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Home Improvement Hacks That Works7 min read

19 Home Improvement Hacks That Works

… and it takes just 7 days to transform your lifeless home interior into a vibrant living space.

A home that relaxes your body and mind by pampering all of your five senses is the beautiful home. If you have a tight budget, this article will help you to renovate your room in just 7 days, of course you need to invest some time and effort, to achieve your goal.

I love to watch TV shows on home improvement hacks. Do you watch those Home budget project TV shows wherein a few smart designers, along with a target person’s family members and friends, surprise him/her by transforming their old, boring home into an attractive living space, in just a few hours?

They just remove a few old cushions, get rid of a few curtains, and replace some of those old pieces of furniture with modern IKEA. Then they give the low budget interior a touch of sophistication by bringing is a few eye-catching home and office decoration items. I don’t know how they do it, but if you just sit back and let them work for a few hours, bam, the whole house looks WOW!

We all wish to give similar WOW transformation to our house quickly, yet brilliantly, just like those reality TV shows. But budget, manpower and time stop us from giving our house the new look and feel it deserves. However, in reality, it is always possible to make your house an expression of your inner beauty all by yourself if you have a few already known ideas.

The below mentioned home decor ideas India cannot make your house look like a penthouse overnight but will surely make it look a lot more interesting, refreshing and lively. If you know how to make your house look good without spending much money, you know how to live well.

Day 1, Sunday – If you don’t use them, you don’t need them.

Home Improvement Hacks

The simple rule of finding something unnecessary is to find something that you have not used in last 2-3 years or you don’t feel like using it. Throw out those that stained flower vases that you haven’t used for years. Go to each room of your house and remove all the unnecessary junk one by one. From that old dust covered table clock to the table cloth that you think too old to use, remove all the clutter and sell them on OLX or eBay. And if something is too close to your heart, yet unusable, pack it and leave it in your storeroom. Don’t be an emotional fool. Rooms look great only when they are well organized and uncluttered.

Day 2, Monday – Your living room deserves your care.

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People leave their pyjamas and pillows scattered on the bed while in hurry. Many even letting that uneaten, uncovered food rot on the dining table for hours, and even days. A messy room is an ugly, unhealthy room. Therefore, tidy up your living room, dining room and bedroom before you leave for office. Once you come back tired and famished, you will appreciate this piece of advice. Leaving your home clean and tidy before going out for work or leisure helps you to relax, or spend some quality time with your family and friends in the evening. A tidy room is what you need to de-stress yourself after a long, tiring day at work.

Day 3, Tuesday – Diyas and candles remind us of our spiritual nature.

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Diyas and candles are not very expensive but are very effective in uplifting the mood of everyone living in the house. Dedicate a little space in your house for lighting candles, or diyas and sit silently. Keep watching the soothing flame to realize your spiritual nature. Calmness has a beauty of its own. If you can maintain a peaceful environment at home and indirectly inculcate a sense of peace, joy and spirituality in your children by being a role model yourself, your home will look far more beautiful than you can think of. A house looks beautiful only when people living inside are peaceful and loving.

Day 4, Wednesday – Pamper your family, friends and visitors with aroma.

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Aromatic Oils are pricey but you still can afford them. The oils evaporate into the air and enters your body through your organ of smell. You can use a diffuser container, or you can spray. You can release a few drops of aromatic oils using a dropper, or breathe it in with steam by pouring a few drops on a bowl of hot water. These essential oils not only pamper your sense of smell but also work as respiratory disinfectant, decongestant and de-stressor. Different essential oils work in different ways and each oil comes with it own set of benefits. The smell of citrus, or sandalwood have a subtle, yet holistic effect on the body.

Day 5, Thursday – Express your love for beauty with flowers.

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Bring home some colorful creepy crawlies and use some hanging planters to flaunt them. Buy some flowers online and place them in your living room, hallway and kitchen. If you think that natural flowers are too expensive, or too perishable, buy artificial flowers and plants. Natural flowers, because of their colorful look and refreshing smells, help you to keep away depression and boredom. Consider having at least one indoor plant. Love it like your baby. Low light indoor plants like Money Plant, Ivy, Anthurium, Rex Begonia, Peace Lily, or Spider Plant are perfect for your home. They purify the air, and add natural beauty to your modern home.

Day 6, Friday – Rearrange your furniture.

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I cannot give you a quicker and cheaper solution than this. Just rearrange those chair, table, sofa and bed, and voila, the room looks great once again. Take the help of a friend or family member if the pieces are big, heavy, or delicate. Simply change the position of your bed, dressing table and the sofa to make a room look fresh and interesting once again. You may notice that your room looks bigger and better than before. One of the important aspects of interior design is to place furniture is such a way that every room looks spacious and well furnished. If you have money, try to replace those old unused pieces of furniture with new ones.

Day 7, Saturday – Flaunt Your Sweet Memories With Photo Frames

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Picture frames not only protects your photos but also give them an aesthetic look. Photo frames  compliments the beauty of walls, and helps you to flaunt your memories. They are great in hiding ugly cracks, holes and stains on the wall. Buy photo frames and wall decors that goes well with other pieces of furniture in the room and display some awesome moments of your life proudly. Photo frames, table top or wall mounted, can help you make your room look charming once again, and they don’t cost much. Just make sure that the shape, size and materials used, blend well with the color of the walls and furniture around. This is one of the most economic home decor ideas India.

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