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Best Selling Open-Face Helmets in India5 min read

open face helmet

Open-face helmets allow you to enjoy the freedom of riding a two-wheeler. This design allows for enhanced airflow, which keeps the face and heads more relaxed in warm weather. Open-face helmets have longer visors, which add weather protection when you need it.

Are you planning to go for a long ride on your motorcycle? What type of helmet are you looking for? Professional riders consider open-face helmets with peaks for the comfort they offer for long riding seasons. These open-face helmets are manufactured using A-Okay ABS, polystyrene, and filling material. Choose an open-face helmet with a peak that exhibits impact resistance, superior ventilation, and reliable performance.

Full Face vs. Open Face Helmet

Full Face Helmet: The primary staple of every two-wheeler rider, full-face helmets are among the most popular helmet designs, and for good reasons. Full-face helmets are robust and completely enclose the head and chin. The fact that a full-face helmet is accessible and adaptable for all types of rides is its most significant major benefit. Full-face helmets come in various shapes and styles that will satisfy your needs. How to recognize: If the chin cover is secured, the helmet is a full-face model. The visor is the only moving component in a full-face helmet.

How to identify: If the chin cover is secured, the helmet is a full-face model. The visor is the only moving component in a full-face helmet.

Open Face Helmet: If you prefer wearing motorcycle goggles or sunglasses, this design is the right fit for your style. Due to increased airflow that prevents fogging, open-face helmets provide good weather protection and are ideal for use in wet circumstances. Opt for an open-face helmet if you need even better weather protection.  

How to identify: Open-face helmets do not have a chin cover. The front visor articulates up and down; apart from that, the front side is completely open.


The outside shell of the helmet, which is the most noticeable component, is available in shiny or matte finishes. Typically, the outer shell is constructed from rigid polycarbonate plastic or other synthetic fibers like kevlar or carbon fiber. Depending on the type of material used, the price of the helmet may vary from one to another.

Are Open-Face Helmets Safe?

Open-face helmets provide the rider with a substantial amount of ventilation, which is much needed for the tropical climate and the hot traffic. Open-face helmets are also lighter than their full-face counterparts, which can help prevent stress on the neck and shoulders for a long ride in the saddle. Lastly, open-face helmets are significantly less expensive than full-face helmets, making them more accessible for riders on a tight budget to buy.

Crash protection: 

The chin bar has a 34.6 percent chance of absorbing all or part of the helmet damage in every motorcycle collision. Given this, it can be upsetting to learn that open-face helmets lack chin bars, which would protect the rider from these kinds of mishaps. According to the data, full-face helmets will provide the rider better protection than open-face helmets. If you want to maximize helmet safety, it may be preferable to check into full-face helmets for the best defense because you will benefit on the road. This does not imply, however, that open-face helmets are dangerous. After all, 66.74% of all other crashes happen on different areas of the helmet, and most open-face helmets come with face shields that drop down to the size of the chin, which would be helpful for lighter impacts.

Air particles:

One of the best features of open-face helmets is ventilation. This does, however, have a cost in particular situations. Exposure to the elements is a crucial safety concern to take into account. Dust, small road debris, road splash, insects, and other particles may fly into the rider’s face when wearing an open-face helmet. Modern open-face helmets are well constructed to keep all of these objects away from your face. These particles, however, may still be able to enter your face through the opening under your chin. These particles interfere with your eyesight and respiration, which can seriously endanger your safety. You might want to consider availing a helmet with sufficient padding on the neckline and chin area if you’re riding through rural areas, dusty roads, rainy weather, or even heavy traffic. This will keep your head clean.

Here Top 5 Best Open-Face Helmets in India

Habsolite HB-ESBG Ecco Star Open Face Helmet with Detachable Cap & Adjustable Strap for Men & Women Bike Motorcycle Scooty Riding

About this item

  • Colour: Black and Grey
  • Brand: Habsolite
  • Vehicle Service Type: Scooter
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Certificate Type: ISI
Habsolite HB ESBG Ecco Star Best Selling Open-Face Helmets in India
GoMechanic – Instinct Series- Armor, Open Face ABS Helmet with Clear Visor Motorbike Helmet (Desert Storm, 580MM)

About this item

  • Colour: Desert Storm
  • Brand: GoMechanic
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycle
  • Material: Plastic
GoMechanic Instinct Series Best Selling Open-Face Helmets in India
Vega Jet W/Visor Dull Black Helmet-L

About this item

  • Colour: Dull Black
  • Brand: VEGA
  • Vehicle Service Type: ALL TWO WHEELER VEHICLES
  • Item Weight:850 Grams
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Vega Jet W Visor Dull Black Best Selling Open-Face Helmets in India
Royal Enfield MLG ABS Open Face with Visor Helmet (Matt Black & Dark Grey, L, 60 cm)

About this item

  • Colour: MATT BLACK
  • Brand: Royal Enfield
  • Vehicle Service Type: Chopper
  • Item Weight: 800 Grams
  • Material: ABS
Royal Enfield MLG ABS Open Best Selling Open-Face Helmets in India
Steelbird SBA-6 7Wings Gravity Open Face ISI Certified ABS Helmet

About this item

  • Colour: Matt Black Blue with Clear Visor
  • Brand: Steelbird
  • Vehicle Service Type: Street Bikes
  • Material: High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell
steelbird 1 Best Selling Open-Face Helmets in India
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