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The Best Selling Pet Carriers in India8 min read

pet carrier

A pet carrier is a ventilated crate with a handle on the top for transporting small or medium-sized pets.

Buying guide for the best dog carrier for your canine friend

A pet carrier is a valuable addition to canine supplies, whether you and your dog travel the world together or need something to transport him to the vet. It keeps him safe in the car and enables you to take him on flights. You no longer need to travel with your dog in his large, cumbersome crate because many different dog carriers are available. However, before making your decision, consider the following tips to help you limit your options.

Measure your pet’s size

You must know your dog’s height and length to get a pet carrier that is the right size. He should be able to rapidly turn around and curl up or spread out when lying in the carrier. Measure his back from the base of his tail to the point where the collar rests on his neck. Then increase that measurement by a few inches. Measure the height of his shoulders from the top of his shoulders to the ground. Increase your shoulder height by two to three inches for soft-sided carriers. Add three to five inches for pages that have hard sides. Wearable carriers, such as backpacks and slings, support the dog against your body rather than the carrier itself. The dog’s weight is a further consideration. If your dog falls between two sizes listed by the manufacturer for the carrier, go with the bigger size.

What purpose does the pet carrier serve?

If you want to use it for vehicle journeys or to contain him while he goes out and about with you, you should look for a dog carrier that is lightweight, portable, easy to pack, and pleasant for your dog.

If you decide to take a flight, you should know that airlines have strict policies regarding pet carriers. You do not want to arrive at the gate only to find that the airline would not let the page you carried on board because it does not meet the size and construction criteria.

Choose the style

There are various primary pet carriers, so choose the one that best fits your pet and your activities.

Standard hard-sided carriers- These are sometimes preferred for their durability and rugged construction. The hard shell offers more protection for your pet and is easy to clean. The airlines accept some hard-shell crates if your dog is too big for an under-the-seat carrier and you are flying. You might like a top-loading page to lift your dog inside.

Soft-sided carriers- Smaller animals are typically transported in soft-sided carriers, and some models are permitted by flights to fit beneath your seat. These are usually made to be lightweight, portable, and foldable for simple storage. Check the manufacturer’s size and weight recommendations; many users say they should get a size up.

Wearable dog- Wearable pet carriers have grown in popularity as they follow the baby carrier trend. They free up your hands and let you practically carry your dog everywhere. They are only helpful for little pets, of course. Dogs can cuddle inside shoulder sling carriers or keep their heads free to observe the world around them. They are lightweight and machine washable, and some include zippers for increased safety.

Front packs or backpacks- Backpacks and front packs are additional wearable options. Some designs feature adjustable straps and leg holes to wear as a front pack or backpack.

Wheeled carriers- When transported over long distances, even a tiny dog can begin to feel hefty. The benefit of wheeled airlines is that they are easy on you and prevent your dog from being jostled. They are an excellent alternative for city strolling and in airports, but not for use during strenuous hiking. If you intend to go by plane with a wheeled carrier, find out the airline’s regulations first. Dog carriers aren’t just for tiny toy poodles or diminutive Dachshunds with short legs. A suitable pet carrier is a simple, practical way to bring your canine companion along, whether you have an elderly or crippled dog who still enjoys walking with you or needs to transport your dog on an airplane.

What is driving demand for pet carriers?

Animals like cats, dogs, and pigs are transported in moving boxes called “pet carriers.” There is a surge in demand for pet carriers in the background of growing awareness of pet security and comfort. More customers take their pets with them when they vacation or work. Key manufacturers are getting approval from different airlines to produce pet carriers by rules, regulations,, and requirements of the airline; this pre-approval will allow pet owners to carry their pets. This should result in more job openings in the pet industry.

The increased reliance on pets for companionship, the positive effects on physical and emotional development, the treatment of pets as children, and consumers—specifically millennials—willing to spend more on pet accessories like beds, shampoos, food, and supplements are the leading causes of the rise in pet carriers. Pet carriers are in demand because people have started taking their pets with them when they travel and go to work. Key players utilize this opportunity by offering innovative, multi-functional decorative pages. The internet distribution channel is anticipated to provide the highest level of revenue in the expected timeframe because people are reluctant to purchase goods from offline businesses. Therefore, it is likely that e-commerce platforms and online merchants will experience unprecedented growth.

Here are the top 5 best pet carriers 

AmazonBasics Large Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Transport Carrier Bag – 20 x 10 x 11 Inches, Black

About this item

  • Carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap; conform to the under-seat dimensions of most airlines; Recommended max load of 22 lbs (10 kg). Please do not select your carrier based on weight; reference your pet’s length and height in selecting a page.
amazon basic The Best Selling Pet Carriers in India
Savic Zephos 2 Pet Carrier, 22 x 15 x 13 inch, Travel Transport Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats Weighing up to 7 kg, Suitable for Water, Road, and Train Transport, Atlantic Blue

About this item

  • Heavy-duty construction – It has a plastic door rather than conventional metal. A handle on top makes it easy to carry. The carrier can be pulled down for cleaning. It is suitable for water, road, and train travel.
  • Tips: When your pet is young, begin crate training so they will feel safe and secure when you need to travel. It is vital to allow them to go in alone and make it a space they enjoy.
savic zephos The Best Selling Pet Carriers in India
Risan Pet Transparent Cat & Small Dog Puppy Kitty Shihtzu Carriers for Breathable Airline Travel Approved Air Ventilation Backpack Size 17 × 13 × 11 inch Yellow

About this item

  • Complete Transparent Cover Design: You will be the center of attention in a busy place thanks to the space capsule’s adorable, fashionable, and lightweight design, which also lets your pet look outside.
  • Due to its newness and secured packaging, the backpack may have certain odors when you first get it. 
  • After a few hours in a well-ventilated area, you can remove the smell.
  • Comfortable adjustable padded shoulder straps for transporting, dual-purpose as a mobile bed and carrier.
risan pet The Best Selling Pet Carriers in India
Picckola International Pet Travel Carrier Dog Cat Rabbit Basket Plastic Handle Hinged Door Folding Collapsible Transport Box Crate Cage Size 19.5 x 13 x 12.5 Inch for Puppy Cats (LiteGreen)

About this item

  • Durable: Metal door with a grid mount, colossal import, and pet loading
  • Safety: Open the latch spring; the pet cannot easily escape.
  • Portable: There is adequate ventilation on the top and back of the box’s sides.
  • Detachable: The top and bottom can be connected using the included screws to increase safety.
  • Portable: You can quickly put it in the corner of the car, thanks to the thick handle at the top.
pickcola The Best Selling Pet Carriers in India
Midwest Heavy Duty Airline Travel Flight Carrier IATA Approved Suitable for Puppies, Kittens and Cats 20 Inch (Dimension-Length 19 /Width 13 /Height 13)

About this item

  • Made Safe for Travel & Built to Last- Your furry family members will love their comfy home as they go with you on your travels. Our industry-leading plastic kennels comply with air and highway travel requirements so you and your little buddy can relax.
  • Designed for Comfort-Your pet is your family. You want them to have a comfortable night’s sleep. With that in mind, Midwest builds its industry-leading plastic kennels to minimize sharp edges and provide a safe, inviting place for your little fur baby to rest.
  • Grated Double steel doors and vented sides promote visibility and ventilation for pets.
midwest heavy 1 The Best Selling Pet Carriers in India
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