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Best Selling Helmet Locks8 min read

helmet lock

A motorbike helmet lock has a little mechanism called a helmet lock attached to it. In the event of a crash, it serves to keep the helmet fastened to the bike. The lock slides through a slot at the back of the helmet after being attached to the chin strap. By doing this, the helmet won’t fall off during an accident. When not in use, you can reserve your helmet with the help of a helmet lock. The helmet is kept out of the way and is shielded from dirt and moisture. On the market, there are numerous varieties of helmet locks. Certain types are safer than others. You should pick a lock that meets your needs and is powerful enough to prevent theft.

Buyers Guide

One of the best methods to secure your helmet is a helmet lock. So you must choose the proper helmet lock to protect your valuable helmet. And the helmet is one of the most geared of your bike accessories.

When deciding on a lock for your helmet, you must consider the following things:


  • The more the helmet is made of steel, especially heat-treated steel, the more durable it is.
  • Additionally, those with a protective covering around the cable are more resistant to outside dirt and scratches.
  • Those having a plastic or PVC coating are more durable comparatively.

Locking Mechanism

  • This is another essential feature to look for.
  • If you always need to remember your keys or have some trouble carrying them, you should never go for the locks that require a key to be unlocked.
  • They should go for combination locks. Combination locks are a big no for those who constantly struggle to remember numbers and combinations.
  • They should go for the alternative.

User-friendly Features

  • The lock must be user-friendly.
  • Those with big-sized helmets require a long strap or cable for safety.
  • The cable covering should also be very comfortable to hold.


  • It is another critical factor.
  • Your lock must hold your things in extreme conditions.
  • For instance, it must not rust immediately when exposed to rain or doesn’t melt at high temperatures.

Types of Helmet Locks

Nowadays, many companies manufacture these locks in several types with valuable features. Three types of helmet locks are available, each with its distinct components, as described below.

There are three types of helmet locks, as follows

Carabiner Style Helmet Lock

  • These are the most exciting sort of helmet locks that give a tough time to thieves.
  • These comprise a programmable four-digit code system.
  • You can set and change the codes according to your own will and requirement.
  • And the best thing about these locks is that you don’t need to take care of the keys, and there is no danger of losing them.
  • The helmet lock always provides ultimate protection to the helmet and is convenient to use as well.

Lock Straps

  • These consist of a long strap having mostly a cable inside it.
  • Within its belt, you can secure your helmet and other luggage, such as jackets, mufflers, etc.

Cable Lock

  • It is similar to the lock strap. But it consists of a cable lock.


  • Many helmet locks are portable, so you can take them anywhere.
  • However, a lot of them can be attached to the bike only.
  • Some have a self-coiling wire that gives strength to the lock.
  • Helmet locks come with cut-resistant cables.
  • Mainly helmet locks are made with plastic or metal, or polymer materials.
  • And these are portable and lightweight only.

How to use a helmet lock?

They know the working mechanism of a helmet lock. Modern helmets come with an in-built lock feature. And these are the easiest ways to lock your helmet to your bike. Most locks include cables that loop around the helmet and the bike, preventing them from being lost or stolen. They also have locks with keys. Some people also use combination locks for the same purpose.

Benefits of using a helmet lock

Prevents theft- A helmet lock will prevent anyone from being able to take your helmet, which can be a costly replacement if it’s stolen.

Discourages grab-and-runs- It is considerably more difficult for someone to take your helmet and flee if it is fastened to your bike. By doing this, you can prevent becoming stuck without a helmet or having to buy new pricey equipment.

Keeps your helmet secure- If you are not using a helmet lock, your helmet can quickly become dislodged and fall off while riding. This is dangerous, but it can also damage or scratch your helmet. A helmet lock will keep it secure, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Keeps your helmet clean- If it is not locked to your bike, it can quickly become dirty from the road or rain. A helmet lock will help keep it clean and protected from the elements.

It protects your helmet in storage- A lock can protect it from theft and damage when you are not using your helmet. If you leave your helmet lying around, it’s an easy target for thieves. And if it gets knocked over or stepped on, it could be damaged beyond repair. A good helmet lock will keep your helmet safe and sound until you are ready to ride again.

It makes it simple to transport your helmet- A helmet lock can make it easy to take your helmet with you if you’re traveling. First, you need to secure the safety around your helmet and bike, and then you are ready to go. This is an excellent option if you are taking a trip and don’t want to leave your helmet behind.

Here are the top 5 best helmet locks in India

AllExtreme EXHBL1M Heavy Duty Multipurpose Cable Lock for Bike, Luggage, Helmet, Steel Keylock, Anti-Theft (Multicolor)

About this item

  • Helmet lock for bike: With the AllExtreme Anti Theft Helmet Lock, you can prevent helmet theft. 
  • This cable lock connects other goods with your vehicle, such as securing a bicycle to stiff objects.
  • Comes with two keys: AllExtreme This bike lock comes with two keys. You can take one of the keys to use daily, and you can leave another key at home in case you accidentally lose one.
Best Selling Helmet Locks
Autofy Heavy Duty 4 Digit Number Lock Helmet Lock Multipurpose Lock Bike Lock Combination Lock (Black & Orange – 1st Generation)

About this item

  • This multi-purpose lock can be used for all activities like cycle locking, motorcycle locking, helmet locking, luggage locking, carry bag locking, etc.
  • Four-digit number lock with the number you can set the default or factory set code is ‘0000’; this can be changed and developed according to the user.
  • The number lock combination can be set and reset depending on the need and wish.
autofy Best Selling Helmet Locks
Steelbird Heavy Duty Helmet Lock Anti-Theft Multipurpose Steel Cable Safety Lock with 2 Keys for Bike, Bicycle & Cycle

About this item

  • Helmet Lock for Bike, Cycle, Scooter
  • The item is a superbly made, high-quality item from the Alfa Locks company.
  • A transparent PVC Pipe covers the iron cable to prevent hand damage and rust.
steelbird Best Selling Helmet Locks
VEGA Key Lock (Orange), Unfinished

About this item

  • It comes with 2 Iron keys provided wear-resistant and non-reversible keys for easy to use
  • Simple and portable to use, great for bicycles, scooters, sports equipment, gates, or other valuables against theft.
  • Composition: Strong cut resistance and scratch resistance, made of heavy-duty 10 mm braided steel with a protective PVC coating to ensure.
vega Best Selling Helmet Locks
DOCOSS- Ultra Strong Number Lock for Cycle Lock / Helmet Lock for Bike Lock /Cable Lock /Password Lock for Bike / Cycle Locks(Blue)

About this item

  • Braided steel & PVC coating: The bike helmet lock cable is constructed of high-strength braided steel wire, which has greater strength and flexibility and can bear tension forces of 2.4 KN and shear forces of 7 KN. 
  • Additionally, the PVC protective covering makes the item more durable and helps avoid scratches.
  • Multi-purpose: The cable on the bike locks is long enough to secure your bike or cycle to a tree, gate, fence, railing, sturdy pole, and other structures. The lock can also secure doors, grills, ladders, helmet locks, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, and other items.
Docoss Best Selling Helmet Locks
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