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How to convert airtel postpaid to prepaid?4 min read

72 How to convert airtel postpaid to prepaid?


Interested to know how to convert Airtel postpaid to prepaid? Then you’re on the right page which will provide you with all the information!

Bharti Airtel Limited aka Airtel is a telecommunications company that is headquartered in New Delhi and offers seamless voice, and data services. Just like Vodafone, Airtel also offers both prepaid, and postpaid facilities for its customers. And, moreover, Airtel provides the option of converting postpaid to prepaid without having to change phone number which has been made mandatory by TRAI’s (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

The connection migration from postpaid to prepaid is a very simple process. Now without wasting much of your time let’s read this article to understand clearly how to convert Airtel postpaid to prepaid connection!

73 How to convert airtel postpaid to prepaid?

Benefits Of Converting Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid Number

Before you are aware of how to convert the Airtel number from postpaid to prepaid, let us provide you with a summary of the benefits of this connection conversion.

  • The prepaid connection is more pocket-friendly.
  • Make calls, and get data for a longer period of time that can be altered according to the tariff plan of your needs.
  • There is absolutely no need to wait till the end of the month, you can easily make a switch to experience a new plan.
  • The higher the amount you recharge the more advantages you get including free access to OTT platform like Disney+Hotstar and more.
  • Say goodbye to monthly bills wit Airtel prepaid.
  • Recharging your number is easy with options like apps, online, or even at a tore.
How to convert airtel postpaid to prepaid

Steps On How To Convert Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid?

The switching process from postpaid to prepaid has to be done in an offline Airtel store by the customers. If a customer or a subscriber requests the changing of his postpaid to prepaid, only then this migration facility is activated. The switching from Airtel postpaid to Airtel prepaid is a 6 step process:

1. Stop by an Airtel Store

The first step is to locate and visit the nearest available Airtel offline store with the help of using the airtel website for the list of stores or even google maps.

2. Required Documents

The next step is to make sure that you must carry all your document for verification like ID proof, Address proof to the Airtel store so that connection change from postpaid to prepaid can be done without any hassle.

3. Filling Up of the Prepaid Migration Form 

The 3rd step is to ask the Airtel customer service representative to provide you with a Postpaid Migration form that has to be filled up completely including the reason why the switch is being done.

3. Payment of Dues

If there is a bill that is outstanding for your current postpaid number, then it must be cleared off to prevent the cancellation of any migration.

4. Form Submission

Next, after the form has been filled up, the bill has been paid, then the customer must attach the form and the cleared bill with the photocopied documents for easy verification to the service associate. Customers must always remember to carry their necessary original, and xerox copies of the verification documents like Adhaar Card, Pan Card etc. 

5. Sim Activation

Once all the documents are verified, a new prepaid SIM is issued, and the new sim activation takes around 3-6 hours for the subscriber to see any service available on the phone. During this, an nd the time later, your postpaid sim has no connection and becomes inactive.

6. Sim Recharge

Once activation is complete, and the connection is changed from postpaid to prepaid, the subscriber can recharge their sim with any plan of their choice to enjoy uninterrupted services provided by Airtel.

63 How to convert airtel postpaid to prepaid?
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