one should be aware of their demands before making a choice. 


Install an exhaust fan in three critical places: a wall, duct, or roof. Wherever the fans are mounted, the parts and operation are identical, but the position is crucial for effective operation and outstanding outcomes. Fans are placed in three locations depending on the airflow pattern. To ascertain how the air flows, it is necessary to examine the structure of the house or building. In this manner, the installation site is decided upon, and the essential ventilation is carried out.

Centrifugal and Propeller Fans

There are both centrifugal and propeller fans. Centrifugal fans are the most effective and perform best in environments with higher static pressure. The most excellent aspect, other than that, is that they are quieter. Their designs are made with motors situated out of the air stream, which helps to ventilate the contaminated air and high temperatures.

Cleaning Process

Until now, we have examined the advantages and varieties of exhaust fans. Let’s discuss fan maintenance before moving on to India’s top exhaust fans list in 2022. You may learn how to clean this by reading this section. Even the best bathroom or kitchen fans can become highly ineffective and noisy if they are not cleaned well over regular periods. Here are some cleaning suggestions to keep your exhaust fan in good working order.

  • You must take out the mesh if your fan has one. To clean this mesh, combine two parts of water with one piece of ammonia. The mesh can then be dried by wiping. 
  • Cleaning the fan blades is essential as this part of the fan attracts dirty grease and oil stains. A solution of ammonia, hot water, and baking soda can be used to clean the mirror. 
  • Your exhaust will also require an elaborate clean-up, for which you will have to unscrew its different parts and disassemble them. You must scrub, wipe and dry each piece properly before assembling them. 

How does an exhaust fan work?

The primary role of this fan is to provide ventilation. They function by sucking moist and hot air from an area and replacing it with fresh and cool air. The ducting system is crucial in getting rid of heated or stale air. As a result, the area’s thick and humid air is pushed outside through the exhaust vent. The fan uses electricity to operate. Some fans are installed with sensors that detect steam or humidity and automatically turn on. At the same time, others are fitted with a thermostat that senses the temperature changes and then operates accordingly. 

Here are the top 5 best exhaust fans 

Havells Ventil Air DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan (Pista Green)

About this item

  • Fan sweep area: 230 MM ; Noise level: (40-45) dB; Fan body dimension (Length x Width x Depth): 290MM x 290MM x 200MM
  • Having a bird guard to safeguard the fan while it is operating, 510 cm3/hr of airflow, 1350 RPM of speed, 230 mm of the sweep, and 29 spokes of the guard. 50 Hz is the maximum frequency. 
  • No pull cord. The tilt mechanism is not adjustable in the upward and downward directions.
album The Best Selling Exhaust Fans
Luminous Vento Deluxe 200 mm Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office (Cut-out Size – Sq 242 x 242 mm, Black)

About this item

  • Power Consumption: 35 watts; Operating Voltage: 220V-240V; Number of Blades: 5; Operation: Smooth, noiseless operation, best to use in AC cabins & conference rooms.
  • A Luminous Vento Deluxe 200mm, a warranty card, and an installation manual are all included in the box.
  • Material Type: Plastic; Finish Type: Plastic
luminious The Best Selling Exhaust Fans
V-Guard Terano L9 Exhaust Fan; Speed: 1350 RPM, Sweep: 225 mm & Power Consumption: 40 W (Misty Grey)

About this item

  • Built to last — Dependable CRCA body and potent copper motor
  • Safe & efficient — Maintenance 
  • The free-shaded pole motor comes with factory-set lubrication for longer motor life and bird protection.
  • Mounting Type: Angled
V Guard Terano The Best Selling Exhaust Fans
Usha Crisp Air 200mm Sweep size, 300mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan (Pearl White)

About this item

  • The fan with an automatic shutter
  • Kindly refer to the scaling image for information on the product dimensions.
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Rust-proof body and blades
usha The Best Selling Exhaust Fans
Crompton Brisk Air 250 mm (10 inches) Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office (White)

About this item

  • Warranty: 2 years from the date of purchase, provided by Crompton.
  • High performance: high-speed airflow
  • Sturdy and safe: Rust-proof plastic body and inbuilt safety grill.
  • Package Contents: 1 unit of Crompton Brisk Air Exhaust Fan, Instructions Manual, and Warranty Card
crompton The Best Selling Exhaust Fans
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