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5 Best Kitchen Sinks in India7 min read

kitchen sink

A kitchen sink is a bowl-shaped plumbing appliance frequently used for hand washing, dishwashing, and other household tasks. They have faucets (taps) with hot and cold water capabilities and a spray feature for easy cleaning.

The Kitchen has always been the most crucial aspect of any home. People worldwide spend a lot of time in the kitchen for cooking. And as the Kitchen is the heart of every family, and the sink is a vital part of it. Well, cooking is not the only thing you do in the Kitchen. But think about it, was there any day you didn’t use your kitchen sink? For washing hands, rinsing vegetables, and cleaning utensils afterward – the sink area is one of the most utilized spaces in your Kitchen. Perhaps you didn’t give it much thought, but the kitchen sink is an essential element for every Household. It’s something that will be used almost every single day. Now replacing your kitchen sink every year can be expensive and troublesome. For sure, it needs to last for the years to come.

Types of kitchen sink

One of your most important purchases is a kitchen sink. 

Before installing one, always remember that a kitchen sink will be attacked by harmful materials like oily foods, sharp knives, boiling water, etc.

There are two types category of kitchen sink

Types of bowl

  • Single-bowl- This is equipped with a single sink and a countertop. It is an excellent choice for small and compact kitchens, which are easy to clean. Single-bowl sinks can lend a streamlined look to your kitchen.
  • Double bowl-sink- Sinks with two bowls are divided into two sinks. Most homeowners swear by a double-bowl sink, for it makes multitasking an easy job. This is also a great choice when two cooks are in the kitchen.
  • Sink with drainboard- Indian kitchens frequently use this option since it provides room to dry utensils and drain veggies. Because it includes a drainboard in various sizes and shapes, it frequently takes up extra room on the countertop.

Types of installation

  •  Top mount sink- This is also known as the drop-in or self-rimming sink seen regularly in Indian kitchens. To put it simply, the top mount sink has a ridge that fits over the countertop. It has a sink rim or lips resting on top of the countertop. These kinds of sinks are easier to install and are relatively cheap.
  •  Undermount sink- This kind of sink hangs underneath the counter since it is recessed beneath the countertop. It generates a precise flow from the countertop into the sink because the sink’s lip or rim doesn’t rest on top of the counter. Because there are no gaps where dirt or grime often accumulates, the under-mount sink is very simple to clean.
  •  Integrated sink- This is for people who want a kitchen sink that blends in smoothly. It is formed of the same substance as the countertop, such as quartz, solid surface, solid metal, or stone. An integrated sink is ideal for a modern kitchen due to its sleek and sophisticated form.

Kitchen sink materials

Stainless Steel – Kitchen Sink

This is the most common material for kitchen sink used in almost every home. It is easy to install, lightweight, and stain-resistant. It has many advantages like being affordable, crack-free, rust-free, low maintenance, and fits well with all countertop surfaces.

Granite – Kitchen Sink

Granite is the following most demanded material after the stainless kitchen sink. This type of sink comes in two different types: Natural Granite sink and Granite Composite sink.

Natural granite is a mineral mixture that has developed spontaneously. Each combination has unique veins, thicknesses, hues, natural beauty, and imperfections. Some of the most costly sinks on the market are made of purely natural granite.

Granite Composite Sink is made from 95% natural stone and 5% resin. Composite granite is more demanding and heavier though exponentially less expensive than natural granite. It is formed under high pressure, making them nonporous, hygienic, and resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and chips.

Cast Iron – Kitchen Sink

Cast iron sink comes with a thick enamel top porcelain coating, giving them a glossy sheen. This layer is primarily white but can be done in any color matching your kitchen tiles. It is heavier than other sink types, which means it can survive a lifetime of use. The glistening finish of the cast iron sink helps hide water spots and streaks.

Copper – Kitchen Sink

The copper sink is made with 99.9% pure copper. It is naturally antimicrobial to kill harmful bacteria, a reason why many health-conscious people prefer this sink. However, extra maintenance is recommended to keep it looking new such as monthly waxing and washing with a cleaner, as it will fade fast due to oxidation. A copper sink adds a rustic charm to any style of kitchen.

Concrete – Kitchen Sink

The concrete kitchen sink is available in a custom-made and precast form. The concrete sink takes a low-cost material considered for construction and foundations and turns it into something artistic. Because of the customization available, you can design it as per your choice and the style of your kitchen. It is heavy and requires sufficient base cabinet support.

Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Most people wash their utensils, mop the floor, and wipe the counter daily, whereas cleaning the sink is not on the to-do list every night. The kitchen sink is most prone to being bacteria-ridden, so disinfecting it regularly is a must. Cleaning your kitchen sink frequently with a clean, soft, damp cloth will prevent water spots. A mild soap, nylon sponge, or soft cloth can also wipe your sink. Avoid chemical cleaners if your sink has a protective coating or a custom finish.

Top 5 best kitchen sinks in India


About this item


Colour: SATIN

Material: Stainless Steel

Size:37″x18″ DUSTBIN

Installation Type: Countertop

CROCODILE 304 GRADE 5 Best Kitchen Sinks in India
Jindal Kitchen Sink (Gold Grade) Glossy 20*17*8 (3 KG) With SS Heavy Kitchen Sink Coupling (200 GM)

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Colour: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel


Installation Type: Undermount

Jindal Kitchen Sink 5 Best Kitchen Sinks in India
Ruhe® 304-Grade Stainless Steel Square Single Bowl with Drainboard Kitchen Sink | 37 x 18 x 8 inches | Glossy Finish | Included Sink Coupling and Waste pipe

About this item

Brand: Ruhe

Colour: Bright Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Size:37x18x8 Inches

Style: Square Single Bowl with Drain Board

Ruhe® 304 Grade Stainless 5 Best Kitchen Sinks in India
ALTON HMS25005, Stainless Steel, 24 x 18 x 10 Kitchen Sink with Flexible Sink Cock, Matte

About this item

Brand: ALTON

Colour: Matte Finish

Material: Stainless Steel

Size:24 x 18 x 10

Style: Handmade

ALTON HMS25005 Stainless 5 Best Kitchen Sinks in India
 ARQUIN Handmade Double Bowl Sink (37 ” x 18 ” x 10 ” Tap Hole)

 About this item

 Brand: ARQUIN

 Colour: Silver Matte Finish

 Material: Stainless Steel

 Style:37 ” x 18 ” x 10 ” Tap Hole

Finish Type: Matte

ARQUIN Handmade Double 5 Best Kitchen Sinks in India
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