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The Best Selling Eyeshadow Palettes8 min read

eyeshadow palette

An eyeshadow palette is a cosmetic powder in various colors applied to the eyelids to create a nice look. This article is for those who enjoy playing around with color in their eyes. Here you can attain gorgeous eye makeup tips. Be it a sultry monochrome look, a smokey look, or a high-sheen makeup look, with these top eyeshadow palettes at your disposal, you can master them all. It would be best to have multiple eyeshadow palettes for numerous illuminating finishes. All you need is some mind-blowing matte, metallic, and shimmer eyeshadows for great looks. 

Eyeshadow for creating the below eye makeup looks: 

1. Natural Look: A neutral or nude eyeshadow palette is necessary for a natural appearance. The eyeshadow color must match the tone of your skin. Natural-looking eye makeup is usually done to enhance your natural beauty.

2. Smokey look: You need a matte eyeshadow palette for a smokey eye. You can try your hands on dark matte hues to obtain the perfect smokey look. Smudging one or two eye makeup hues may produce a smokey eye effect.

3. Foil effect look: Metallic eyeshadows help create a foil look. They are extremely shiny and reflect like metal. Usually, metallic eyeshadow colors like gold, silver, copper, and bronze give you a foil appearance.

4. Glowy, shimmery pop: A palette of shimmering eyeshadows will assist you in creating a high-shine appearance. Shimmer eyeshadows come with a shine and allow your eyes to stand out in glory. 

5. Gradient look: To create gradient eye makeup, pick two eyeshadows. One has to be lighter in the shade, whereas the other must be darker. Make your eyelid’s outside corner darker and lighter on the inside. 

Type of eyeshadow palettes

There are multiple types of eyeshadow palettes found in the kittys of the majority of women. 

  • Naked, nude, or neutral eyeshadow palette
  • Matte eyeshadow palette
  • Metallic eyeshadow palette
  • Pigmented eyeshadow palette
  • Cream eyeshadow palette
  • Glitter eyeshadow palette
  • Shimmer eyeshadow palette

The palette’s eyeshadows come in a variety of shapes. They can be baked or taken in the form of cream. Some eyeshadows are loose powder, whereas some are pressed powder. You may also come into contact with gel-based or pencil eyeshadows that offer an easy application formula. 

Various eyeshadow palettes

A. Nude or neutral eyeshadow palette: Eyeshadow palettes for various skin types have colors that go well with all skin tones. 

These neutral hues range from light to dark and are ideal for quickly and brilliantly adding a soft nude shade to your eyelids.

B. Matte eyeshadow palette: Glitter and brightness are absent from matte eyeshadows. They occasionally serve as a foundation and are entirely matte. Every hue is available in the eyeshadow palettes’ matte shades. They are a must-have if you wish to go bold on your eyes and lighter on the lips.

C. Colorful eyeshadow palette: Colorful palettes are also called rainbow eyeshadow palettes. There are palettes ranging from minor to vast for every need and requirement of the female audience. These palettes typically combine matte, glitter, shimmer, and nude eyeshadow colors. If you are a die-heart eye makeup lover, rainbow palettes are crafted especially for you. 

D. Glitter Eyeshadow Palette: The glitter eyeshadow palette contains shades of glitter. This glitters and sparkles as you blink. Your eyes will pop as a result of the shine. You don’t need any additional makeup when you use glitter eyeshadow to enhance your beauty. 

Buying guide

One of the things most loved by women is cosmetic products. One of the main components of makeup is eye shadow. However, not all women know how to choose the right eye shadow palette. Below are a few tips you must follow to buy the perfect eye shadow palette.

Choose the types of eyeshadow you want

Before selecting a palette, you must know the texture and type of eye makeup you desire. You can take your pick from matte, shimmer, metallic, mineral, or cream eyeshadow palettes. Matte is ideal for oily skin types as it stays very long. Because mineral eyeshadows are made entirely of natural minerals, they are excellent for sensitive skin prone to allergies. Shimmer and shine are appropriate for people who can party till early in the morning. Cream eyeshadows are ideal for dry skin because they are long-lasting and blend well.

Find eyeshadows that complement the color of your eyes

Like we all have different skin tones, and we all have different eye colors. Eye shadows come in various shades, which help you enhance your eye color. The most common eye colors are black and brown. Burgundy and other similar colors make the eyes appear magnificent. However, warm browns must be chosen if you want to go with a lighter and safer tone. You can achieve the necessary sensual and dramatic image using navy blue eyeshadow. Your green eyes will stand out more in mustard and peach. If you are starting and don’t know much, go with a nude palette. 

Choose a price range and search for the best

You can select an eye shadow palette that is ideal for you and within your price range. All you need to do is decide on a price range before beginning your search. Look for companies in your budget range, read reviews, and test out a few shades in the store to see whether they flatter your eyes.

Do not choose quantity over quality

You may find eye palettes with too many shades but no pigmentation. Before buying an eye palette, you must keep your likes and needs in mind. Choose an eye palette with well-pigmented shades that suits your skin tone, eye color, and personality. 

Get a range of valuable colors

Do not just choose a palette with only one color you like. It is important not to buy too many, but keeping a few varieties of applicable colors is also essential. When choosing a palette, remember that it has a good combination of colors and textures that blend well, like a dark and light shade, a neutral one, and a metallic or shimmer.

We hope the above information will help you in purchasing the correct eyeshadow. With these primarily used eyeshadow palettes, it’s time to start your shopping spree. Until now, you must have decided to bring home the best eyeshadow palette.

Here are the top 5 best eyeshadow palettes 

Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette, Berry Martini, 12 g

About this item

  • Highly pigmented with an intense color payoff.
  • Rich, silky textures are applied for an excellent finish.
  • The ideal blending of 48 shimmering and matte colors.
  • The recipe is very blendable, creamy, and finely milled.
  • Your eyes will feel light with a crease-free finish.
lakme The Best Selling Eyeshadow Palettes
Swiss Beauty Ultimate 9 Pigmented colors Eyeshadow Palette| Long wearing and Easily Blendable Eye makeup Palette | Matte, Shimmers, and Metallic

About this item

  • 9 in 1 Palette
  • Matte and shimmer shades
  • Intense Colour Payoff
  • Silky and ultra-fine particles
  • Blendable and buildable formula
  • Smudgeproof and transfer proof.
  • Lightweight And Second Skin Feel
swiss beauty The Best Selling Eyeshadow Palettes
URBANMAC Eyeshadow Palette 60 Color Makeup Palette Highlighters Eye Make-Up High Pigmented Professional Mattes and Shimmers

About this item

  • Different shades of approachable earth and terra cotta tones
  • It allows you to create endless looks.
  • Packed with a variety of durable, highly pigmented mattes and eye-catching shimmers,
URBANMAC Eyeshadow The Best Selling Eyeshadow Palettes
Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette (Eyeshadow) Shimmery Finish

About this item

  • It features soft nude tones with a beautiful texture that blends beautifully and looks natural on all skin tones.
  • The twelve nude shades of the Blushed Nudes palette are great to mix and match to create that perfect eye makeup look.
  • Go from soft blushed nude eyes in the day to bold rose smokey eyes at night using just this one makeup palette.
maybline The Best Selling Eyeshadow Palettes
MARS 9 Shade Eyeshadow Highlighter Bronzer Blusher The Palette 28 g (Shade-01)

About this item

  • This range of compact is packed with a selection of 9 highly pigmented shades.
  • This colorful palette can be used to craft a multitude of eye-catching looks.
  • From creating a subtle daytime look to that sultry nighttime smokey eye, these palettes do it all.
  • Create multiple looks with the duo, trio, and quad color combinations in one palette.
  • Suitable for professional and personal use.
mars The Best Selling Eyeshadow Palettes
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