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How to get free data in Airtel?3 min read

67 How to get free data in Airtel?


airtel thanks eaed How to get free data in Airtel?

Searching for how to get free data in Airtel? Then you have landed at the right destination!

This article has all you need to know about a few internet tricks that can help you get free data in Airtel. The Free Data On Airtel plans could be valid could be three days, five days, ten days and even 15 days. Even if users cannot utilise all their 4G data before the expiration of the plans, the Airtel free internet data pack would be carry forwarded for use along with the next plan’s data.

Airtel free data can be availed by calling, or sending an SMS to particular USSD codes,or can also be got through Airtel Thanks App.

Now lets into how to get free airtel data for customers!

How To Get 2GB Free Data On Airtel Thanks App

My Airtel free data banner How to get free data in Airtel?

All existing Airtel users can get 2GB of Free Data On the Airtel Thanks App. The Airtel free internet code process is given below:

Step 1:Download the official Airtel app

Step 2: Log in with your Airtel sim number

Step 3: On the dashboard of the app, select Airtel free internet option

Step 4: The last step is that Users must follow the step-by-step guide given on the Airtel application and avail the Airtel Internet free code 2021

How to get free data in Airtel?

OffersWhat to Do?
10GB 4g dataDial 5999555 and follow the steps
2GB free 4gDial 52122 and follow the steps
1GB 4g dataDownload the Airtel TV app
60GB internet activationActivate it via SMS
500MB DataFollow instructions given inside
30GB for 30 daysDial 51111
60 GB DataMessage SURPRISE to 121, postpaid
Get 30 GB free 4g DataAirtel Volte beta program
Get free 28 GBMissed call on 125346 
Get Free 10 GbGive a missed Call 54321 
2 GB DataDownload Airtel TV App (1st Time Users)
100 MB DataDial USSD Code *121*100# 
unnamed How to get free data in Airtel?


All the existing users of the Airtel connection can avail free data in Airtel by following the simple steps above. So, if you like this article then share it with people who are looking for free data in Airtel. Also, do not forget to share your feedback in the section provided below, and tell us which trick you used to get data!

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