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Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in The World10 min read

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Dogs are extremely sweet and adorable animals. They have always been faithful friends to us. However, some aggressive dog breeds have always been on the news due to the fatal injuries they have done to either humans or other animals. Before forming an aggressive image in our minds about them, let us understand what dog aggression is and look at some of the reasons behind their aggressive behavior. 

Dog aggression is characterized by certain aggressive behaviors of the dog-like showing teeth, growling, snarling, biting, snapping, or any other kind of unnatural behavior. Some of the reasons behind such aggressive behaviors are:

  • Protective Instinct: Dogs inherently have a protective instinct for their masters. They consider any outsider to be an intruder and get alert and aggressive to chase the outsider away. 
  • Sense of Possessiveness: A dog is usually territorial and hates to share its space. It feels as if the outsider or another animal is invading its territory by getting in. As a result, they tend to get aggressive and attack. 
  • Fear: As we have all heard the famous saying, ‘Attack is the best defense’, it is true in this case. At times dogs use their aggressive behavior as a defense mechanism to escape. They tend to attack and come out of an uncomfortable situation.
  • Agitation due to Illness: When dogs are unwell their mind gets triggered and they feel very agitated. They start behaving aggressively to protect themselves.   
  • Frustration: Dogs tend to go aggressive when they are stopped from doing what they like. That makes them unhappy and they get very excited in a harmful way. 

Here’s The List of Top Seven Most Aggressive Dog Breeds Of All Times 

1. Pit Bull

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Pit Bulls are a descent of the English bull-baiting dog and were initially used as a chaser to catch and hold big animals like bears and bulls for their master. They weigh between 60 to 85 pounds. Considered as one of the top aggressive breeds of all times, their aggression grows since they turn three years of age. They have been bred to be aggressive, patient, and courageous! Their attacking style remains the same. They are extremely focused on their target and it isn’t easy to get its target out of its grip. It gets ruthless by biting the person and then moving its head in the back and forth motion. They are famous mostly known for killing or injuring someone. They are extremely territorial. Their territory belongs to them. Their aggression makes it difficult to keep any other pets in the house in their presence. They may attack it! They have been used in deadly confrontations. As they are bred to be alphas, it is crucial to make sure that the dog knows its boundaries to prevent it from turning dangerous. This aggressive breed must be handled by an experienced person. Pit Bulls are considered to be deadly fighters who combat in a fight. Under proper training and socializing environment, Pit Bulls turn out to be one of the most loving and loyal pets. They must be handled right. They are so loving that they put their lives in danger to protect their owners.

2. Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Wolf Dog Hybrids Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in The World

Wolf-Dog Hybrids are just as it sounds, is a cross between a wolf and a dog. They are an aggressive dog breed that weighs between 75 to 130 pounds. Dogs have been domesticated for centuries but wolves can’t be. The one with which has a higher percentage of a percentage of wolf genetics is on the wild side aggression. Wolves are known to challenge the leader of the pack to prove their authority and superiority. This inherent nature of the wolves prevents them from taking commands and they get assertive if someone does that to them in the house. They are not willing to please or submit to their masters. It is extremely destructive and is not at all easy to be tamed. However, under good training, they can be a good protector of their owner as they tend to get possessive and don’t let anyone come near their master.  They extremely territorial and they start marking their territory by urinating in the area. They exhibit wild and domestic behavior. They need good training to extensive training to interact with people. They are not at all easy going with strangers and react in a quite violent and strong way. They are quite unpredictable. They are not the typical domesticated dogs who can spend time on the couch all day. They need enough space and proper training to drain out their high levels of energy. They need a good amount of exercise to keep them mentally stimulated. Most of the families have failed in keeping this aggressive breed at home. They are good for usage in the wild sphere but not for home. A lot of countries have banned the keeping of this aggressive breed at home.

3. Chihuahua

Chihuahua Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in The World

Chihuahua hails from the Mexican state Chihuahua has a perfect combination of intelligence, strength, and adventure. They range between 4 to 6 pounds. Their small size often undermines their courage! Chihuahuas are considered to be one of the most aggressive dog breeds. They set their tiny jaws on their target. They are extremely stubborn and refuse to obey are proud of it. They grow aggressive and charge when they get scared. They are also jealous and dominating. They get extremely jealous of people who come near their owners and start biting or sniping at that person. They are not child friendly at all. Wrong training and treating them like babies often gives them high self-importance about themselves. As a result, they get more stubborn and refuse to obey. They hate strangers and are style watchdogs who keep on barking if they see one in their territory. 

4. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in The World

The origin of this aggressive breed is Germany and Karl Louis Doberman is credited for developing this breed. He was a tax collector who had developed this breed to protect him while he was on his rounds and visits across the dangerous areas. They weigh between 70 to 90 pounds. The thick short-haired dog comes in shades of red, black blue, and fawn colors. This intelligent breed is mainly used as guard dogs or by the cops for their work. They are extremely strong to have a protective instinct for their masters. Their instinct makes them aggressive towards any stranger they consider to be threats to their masters. They are also aggressive towards other dogs in their vicinity. They are social and must not be left alone as they develop separation anxiety. That triggers further aggressive behavior. They must be raised under good training from a young age to can get along with children and everyone in the house. 

5. Rottweiler

Rottweiler Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in The World

Rottweiler has got its name from a small town in Germany named Rottweil. They were called Rottweil butcher’s dog’ but later on the name was shortened to Rottweiler. This is one of the most aggressive breeds of a dog whose size ranges from 85 to 130 pounds. They have short hairs and dense black coat with mahogany markings. They were used for cattle herding and bear hunting during their earlier days. They are popular dogs in the US Army and police forces. They are extremely aloof and do not accept strangers easily. They are extremely protective and get aggressive to protect their master or defend their territory. However, they are extremely intelligent and study their environment carefully before giving any aggressive response. To other dogs, they are extremely aggressive as they have a territorial and dominating nature. Good training from a young age will make them obedient. Given their huge size and high energy levels, they usually not recommended in houses having small children. 

6. German Shepherd

German Shepherd Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in The World

German Shepherd hails from Karlsruhe, Germany. They were used as military dogs by both Germany and France during World War 1. The medium-sized dog weighs from 70 to 85 pounds. They were at first used by the blind as their guide. Currently, they are used in search and rescue teams and serve the police as narcotic dogs.  They hate strangers. They are aggressive by nature and are considered to be great guard dogs. Apart from their intelligence and strength, they are extremely loyal and protective of their master. They may attack anyone whom they perceive as a threat to their master. They are extremely energetic and need a wide space to release their energy. If left alone in a closed environment they may start chewing and destroying things to release that energy. Neglect or abuse by their owners can lead to trauma. This can further their aggression as a defense mechanism. They have always topped the list as the most aggressive dogs and must be trained well under a professional at their young age to keep them peacefully at home.

7. Cane Corso

Cane Corso Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in The World

This aggressive breed is a descendant of the ‘Canis Pugnax’ and has Southern Italian origin. It was used to guard property and hunt wild boar in the earlier days. Centuries ago, they were also used during Roman warfare. They are large-sized dogs that weigh between 90 to 120 pounds. They are used for protection, law enforcement in the area, and police forces. They are mainly used for fighting and guarding. This aggressive breed becomes violent around other animals and chases them down. Their size and attack often get overpowering and cause injury to the other animals. They are loving and devoted to their owners. Their high sense of alertness makes them a good protector! However, if not trained properly their aggression can go out of hand. 

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Consistent training and nurturing throw a great impact on the behaviour of the dogs. Proper training should be given at an early age to these aggressive dog breeds for turning them into amazing pets. Thus, apart from the Wolf-dog Hybrid which is extremely aggressive and wild, the other dogs can be great companions.

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