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How to organise your refrigerator5 min read

Organize Your Fridge 03 How to organise your refrigerator

We usually store countless things in our refrigerator, especially in summer, making it more important to organize our fridge to save time and money. When learning to manage a refrigerator, you should first separate the sections into groups based on type. For example, you shouldn’t keep raw meat and vegetables on the top shelves. Instead, keep leftovers, beverages, and ready-to-eat food there. To make the process easier, buy clear storage boxes shelves that can fit in your fridge. They are easy to find on Amazon. If you have a large refrigerator, consider investing in a wine rack.

When organizing your fridge, always remember to store perishable foods on the top shelves, while perishable items on the bottom ones should go in the colder parts. If you have a small fridge, you can place condiments and other items in the door, which will prevent cross-contamination. On the other hand, Herbs should be placed on the middle rack.


When organizing your fridge, keep perishable items in the coldest parts. The door is the warmest part of the fridge, so put condiments and other non-perishable food in the door. Store vegetables in the large drawers provided at the bottom of the refrigerator. Put all your greens in containers with tissues at the bottom for moisture absorption and longer freshness. Try keeping them in clear baskets/boxes to find them quickly and not damage any vegetables. 

The next step in organizing is to keep food items on the shelf, which has the airflow in the refrigerator. You can keep those food items that are consumed gradually, like sprouts, chutneys, curd, etc. The leftover food can also be stored on this shelf. 

Store beverages like juices, shakes, and other drinks in the refrigerator door. Spices that are not regularly used can be kept in airtight boxes/containers in the freezer so that their smell does not circulate in the fridge. Dry fruits can also be kept in the freezer for better longevity.

Organize Your Fridge01 How to organise your refrigerator

In some households, medicines are also stored in the refrigerator. Ensure to store them in an airtight container to avoid spillage and keep them on a shelf away from air vents to maintain a minimum temperature.

Another tip on how to organize a refrigerator is to use a lazy Susan. A lazy Susan(a revolving stand or tray) is a great way to keep all of the items you need within easy reach. It’s an excellent way to keep all your condiments in their place. You can also use a lazy-susan to store raw meat and vegetables. 

The top shelves should be reserved for meat and dairy products like milk and cheese. Natural preservatives should be stored in the door. These are also the best places for other things, such as condiments and pickles. Ensure that they’re stored in a separate drawer. If you don’t have a drawer, the doors are also good to put these items. Eggs and bread can be stored on the bottom shelf.

Organize Your Fridge 05 How to organise your refrigerator

The next step in organizing your fridge is to clean it thoroughly. A monthly deep clean is ideal. You can do it yourself with no experience. Besides wiping the shelves, you can place transparent mats to ensure the frames remain clean for a longer time. You can also use painter’s tape to label leftovers and frozen food. By following these steps, you will be able to organize your fridge in no time.

Once you’ve emptied your fridge, you can clean it properly. You’ll be able to see what you need and what you don’t. Deep cleaning can be done in less than 30 minutes. It would be best if you also took note of the dates and times of expiry on each food item. Once you’ve completed a deep cleaning, you should have a clean and well-organized fridge.

You should also be able to see what’s inside. This way, you won’t have to dig around for food items, in addition to cleaning the fridge. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by doing so. You’ll be able to see where you’re storing your food, and you can avoid waste by putting your leftovers in the back.

You should also consider providing a kid-friendly snack station if you have kids. This way, the kids can easily access the snacks and drinks they need. This helps to speed up cooking and reduces the chance of accidents. In addition, you can get a lot more done if you have a clean fridge. You’ll be amazed at how faster your kitchen runs when your refrigerator is fully organized. 

Lastly, always keep your fridge decluttered and not overfill it. The refrigerator will function better due to the better circulation of air. 

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