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Feel Secured With CCTV Cameras14 min read

DN CCTV 1 Feel Secured With CCTV Cameras
  • What are CCTV Cameras?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Using A CCTV System In 2021?
  • What to look for when buying a CCTV Camera System?
CCTV Cameras

We’ve compiled some of the key benefits of using a CCTV security system at home, at office and in public places.

But what are these CCTV cameras that enable us to see live footage of tsunamis destroying cities and criminals robbing ATMs. 

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) system  uses video cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property. The image or video captured is transmitted to a monitor or set of monitors for surveillance. The technology is easy to understand, simple to use, and cost effective to maintain. CCTV systems serve a diverse set of vertical markets that include retail, banking and finance, transportation, education, commercial, government, and residential applications.

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A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) is an integrated network of cameras, monitors, computers and the internet. It is used for security and surveillance reasons. These hi-tech cameras are a private way to monitor activities in and around your home or office. Well protected, rain-proof and dust proof cameras are strategically placed so you can remotely monitor vulnerable areas of your house and property. The cameras send data to monitors and the images/footages can only be accessed by people who are authorised to use them. An optimum level of privacy and security, this system is reliable, and that is why it is often used to monitor traffic, buildings and public places like schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls and top security zones.

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More and more  property owners and security agencies are installing CCTV security systems to protect property and people. In some developed countries, it is estimated that there are more cameras than people. Security agencies are encouraging homeowners to install CCTV cameras to fight crime. Parents are using CCTV cameras to monitor their kids when they are away from home. The benefits of CCTV cameras are many and their impact on modern societies are undeniable.

The demand for CCTV systems is increasing. They are definitely helping the police to stop criminals. It is really hard to avoid the hawk eyes of these hi-tech cameras. 

Here are the benefits of using a CCTV system in 2021 :

1. Minimized Criminal Activity

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This is the obvious benefit for those who install CCTV systems in their property. Owners are able to monitor activities in their property and burglars are at an increased risk of getting caught than ever before. The psychological impact of being watched 24X7 is more effective on intruders than posting security personnel. Let alone the burglars, shoplifters and trespassers, the sight of a CCTV camera at work makes even a commoner alarmed and self-conscious. It is always better to prevent crimes than punishing the criminals, isn’t it? Most burglars enter homes via the front door, while the remaining use windows as an entry point. Therefore, installing CCTV cameras to monitor these routes of entry is the place to keep these unwanted people away.

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2. Better Home Insurance Deals

Feel Secured With CCTV Cameras

Higher the  risk, higher the insurance premium for your home. The owner of a home guarded by CCTV cameras pays a lower insurance premium because the risk of getting robbed is lessened. In case of burglary, if your home is not secured by CCTV cameras, your insurance provider will question you more and you may end up having little to no insurance claim for any loss. CCTV footages will make your claim stronger and help you get a claim which you may not have had otherwise. Therefore, installing a CCTV camera security system is a wise choice for homeowners who live in high risk zones. You should not wait until the worst happens. Buying a system now will save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

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3. Peace Of Mind

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Just the presence of CCTV cameras in our property gives us a sense of security and peace of mind. We feel that criminals will stay away from our property and if they break in, they will get caught by the police. This is especially true in those areas where criminals are very active. Many sophisticated CCTV security systems enable you to keep a watch on your property from your smartphone or any other remote location. You get every detail of how the criminals broke in, how they stole, what they stole and what weapons they used. Nothing escapes the eyes of a sophisticated CCTV camera system.

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4. Not So Expensive Security

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Installing CCTV cameras are easy and they don’t cost a fortune. It is a cost-effective form of security that serves you 24X7. Once you install the system, except cleaning the cameras, you don’t need to put any more money and effort to maintain them for years. Sophisticated CCTV systems use regular Wi-Fi to transmit data to your smartphone. A modest initial investment will bring home a system that can be installed just the way your property demands. The cost of a system is much much lower than the lives of people living in your house and costly theft or damage.

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5. Control Over Business Activities

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Installing CCTV cameras at offices and shops allows owners and managers to manage the business remotely. Employees tend to be more disciplined at work when they know that their activities are being monitored constantly by their superiors. Here are some benefits of installing CCTV cameras at workplaces:

  • Preventing vandalism
  • Keeping an eye on undisciplined employees
  • Overseeing your cash registers
  • Keeping your employees and property safe 24X7
  • Screening movement of customers
  • Preventing Shoplifting
  • Keeping a track of people entering and leaving the business premises

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6. Know Who Is At The Door

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We are always ready to welcome our guests, the postman, the milkman and the pizza delivery guys, but leaving the comfort of your sofa just to open the door for an unwanted salesman or a complete stranger is annoying and may be risky. A CCTV monitor installed at the kitchen or drawing room of a busy homemaker will let her know who is ringing the doorbell and decide whether to open the door or not. 

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7. Monitor Your Children

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A CCTV camera is the ultimate baby monitor when your children are alone in their room and you are in another. The system enables you to watch your baby from any room and know if he or she needs your attention. When you are out of your house, you can monitor if they are inviting unwanted guests or indulging in something not appropriate for their age. You can also monitor if your children are going out of the premises without your permission. You can also monitor how the nanny or babysitter or any guest is behaving with your child when you are not around.

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There are hundreds of brands selling various types of CCTV camera system at different price points. Therefore, you might wonder what to buy and what not to. Here is a list of the top 10 things you should consider before buying a CCTV camera system:

1. Identify the most vulnerable points of your property.

Installing a CCTV camera is easy but identifying where to install needs some research. Cameras can cover a wide range of angles and areas but deciding what to cover will help you save money and ensure security. Even a hi-tech CCTV camera system with ANPR(automatic number plate recognition), night vision, motion detection and auto tracking becomes completely obsolete if you don’t know where to install it. The bottomline is that you must know where to install and what to install.

2. Consider the influence of weather and location.

External factors like dust, rain and sun can impact the effectiveness and functionality of a CCTV camera significantly. When installing a camera system, you must ensure that the camera is capable of tackling the external factors. If your house is in a busy, dusty and polluted area, chances are that the lens of the camera will accumulate dust that can reduce the image quality. Sunlight can distort the image too. Even raindrops on the lens can lower the visibility of the cam. You must position the right kind of camera the right way. 

3. Make sure that the cables are of high quality.

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CCTV cameras are connected using cables with the monitor. Cables are needed for transferring data or power. Cat5e cables are used to carry both data and power. For better transmission you must use high quality cables. But CCTV systems powered by IP solutions allow both data and power to be transmitted over the same cable from the NVR. Check if the system you are buying has this facility.

4. Carefully choose the camera design.

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From PTZ camera to Bullet camera, there are various kinds of design available in the market. With so many choices it may be confusing for you to decide what to buy. After you have decided  what external factors and kind of threat you need to deal with, do some research and figure out what type of camera serves you the best. Bullets cameras, if fitted at a low level can easily be pushed out of view. Dome cameras are ideal if you want to scare the burglars out. Wireless cameras are expensive but don’t need cables to transmit data.

5. Check the image quality and resolution.

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Image and video quality is a big factor when you are trying to secure your property with a CCTV camera system. An analogue CCTV system from a good brand can offer up to deliver 1080p which is always a safer option. However, IP based CCTV cams can deliver from 1.2MP to 12MP images and videos which is the best but they can be expensive. If there is no budget constraint you must go for IP based systems.

6. Lens size and sensor matters.

Feel Secured With CCTV Cameras

From 2.8mm to mind boggling focal length, lenses come in various qualities and sizes. Bigger the lens the better. However, the sensor size matters the most because the image is created by the sensor, not the lens. To get detailed, crystal clear photos your camera must have a giant sensor with a powerful lens. A smaller lens with a small sensor may not help you identify criminals and objects the way you expect.

7. Night vision is a must.

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Most CCTV cameras can capture good quality images and videos when there is daylight but what if burglars raid your house during the night?  Don’t worry, we have infrared technology to solve the problem. Many sophisticated CCTV cameras offer infrared ranges of anywhere from 20m to even over 200m! Then again image quality may vary and the prices of these cameras with night vision may be high. Carefully consider the kind of range you really need and the quality of images a camera produces using night vision technology.

8. A bigger Data Storage is what you need.

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Nobody realises how much a big memory or data storage system is necessary until they find that the footage they need has vanished because the system ran out of memory. A high quality camera capturing high resolution video footage is useless unless you have a fat memory to store the data. Understand the kind of storage the system needs. A high quality camera must be supported by a huge memory or storage.

9. Some useful features.

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A state-of-the-art camera will have features like Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Motion Detection, Line Crossing Detection, and many more, but do you really need them? What’s the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition, or Line Crossing Detection if you are planning to install the camera in your drawing room. Remember that a feature packed camera may burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, do some research on the kind of camera you need before paying the vendor.

10. Any security system should be handled by professionals.

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You may know a lot about cameras but when it comes to securing your property, let professionals handle the matter. This is really important. You don’t need to take the stress of installing the cameras and cables because most companies offer free installation or minimal installation charge and maintenance.

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