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Best Selling Makeup Brushes9 min read

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A makeup brush is a bristle tool for applying makeup or face painting. The bristles may be made of natural or synthetic materials, while the handle is usually made of plastic or wood. Cosmetics integrate better into the skin when applied with the right brush.

How to select which brushes to use for makeup?

Contour Brush- What would you do to mix several contour shades? You need a dense contouring brush to blend the materials and produce a natural shadow. It is crucial to avoid having areas of your face that are darker than others. Soft bristles and an angled shape make spreading easier with a contour brush. It can also be used to attach bronzer and highlighters. You can achieve a perfect contrast right at your hairline with its assistance.

Foundation Brush- Our makeup is incomplete without foundation. It is the basis of every flawless finish. But how can you achieve a non-cakey texture without a designated application tool? So, the foundation brush is now included in the list of necessities. It is larger than the concealer brush because you need to cover a large part of your face. It enables the cream to penetrate the skin evenly and aids in creating a flawless foundation for applying the remaining beauty products. Eye Liner Brush- How is it possible to create the ideal wing liner without a liner brush? It is a slender tool with a pointy tip that slides over the eyelids easily. With this brush, you can get as close to the lash lines as possible. There are liner brushes with angled tips available. This aids in getting perfect wings. Additionally, the tilt minimizes smudging and smearing, which could force you to redo your eye makeup.

Blending Brush- You need a highly sought-after blending brush to get the ideal eye shadow and contour. It seamlessly blends various shapes and colors around the nose and stops eyeshadow from creasing around the lids and corners. It enables you to combine colors seamlessly while generating a soft contrast that gives the design a more organic feel. Every cosmetic bag needs one, so you do not end up accumulating beauty products in one spot.

Concealer Brush- A concealer brush has a dense top and is rounded. It aids in perfecting the product’s blending and achieving a non-baked appearance. The meeting is easy to grip and glides over the skin despite being short in length. You can use it to dab concealer and apply it to your lips, nose, acne, and eye corners. It aids in illuminating dark skin spots instead of absorbing the entire substance.

Double-Sided Eyeshadow Brush- You can only combine shades using a blending brush. However, an eyeshadow brush makes it simple to apply the colors flawlessly. Reaching the corners of your eyes will help you get a flawless appearance close to wrinkles. You can use eyeshadow more quickly towards the lower lash line. It will add depth and let you create a smokey, smudged appearance. You can also combine different hues of tones to provide a seamless contrast.

Powder Brush- The majority of compacts include an applicator. However, a brush is required to powder the area around your nose’s corner and under your eyes. In comparison to the foundation brush, it is broader and denser. As a result, the beauty product spreads more quickly across the face.

Beauty Blender- The Beauty Blender is a favorite of makeup artists on YouTube. Because they are an excellent way to apply several products, Beauty Blenders, and other comparable makeup sponges are popular. It can be used as a primer for a uniform, sturdy base. You can even use it to apply topical lotions or sunscreen. Of course, beauty lovers commonly use it to apply foundation and blend blush, bronzer, and highlighter.

To use a liquid foundation, run the sponge under the sink with cool or warm water and then press the sponge to remove the extra water. Water assists in preventing the sponge from absorbing any makeup. To test the coverage, carefully dab the sponge into the cosmetic product and apply a small quantity to the wrist or back of your hand. Then, apply the product to your face using soft dabbing motions. When using a beauty blender, less is more. Use the Beauty Blender’s tip for detail work on smaller areas, such as putting a highlighter on your cupid’s bow or shimmer on your brow bones. If you use dry powder, pour some of the product onto the lid and dab the sponge directly into the product. The same steps as for liquid foundation should be followed. Be mindful that the sponge may need to be re-moisturized because it can dry out throughout the application.

How should you clean your makeup brushes?

Here is how to clean your makeup brushes:

  • In the sink, rinse the bristles at a downward angle.
  • Dip the bristles in your preferred cleanser.
  • Create suds with the brush in your palm, and gently use your hands and fingers to clean the bristles. “If there is some serious daub, add a couple of drops of olive oil to help break up the dirt,” beauty experts say. “The oil also prevents long-term drying out of your brushes.”
  • Rinse off the soap.
  • Use a fresh paper towel to squeeze out any extra moisture.
  • Makeup brushes should be dried with the bristles pointed downward. To hold your encounters, you can use hooks or a drying rack. Alternately, place the bristles of your brushes over the side of your sink so they can drip dry.

When should I buy new makeup brushes?

If the bristles on your cosmetic brushes appear broken or disintegrating, or if you cannot altogether remove the dirt from them, it’s time to replace your brush.

  • The brush feels harsh on your face.
  • The scrub smells a little off, even after you clean it. This is a sign of bacteria.
  • The meeting loses its natural shape.
  • The brush is not performing as well as it once did.

Here are the top 5 best makeup brushes in India

GUBB Makeup Brush Set Of 8 Makeup Brushes – Powder, Foundation, Flat Eyeshadow, Blush, Mascara, Eyeliner, Lip & Eyeshadow Blending Brush – High Definition Results With Fewer Simple Strokes

About this item

  • Makeup brush surprise kit: To give your makeup that airbrushed look, GUBB USA offers you a premium collection of 8 professional beauty brushes, including a powder brush and foundation eyeshadow blending eyeshadow brush, blush brush, mascara brush, slant eyeliner brush, and lip brush. 
  • Get the necessary makeup brushes now to become your makeup artist. Get the essential makeup brushes now to become your makeup artist.
  • Soft bristles & ergonomic handle – Every makeup brush in the set is made with luxuriously soft bristles that feel incredibly gentle on your skin and an ergonomic handle that gives you the best grip and control possible while using the brushes to apply makeup.
gubb Best Selling Makeup Brushes
Swiss Beauty Premium Synthetic Bristle Professional Face and Eye Makeup Brushes Set with 6 makeup brushes | For Cream, Liquid, and Powder Formulation|

About this item

  • Makeup Brushes-Pack 6 makeup brushes with wooden handles for effortless makeup for everyday makeup. A multipurpose, high-performance brush with a unique sculpted design for accuracy at all angles. 
  • This brush is a go-to tool for applying makeup beautifully. Blush, bronzer, foundation, and concealer blend into the skin thanks to a diagonal corner, making it easier to contour and control your look than ever before.
  • Application: From this Makeup Set, you will feel so easy and efficient to apply a sufficient amount of makeup.
swissbeauty Best Selling Makeup Brushes
MACPLUS Fiber Bristle Makeup Brush Set with Black Leather Case- BLACK, 24 Pieces

About this item

  • 24 Pieces Professional Makeup Brush Set – This brings you a stunning, professional-grade 24-piece makeup brush set. 
  • You will search for everything you need in this comprehensive set, including blush brushes and contouring brushes!
  • Soft Bristles That Stay – Makeup brushes are the best because we make them with incredibly soft fibers that won’t irritate or penetrate your skin. 
  • Additionally, the bristles do not shed while applying makeup.
macplus Best Selling Makeup Brushes
Amazon Brand – Eono Makeup Brush Set of 17 with Purple Box, Professional Foundation Eyeshadow Blending Blush Concealer Contour Face Makeup Kit for Women Girls Beginners

About this item

  • Pro Makeup Brushes Sets:17 pieces of beauty brushes cover all of your cosmetic needs, including foundation, blush, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, lip, concealer, and blending. Ideal for newcomers and fans of professional makeup.
  • Premium Synthetic Material: The dense synthetic hair used in the Eono Makeup Brush Set is 100% cruelty-free; the fiber-based hair is non-irritating to the skin.Purple gradient design for a stylish and modern appearance.
  • Elegant Design Handle: The handles are made of a purple handle of high-end performance fashionable design; the intensely visual feel makes you feel more comfortable using it—Non-slip, easy to grip for a long time.
amazon brand Best Selling Makeup Brushes
Foolzy 11Pcs Makeup Brush Set Professional Kabuki Foundation Blending Blush Concealer Eye Face Liquid Powder Cream Cosmetics Brushes Kit

About this item

  • Essential Brush Tool: These brushes are ideal for using liquids, powders, or creams to apply makeup beautifully on the face and eyes. The set includes an eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush, contour brush, and eyelash and eyebrow brush for daily use.
  • Fantastic Bristles: Distinctive trait Foolzy brushes are distinctive, adaptable, and the ideal finishing touch for your brush collection. These premium synthetic bristles are incredibly exceptional and silky soft, and they have sufficient density to apply cream and other products to the skin evenly for a high-definition impression.
foozly Best Selling Makeup Brushes
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